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Just a Doll

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He was always talented with doll making. He could literally bring his miniatures to life. But no matter how many he made or how much love he put into his dolls, he could never make his most preciou...

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Just a Doll

"Ryyyyouuuuu!" Large green eyes darted away from his hands for a second before returning as he heard the door of his apartment open and shut.

"Remove your shoes!" He heard the guest grunt before grumbling, tugging his shoes off before he heard the thumping of socked feet trotting toward his room. The blonde poked his head through the door before grinning, stepping in.

"How do you do it?"

"Do what?" Ryou asked, still working.

"Know I haven't taken my shoes off? My foot didn't even touch the floor and you knew it." Ryou gave a small smile at his work.

"Because I know you always forget to take them off." Ryou replied. He felt the blonde watching over his shoulder.

"What are you doing?" Ryou glanced back at him before continuing.

"Making a model. The finished ones are over on the shelf." The blonde blinked, trotting to the shelf.

"Wow! These are cool Ryou!" The blonde ran his hand along the shelf as he looked over the figurines. Several figurines sat on the shelf, perfectly detailed and painted. "There's Yugi and pharaoh. Kaiba and Jounouchi. You even got a few monsters. Hey. Where's me and...?" He glanced back at Ryou who smile, holding up the half finished model in his hand.

"Marik is drying." Malik came over again, looking at the other figure off to the side of the desk. The white modeling clay was still wet but not as soft as the one in Ryou's hand. "There." Ryou sat the figure next to the other. They were still quite simple looking, not as detailed as the finished ones. Ryou took up the other figure and reached for his tools.

"Now what are you doing?" Malik asked as he watched Ryou.

"Putting in the details. I can't do them while the clay is still soft. But if I let them dry too much, the clay will crack in the wrong places and ruin the figurine." Malik sighed, his eyes on the figure slowly forming his darker half.

"You're very good Ryou. But what about...?" Ryou's smile faltered as he worked.

"That one is in a very safe place. I'd rather not get it out." Malik nodded, returning his attention to the model. "Do you have a picture of Marik with you?" The blonde nodded, digging out his wallet. He handed Ryou the picture. Ryou thanked him, glancing back and forth between the picture's face and the model.

"Hey Ryou?"


"Can you make me one of Marik?" Ryou glanced his way for a moment. "You know, to keep at night. Marik is gone sometimes and I don't have anything to hold. I usually hug his pillow since his clothes are usually in the laundry and he doesn't have any other possessions." Malik muttered as he bowed his head. Ryou smiled up at him sadly before smiling at the doll.

"This should be ready for paint tomorrow morning. It should dry by noon if you want to come pick it up." Malik blinked, gazing down at his friend. "I can make another one later. You need him more then I do."

"Thanks Ryou." Ryou smiled brightly up him.


Ryou yawned, resting his chin on his arms as he stared at he drying models. Both Marik and Malik smirked back at him unmoving. His green eyes swam with different emotions as he stared at the pair. "Ryou!" The boy sighed, sitting up. He crossed the room to the shelf holding his other models. The little Yugi figurine smiled brightly up at him. "Are you alright Ryou?"

"I'm alright. Just tired." Ryou answered, smiling at the doll. Yugi's smile fell as he gazed up at the human.

"You seemed lonely while you were working on the other two. He hasn't come back."

"I know. I miss him." Yugi nodded. Tears well in Ryou's green eyes. "I'm going to bed. Watch over Marik and Malik for me tonight alright?" The doll nodded as Ryou left for his bedroom. Ryou changed into his pajamas before slipping under the covers. He slid open the drawer of his nightstand before gently taking out the doll. His cold blood red eyes gazed up at him blankly.

Ryou sighed, cradling the motionless doll in his hands. Tears slipped down his cheeks but he quickly wiped them away. "You're not coming back are you?" He asked the white haired doll. The figurine gave him no answer. Unlike his other dolls, this one didn't come to life after painting. And this saddened Ryou. He'd made the dolls to give him comfort. To feel like he had friends at night when he was alone. Outside of his room, the other dolls were fun but here it was quiet.

Ryou shook his head, resting the doll back into the drawer again. He turned his dark to the room, pulling the covers to his chin. "Bakura..."


"Wow! He's perfect Ryou!" Malik carefully cradled the doll in his hand, its dark violet orbs gazing up at him. Everything was exactly like the real person. Malik hugged the doll with a large smile. "Thank you Ryou!" Ryou smiled brightly as his friend. "You should make more and sell them. These are so cool." Malik grinned. Ryou shrugged.

"I don't know. I suppose I am good at it." Ryou gazed out the window, memories flooding his mind. Malik watched carefully, wondering what was going through his mind. Ryou shrugged, smiling at his friend. "Oh well." Malik blinked curiously. "Let's go to a movie. We haven't done that in a while." Malik silently followed his friend dumbfounded.

Ryou never wanted to go out often. So it was strange how Malik didn't have to drag his by the shirt to the movies. But Malik went along with it, easily slipping back into his cheerful mood.


Ryou sighed, stepping into the back room of the building. His green eyes fell on the large table game sitting in the center. He stepped up onto the platform, gazing down at his work. He ran his finger along the top of the palace model. He'd spent a good month and a half working on it. At that moment he hadn't realized why he was making it other then it was for the museum. He'd made a lot of things without knowing why.

Now he was able to make anything he wanted for whatever reason he wanted. Malik was right. He could make a lot of money selling his pieces. He could even donate them to Otogi's game company. But...

But I just want to make them. I don't want them to go away.

Ryou sighed, circling around the table to one of the large chairs. He ran a hand along the arm of the chair. The table was all so eccentric and elaborate. It'd taken a lot of money and time to build everything. But his father hadn't argued much with the exhibit. Said it was a good way to show of his son's abilities. Ryou thought it was bogus.

Ryou found himself sitting in the chair, gazing out at the table. He leaned forward, laying his head in his arms. Tears licked at his lashes as he thought back to the battle. It had been frightening. But thankfully, he'd been locked away in his room before anything got out of hand.

As much as the others didn't believe it, the spirit had cared. In his own evil way he'd cared very much. He just had a hard time showing it in the eyes of the others. But Malik understood and talked them into allowing the spirits to stay. They got their own bodies and Marik and Bakura left everyone alone.

And alone he had left Ryou. Very alone. Ryou sat back, opening the small compartment the held Bakura's cards and pieces. Among the cards were the main dolls he'd made. He lifted the thief king from his place and smiled weakly at it. Past or present, it was still only a doll of Bakura. And they wouldn't move for him.

"I would think you'd have left this all behind." A voice rang through the darkness. Ryou's heart sunk as he placed the doll away again, shutting the drawer. "Recalling old memories?" He heard the newcomer climb the stairs leading to the seat. "Dolls aren't the same thing, you know."

"I know." Ryou whispered, pulling his knees to his chest as he stared out at the table. The blonde gazed around with dark violet orbs before grunting.

"Way to fancy." Ryou laughed a little, drawing the other's attention. "You weren't at home. You worried Malik."

"Sorry." Ryou knew if he was here, Malik had really been upset. He wouldn't have sent his yami out looking if he didn't think Ryou was alright.

"You made Malik a doll of me." Ryou nodded.

"He wanted one."

"I'm not like Bakura. I'm not going to leave my light." The man growled, glaring at the table.

"I know that. But Malik doesn't." The man glared down at him in confusion. "When you're not around at night, he worries. He wanted the doll to sleep with. It gives him comfort in knowing you'll come back." Marik grunted. He patted Ryou's shoulder before turning his back.

"Come on kid. We better head back." Ryou nodded, still staring at the table. But he stood and followed the blonde anyway.


Like the night before and every other night, Ryou found himself lying on his bed in the dark staring at the doll. He'd made many dolls and models before but he held none more precious then this one. The one he knew best. Ryou sighed deeply, staring sadly at the doll.

He sat the miniature next to his pillow and drew the covers up. He didn't want to put it away tonight. Ryou snuggled into his pillow, his hand resting near the doll. The dark night slipped away as he fell into sleep.

The breeze fluttered through the curtain, the window open. A shadow blocked the moonlight over the boy's form under the covers. A hand reached out, lifting the small figure from the bed. Dull painted garnet eyes gazed up at him. He snorted, clutching the doll.

The boy was awakened to the sound of shattering clay. His green eyes widened as he sat up, turning to face the intruder. He watched in horror as the doll crumbled, falling to the floor as the hand tilted to the side. Dark red eyes cut through the dark gazing down at the boy.

Ryou clutched at the sheets as he stared up at the man. "You always were good at making dolls, landlord." A grin crept across his face as his eyes filled with an eerie glee. "Can you make me one?"

"Uh..." Ryou shifted backward as the form leaned forward, his knee falling on the bed. Ryou yelped when his back hit the wall as the man crawled over him.

"A pretty doll. With soft white hair." He laughed, running a hand through Ryou's snow-white hair. His other hand slid up the side of his hip, under his shirt. "And pretty green eyes. Can you do that, host? Can you make my doll?" Ryou's cheeks flushed as he stared into those dark eyes, so close he could feel his breath on his lips.

"Ba...ku...nn!" He pinched the pink nub under the nightshirt. The man snickered, lowering his free hand to the boy's neck. He caressed his white skin as he sat upon the boy's hips. The boy gasped when he ground their hips together, pinching harder.

"Will you be my doll, host? And not like before. I want you to be a pretty doll. The doll I like to take down when I want something pretty to look at. Can you do that?" Ryou whimpered as he felt his hands move, one slowly opening the buttons while the other slid down to his pants. Ryou soon found his shirt clumped at his elbows, the man still hovering over him. Ryou cried out when he felt a hand on the lump growing in his pants. "Do you want to be my doll, host?"

"Ba...kura!" His cry was fiercely met with the man's tongue. Ryou moaned against the kiss as those hands roamed over his bare torso. He gasped as he attacked the boy's neck, biting and licking at the white flesh. He made his way down past his collarbone, nipping at it before reaching his nipple.

Ryou tried to hold back his gasp as he felt those hands grasp his pajama pants. They were roughly pulled down to his knees, the man laughing over him. He kissed Ryou soundly on the lips again. "You're a very pretty doll Ryou Bakura." Ryou whimpered in reply, tears clinging to his lashes. They were quickly forgotten when he felt a hand grasp his length.

"Ah! Bakura!" The man laughed darkly, smirking down at the other. The boy's arms and legs were to tangled in his clothing to fight as the man sunk back between his knees. Ryou cried out as the warm chasm of his mouth surrounded his manhood, sending his body reeling. His finger stroked the flesh at the base and his balls as he sucked hard on the penis.

Ryou bit at his lip, his back arching against the wall. "Bakura please...ah!" The man laughed, sending vibrations through Ryou. Ryou felt as if he was going to explode inside as he tired to get farther into that mouth. Blood and semen pulsed through his length, pre-cum seeping into his partner's mouth.

Then he was taken in completely, the man swallowing against his head. Ryou screamed, his last resolve bursting. The man bulled back, white cum slipping down his chin as he grinned. Ryou panted, peeking through his tears at the other. He whimpered as the man came back to his face. He licked the tip of the boy's nose with a grin, before licking off his chin.

"I love my doll, host. Thank you very much." He snickered. Ryou whimpered, his face flush. His body ached as he felt the other rest above him again. He was still bond by his jeans and t-shirt. "I do like playing with my doll. Do you like playing with me, Ryou Bakura?"

Shakily, Ryou nodded. The man's grin grew wider. Ryou whimpered when he found a pair of fingers in his mouth. "Suck." He obeyed easily, gazing up at the other with hazy green eyes. He moaned when the man began teasing him below, urging his arousal to return. He removed his wet fingers from his mouth, kissing him soundly.

He swallowed Ryou's cry of pain when he felt a finger intrude in his lower region. Ryou flinched away, however he was unable to break away from the kiss. He felt a second finger enter, stretching and digging deeper. Slowly the pain left him but before he could draw any pleasure from it they left as well.

Ryou whimpered as he stared up at his lover in confusion. And then the pain returned, the other's thick length rudely intruding. The man became motionless as the boy whimpered, tears rolling down his cheeks. He managed to rip his arm from the tangled shirt and wrap it around the other's neck. "Bakura...please..."

The other chuckled, drawing out. He plunged back in forcefully. Again and again he bashed into the boy. Then when he hit that place, Ryou screaming in utter ecstasy as stars dancing before his eyes. "Bakura!" The boy's cries became louder and louder with ever pound, his hips lifting off the mattress in an effort to draw him farther in. The man managed to free his legs so he could lift his knees to rest on his shoulders.

Firmly gripping the boy's hips, he continued to beat into the boy as he screamed. Then with a grin, he grasped the boy's manhood, pumping it roughly with his thrusts. Ryou scream out his name as he finally burst, sending his partner over the edge as well.

The man collapsed upon him, resting between the boy's legs. He laughed deeply, wrapping his arms around the boy's torso as he nuzzled his chest. Ryou's face was hot and flush, sweat lining his forehead. He panted, his arm resting on the other's back. "Ba...kura..."

"Heh heh. You're a lot of fun host." Ryou blushed dark red as he watched the other pull himself up to face him again. He kissed Ryou sweetly on the lips before grinning at him, resting his forehead against his. "Are you happy to see me?" His green eyes glittering with tears, Ryou nodded against him. Bakura grinned wider, kissing him again.

"Bakura." He blinked, the boy's eyes now down cast. "Why did you crush my doll?" Bakura sat up, glancing back where the ruble of he clay doll lay. He turned back to the boy grinning.

"You don't need that thing anymore." The boy's green eyes widened as Bakura smiled down at him. "I found a new form of rent if you'll take me back, landlord." Ryou blushed, smiling weakly.

"I think I can." He muttered. Bakura laughed, rolling off the boy. He easily pulled him after, resting the boy against his side. He kissed him on the head, running a hand through his soft white hair. "Thank you Bakura." He blinked, staring down at the boy in confusion. Ryou smiled, snuggling into his shoulder as he hugged him. "Thank you for coming back."


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