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the past / Garron and Tammy

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a little intro to the story with legand and all that stuff tammy and her twin timeus have to go out and save the world from the evil shadow deamons

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since already tyeped the first couple of chapters will come quick
exams are comming up and i have 4 big projects i might not have much time to type this story.

well enjoy

Over four thousand years ago the world was starting to be destroyed by the evil shadow demons. The shadow demons looked almost like humans and elves but had black hair and eyes and they also had grey skin. The world was in peril until on day when a half elf woman cursed the shadow demons an eternal sleep for four thousand years. Villagers asked "what about in four thousand form now. We don't what them to suffer the same way." The half elf woman replied saying "when the time comes a set of boy girl twins will be born and they will go to each city and purify it."
4000 years later the shadows woke form their slumber and heard of the promised twins. They furiously attacked every city until they found them. For ten years the promised twins did not come.
Ten years past and the promised twins where born. Their mother died in child birth and their father died 3 months earlier in an attack against the shadows. The twins where entrusted to their 11 year old brother Garron.
Three years after that when the shadows attacked their village and the boy twin was token away as for the girl Garron 14 at the time managed to keep her away. The leader of the shadows said "I will return for her. In the mean time the twin's memory will be erased." Then they left leaving Garron and the girl twin the only survivors.

~seven years later~

'I can't believe that happened only seven years ago' Garron thought to himself. "Garron what yah doing" the ten year old girl asked annoyingly. I'm writing about my life" he said annoyed. "But big brother your life is boring. Not like mine today I caught a fish with my hands, no fishing rod needed" she said proudly. "Tammy I don't really care. Go outside and play again" he said getting really annoyed. "NO!! I WANT WATCH YOU" Tammy yelled. "Tammy don't yell." "I can if I want to." She said in a in your face kind of voice.
Neither of them said anything for ten minutes." So" Tammy said "so what" Garron sighed "what were mommy and daddy like?" "I don't really remember" "yes you do you were 11 when they died" "ok, ok mom was nice and really cared about me, you and Tim-" "who?" she said confused "umm and dad me you and dad" "but you said Tim" Tammy said "yah__Tim was dad's name" "but why would you call daddy Tim not daddy or dad" "because I did that's why." "Ok was daddy like?" Tammy asked "he was a brave warrior who could use every weapon but he was barley ever home." Garron said sadly "oh ok then I'm tired can we set up camp now" Tammy said yawning "yah ok".
The tent was set up and Tammy was under her covers. "Garron what is the city of Aluku like?" Tammy said tiredly "I've never been their before but I read it's bigger than Selviaka." "Really are we going to live their?" "Maybe" "because like living out in the wild with you." "Yah I do to but" "you miss being around other people" "yah a little, besides don't you be with other kids and go to school" "nah I like learning everything form you" "but in school you'll learn to read and write" "but I want to learn about how to use magic like you." "It's pretty hard to learn it took me 10 years to learn one spell. After that it was a little easier but still hard anyway you need to be stronger" Garron said "I'm strong" "for your age but strong enough to learn magic" Garron laughed. "Good night big brother" Tammy yawned. "good night."
"Garron come look outside its dark and their is grey people flying around" a three year old boy said "oh pretty light" the three year old girl walked out looking at a beam of light aimed at the house next to theirs. "TAMMY DON'T WANDER OFF BROTHER GARRON WILL BE MAD" "Timeus we have to get out of the house". Garron walked out followed by his little brother to see his sister lying on the ground. "TAMMY!" "Is she ok Garron?" Timeus asked "WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER" Garron yelled at the shadow king "my, my Garron you're growing up to be a fine young man. You look so much like your father he would be proud of you if I DIDN'T KILL HIM. Ha-ha." "YOU REALLY ARE EVIL" "Garron means guardian but your not a good one as you did not see your brother get token from behind you." Garron turned to see Timeus was not there. "GIVE HIM BACK YOU BASTARD!!" Garron yelled "I think he'll like growing up with us shadows" suddenly another shadow appeared beside the king. "Meet my sons Dorjan and Nigel. Dorjan where on earth is your brother" "I don't know" Dorjan said "NIGEL ARE YOU HELPING THAT CHILD RUN WHAT KIND OF SHADOW ARE YOU" "punish him dad" Dorjan said "NIGEL TAKE THE GIRL AND I'LL FORGIVE YOU" the shadow king yelled. Nigel walked over to Garron and whispered to him "hit me in the head I won't take her from you just hit me as hard as you can." "GET AWAY FROM HER YOU FREK" Garron hit the shadow in the head and he winked and pretended to faint. "DAMNIT NIGEL!! I will return for her. In the mean time the twin's memory will be erased."
"GARWON! I WANT TO STAY WITH MY BROTHER YOU MEANIE" Timeus bit Dorjan's arm "oww you little bastard" Dorjan hit Timeus on the head knocking him out. Then they flew away leaving only Garron, Tammy and Nigel the other shadow there.
A day past and Tammy still wasn't awake but Nigel was and for some reason helping. "your not like your other shadows are you" "no me and my brother are half human half shadow" he said sadly "however my father always says that I'm to much like my mother and I should not be alive" he again said sadly. "how much older is your brother" "were twins but he came out a day earlier" "a day but he looks like he is at 16 you look like your 6" "I know we are 6 but shadow age faster and live longer I'm probably more human I look my age" Nigel said kind of disappointed "Its good your more human if you weren't I don't think Tammy would be here right now" "Garron I'm sorry but I have to return home I'll try to get Timeus back to you".
"GARRON WAKE UP, WAKE UP, WAKE UP!!" Tammy yelled trying to wake up the 21 year old. "By the looks of the sun it's about noon WAKE UP!!" "I'm up, I'm up clam down" Garron said yawning "you were talking in your sleep you said you really are evil and what did you do to her. Are you ok did you have a nightmare again?" Tammy said a little worried "yah I had the same nightmare as I did last night but it's ok let's get going where probably going to be late" Garron said rolling up his and Tammy's blankets. "Ok off to Aluku" she said combing her golden brown hair.
The day was long and hot with stopping for water they lost a lot of time meaning they would have to travel at night in order to get to Aluku by morning when they were supposed to be there. Tammy got so tired that Garron carried Tammy the rest of the way. They got to Aluku just in time. "Tammy wake up were here" Garron said tapping Tammy on the back. "good morning Garron, WOW THIS PLACE IS BEUITFUL" Tammy said surprised "Tammy I have important business here so the elder is allowing you to stay with him until I come back ok" "NO I WANT TO STAY WITH YOU!!" Tammy said crying "don't worry theirs a girl there who is about your age you'll have fun" "NO I WON'T" Tammy yelled and cried "yes you will I promise" Garron said wiping Tammy's tears.
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