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chapter 20

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final chapter

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Amanda's POV

I can't believe it Ashley in a band, wow and she didn't do bad with the man she's with either. She looks like she is doing good, and she's made friends out of all the band members of here at warped. "Amanda...Earth to Amanda."

"What?", she laughed.

"I said how did your band start?"

"Oh yeah, well I was playing Jerard's brothers drums and I was playing to get things off my mind and Jessy, the main singer of our band, over heard and we talked and eventually we got a band started."

"That's awesome, I've got one question."


"Have you met Steven?"

"Yeah me and Steven are like butter on a muffin.", we both started to laugh. Then Ashley's phone started to sing Astro Zombies by the Misfits.

Ashley's POV

I laughed. "Frankie put it on there."

Me: Hello lover boy.

Frankie: Hey baby, I love how you know when it's me on the phone.

Me: laughs What's up?

Frankie: You know you have been gone for three hours.

Me: You've been counting, we're catching up which takes time.

Frankie: Yeah but I want you here with me.

Me: Your so selfish.

Frankie: I'm not it's just I haven't' seen you in a long time and I want to spend as much time as possible with you is that a crime.

Me: First, I haven't talked to Amanda in years, Second, It's only been three hours, and third, I'll be there in a little while.

Frankie: Okay how long?

Me: Rush me and I'm not coming back there.

Frankie: I would always find you and I always know where you are.

Me: Oh really where am I?

Frankie: Starbucks.

Me: Nope theirs not one around here.

Frankie: What? No Starbuck what has this world come to?
( in the background) Gerard: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Me: laughs bye

Frankie: Bye love you.

Me: Love you too.

End of conversation!

"He's so crazy."

"Was that Frankie?"

"Yeah, he wants me to come back.", we laughed.

"Well, I guess we do have to start heading back.", we started to walk we talked until we got to her bus.

Ashley POV

"Well, I'll see you tomorrow?", Amanda asked.

"Yeah, we have to go shopping somtimes."

"You know it.", she got on her bus. I headed back.

"ASHLEY OVER HERE!", I turned to see Quinn's head pop out of his bus. I walked over.

"What's up?"

"There's someone here to see you."

"oh really.", I waked in and I couldn't believe who was standing in front of me.

"STEVEN!!, I ran up to him and gave him a huge hug.

"Hey!", I sat down.

"So why are you here?"

"I'm doing a special on Fuse."

"That's cool."

"So how are you two?"

"Ah,I forgot to tell you we're over.", Quinn said nervously but do you blame him Steven hooked us up.

"What happen?", he asked very quite.

"Before I met you I was already in love with someone else. I went on the blind date because I needed to get my mind off of him."

"So who is this person?"


"FRANK IERO! ?", I nodded.

"Well that's awesome.", I looked up he had a big smile on his face."


"You are way better than Jamia!"

"Wow thanks."

"So are you two still talking and are friends!?"

"Yeah, we're best friends!", Quinn said with smile on his face.

"That's good.", my phone started to ring. ASTRO ZOMBIE'S only means one thing Frankie.

Me: Hello


Me: Excuse me?

Frankie: Amanda said you droped her off on hour ago.

Me: Stop worrying I'm at the Used bus.

Frankie: Why

Me: My friend Steven is here and we're talking.

Frankie: Remember me your boyfriend the person you have a date with in an hour.

Me: Oh I'll be there in five minutes.

Frankie: Okay bye love you bye

Me: Love you too bye.

End of conversation!

"They even say they love each other, did you know that he never said that with Jamia?"

"No, I didn't know that , well I have to go."

"Why so soon?"

"I've got a date with Frankie and he's very impatient.", we laughed and I walked out.

"Wait let us walk you."

"Okay but it's right over here."

"I want to see Frankie and Gerard!"

"Wow I feel so used.", we walked over to the bus.

"GERARD!", Steven yelled and Gerard ran out with a big smile on his face.

"STEVEN!", Frankie walked over and grabbed my hand.

"No, hey Steven I haven't seen you in a while, no ,you just take Ashley away.", Seven said which made me giggle a little.

"Hey Steven you don't look a day over forty!", I stoped and looked at Steven. I laughed along with Gerard.

"That hurt man that hurt."

"I still love you Stevey!",no we were getting in the car and everyone stuck their heads out of their bussed to see why the two of them were yelling about.

"So where are we going? And do I dress the part?"

"Of course and you'll see."

"Frankie that didn't help."

"You'll see."

When we stoped we stoped infront of a huge movie theater.

"What is this?"

I read the front of the movie theater and I said

I love you Ashley Louise!

I felt tears coming down my checks, he whipped them away with his thumbs.

"You like it?", I laughed and then said.

"I love it?", he kissed me. We walked in. I read 'Walk in and let the horror begin'

I turned around, because Frankie was behind me.

"You know that I don't like....", he interupted.

"It's vampire movies.", I grinned. See I don't like horror movies but I love vampires movies. I know horror but a different kind. The kind I like.

When we walked in and sat down every seat was empty it's just Frankie and I.

"I thought we needed some privacy.", I smilled.

"This is going to be very interesting!", our lips crashed. The love that I found was not like any of the stuff in the stories, but if it was like the stories then it wouldn't be as fun.

(Or is it)


That's it the story is complete! But I am writing the sequel if any of you have any ideas you can tell me and I can see what I can do! Hope you liked it because I enjoyed writing it! Thank you all who read it and commented! You rock! Can't wait to start the sequel coming soon it's called Proven Facts! I finished this story just in time for Christmas! Merry Christmas to all of you!

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