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50 Sentences on Nakano Hiroshi and Sakuma Ryuichi

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This was originally written as part of a RP I belong to. Author's notes at the end of fic.

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50 Sentences on Nakano Hiroshi and Sakuma Ryuichi
Author: EIRI-CHICK (-_-)=~
Fandom: Gravitation
Pairing: Nakano Hiroshi x Sakuma Ryuichi
Theme set: Epsilon
Rating: M
Warnings: Slash, sex, angst, boy X boy, after all, this is 'Gravitation.'

A/N: Unbeta-ed on purpose, since I didn't want to lose the spirit of what went on during this RolePlaying [RP] session.


#01 - Motion
As Ryuichi leans over to place a kiss on his lips, the guitarist became hypnotized by the motion of his mouth.

#02 - Cool
His cool lips send an electric shock through the singer's body, causing him to close his eyes and fall against the mixing board they were leaning against.

#03 - Young
As young as Ryuichi acts, it made Hiro feel like this was in pedophilia in some way.

#04 - Last
Thinking to himself, Ryuichi wishes, 'I wish this kiss could last forever, this feeling that I can make someone happy, even if only for a moment, is that so wrong?'

#05 - Wrong
"I think it's wrong for Kuma to see me grown-up kissing like this," he says as he turned the pink bunny away from the couple sitting on the floor.

#06 - Gentle
Hiro is so very gentle as he places his hand on the side of Ryuichi's face, caressing him like he was fragile bone china.

#07 - One
'It's magical how one simple kiss caused me to fall so easily,' Ryuichi thinks as he opens his mouth wider.

#08 - Thousand
'One thousand, one million, one billion, I will never tire of kissing these lips,' Hiro thinks as the kiss deepens.

#09 - King
A man, a king...or especially a god will eventually need love, despite what may be believed otherwise.

#10 - Learn
'I can, I will learn to trust my heart again,' thinks Ryuichi as they pull away from each other, gasping for breath and gazing deep into each others' eyes.

#11 - Blur
The next few minutes fly by in a blur of touching and kissing.

#12 - Wait
Leaning away, Hiro tells him, "Ryuichi, wait...wait...maybe we should take this a bit slower...I don't want you or me to rush into something we aren't ready for.

#13 - Change
Hiro felt more than saw, the subtle change in Ryuichi's mood as the singer's doubts begin to show.

#14 - Command
Ryuichi feels as if he is participating in the command performance of his life as he tries to explain his recent past relationship.

#15 - Hold
"I a relationship with someone that had a kind of death hold on my heart, and I'm still somewhat...trying to get over it," he explaines.

#16 - Need
"I had to...let them go, and yet I still need to be loved, and to love as well...I have so much love to give inside of me," Ryuichi explaines, tearing up and curling upon his side on the floor.

#17 - Vision
As the tears overrun his vision, Ryuichi realizes that he had never seen things clearer before in his life.

#18 - Attention
With his full attention on Ryuichi's words, Hiro come to the conclusion that he would truly enjoy finding out everything about the man before him.

#19 - Soul
Curling up on the floor, tears staining his face, Ryuichi begins doubting if his soul would ever truly feel the giddiness of love.

#20 - Picture
"No, sweet Ryu, You don't see the whole picture...I want to be with you, no matter your past," Hiro murmurs gently as he sweeps up Ryuichi and places him upon his lap.

#21 - Fool
'What a fool I've made of myself,' Ryuichi thinks to himself, not realizing that he was now in Hiroshi's lap.

#22 - Mad
"I'm not mad in any way, nor do I have a reason to be, for you are here with me now, wanting to get to know me as well," Hiro continues.

#23 - Child
Ryuichi, as safe as a small child, doesn't realize that he's now in the lap of someone that cares about him, being caressed by the larger man.

#24 - Now
Surprising Ryuichi, Hiro croons "let's dry those tears...aah now that's much better, wouldn't want you to ruin those pretty eyes of yours " as he kisses Ryuichi's cheeks dry.

#25 - Shadow
Putting his small hands on Hiro's cheeks, Ryuichi searches for any signs of hesitation, the shadow of doubt still clinging to him like a shroud.

#26 - Goodbye
Bracing himself, he readies himself for the words "goodbye" to be seen within the charcoal grey eyes.

#27 - Hide
Not bothering to hide, Hiro bears his soul to Ryuichi's close scrutiny, waiting patiently for the man to realize that his intentions were truthful and from his heart.

#28 - Fortune
'My spontaneous act of kissing him might have changed my life forever, if fortune decides to smile upon me,' Ryuichi thinks as he searchs the grey eyes before him.

#29 - Safe
Seeing ...something in the smoky colored eyes and feeling relatively safe in the knowledge that the guitarist is willing to be with him despite his past misdeeds, Ryuichi finally completely relaxes into Hiro's lap, cautiously thinking that he is least for the moment.

#30 - Ghost
The ghost of past doubts slowly shrinking, Ryuichi curls up in Hiro's lap and finally decides to let the past go.

#31 - Book
Realizing that one chapter of his life had finally closed and another one was opening with the man who was now cradling him and stroking his hair, Ryuichi truly feels safe for the first time in years.

#32 - Eye
From the moment the rock god hesitantly began staring into his eyes, Hiro knew that he wanted to be with this man forever and make sure that he woud never doubt anyone's trust again.

#33 - Never
Never in all his life did Hiro want to protect anyone as badly as he did with the smaller man sitting in his lap

#34 - Sing
With the sound of a smooth jazz saxaphone playing in his mind, Ryuichi finally decided to let go and let the younger man's calming song work its way into his troubled heart.

#35 - Sudden
Hiro asks Ryuichi, "this is so sudden, is it because you want to be someone special to anyone, or that you want to be special to me?"

#36 - Stop
"I...I don't know, but I do know that I never want this feeling to end," Ryuichi murmured to Hiro as the two enjoy each other's closeness.

#37 - Time
Hiro suggests "Maybe we should take this a little slower, I don't want you or me to rush into something we aren't ready for"

#38 - Wash
Ryuichi mentally cleans himself of the taint of his previous relationship as he sits on the strong lap of the guitarist.

#39 - Torn
Ryuichi still feels torn between his secrets and his need for love from this younger man.

#40 - History
He only knew that history could not...would not repeat itself with Hiro, he wouldn't allow it to.

#41 - Power
The power behind wanting to be with the younger man cause Ryuichi to make the definiate decision to be with him no matter what.

#42 - Bother
"I don't mean to be a such a bother to you," Ryuichi said as he sits up again and looks at Hiro.

#43 - God
As the God and the Guitarist sit together, they both realize that this could become something greater than the both of them.

#44 - Wall
Despite what walls society may throw their way, they both mentally decided to fight them...together.

#45 - Naked
His emotions naked before him, Ryuichi decided that he would love Hiro as much as he could, but he could only hope that the same feelings would be returned to him.

#46 - Drive
Driven to be with him, Hiro decided to love the smaller man and accept him no matter what skeletons may lay in his closet.

#47 - Harm
'I will let no harm befall you, my Sunshine, I will help you remain as shiny and sparkly as possible despite what may befall the two of us in the future,' Hiro promised himself.

#48 - Precious
Already precious to him, Ryuichi stands and turns to help Hiro up off the floor by holding out his hand and bracing himself not only for the moment, but for the future yet to come.

#49 - Hunger
Ryuichi watches as the taller guitarist stands, his need to be loved and accepted as a man showing like food to a starving lion.

#50 - Believe
'I truly believe that this could be something wonderful,' Ryuichi thinks to himself, finally deciding once and for all that he is going to let himself be happy and love the redhead man standing and smiling before him as they turn and begin to walk towards the elevator and their new life together.

A/N: Motto domoarigato to Alex, my "Hiroshi," who RPs with me and thus helped me write Hiro's part. Any OOC-ness is strictly Alex's and my own invention, as I am writing this from the setting of what's going on in the RP community I belong to, where I play Ryuichi who's recently fallen in love with Hiro. I decided that to do this challenge in story form, since it's the best way for me to takle this challenge for the first time. It follows their first kiss, and the occurances immediatly afterwards. [Love at first kiss, is it really possible?] I figured that if anyone can handle Ryuichi, it's Hiro's calming presence. After all, hasn't he been around Shuichi's manic-ness for years?
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