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There is a time, there is a place, when love should conquer all. The rest of life is pushed aside as truth and reason fall. --Aida Bryan Denton is a high school journalism teacher, and David Jacobs...

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There is a time
There is a place
When love should conquer all
The rest of life is pushed aside
As truth and reason fall
But only if that selfishness
Can lead to something good

-Aida, /How I Know You (Reprise)/

During the first seventeen years of his life Bryan Denton had only one goal in life- to get into Yale. Bryan came from a long line of Yale-alumni; his father, Bryan Sr., made sure that Bryan attended the best and most expensive private schools, schools headed by Yale-alumni. Bryan had an entire army of tutors at his disposal- piano teachers, tennis instructors and for a brief period of time, a mentor who wrote for the /New York Times. /However, when fourteen-year-old Bryan announced his decision to become a reporter, rather than takeover the shipping company his family had run for almost two-hundred years, a restraining order was placed upon said mentor, and after an urgent phone call to New York, he was fired from the /Times. /The urge to write left young Bryan after seeing the way his father's eyes darkened at his announcement, but it returned, much stronger, in the summer of 1985.

Bryan Denton sprawled out in the grass, one arm thrown lazily across his companion's back, the other supporting his chin. His companion, a young Parisian named Gabriel Follet, turned over suddenly and forced Bryan on to his back, a delicious smile creeping across his smooth face. He pressed himself against Denton's neck; Gabriel's soft skin felt so tender against Bryan's rough cheeks; he couldn't resist him.
From this angle, Gabriel looked like a god. He glowed in the sunlight, and his black curls tumbled across his forehead in the most enticing way. He wore a too small Jimi Hendrix Experience t-shirt and jeans which hugged his waist and were torn in all the right places. He contrasted so greatly with Denton- his face boyish and bare, his arms pale and thin, while Denton was tan and already sporting a five-o-clock shadow, /his /arms rippling with muscles developed during crew season.
-but it was Gabriel's eyes which Bryan died for- no, /lived /for. They were a piercing, icy blue, mischievous and twinkling in a way which made you feel as if Gabriel definitely knew something which you did not. They were laughing, mocking eyes- thoughtful eyes. They were the same blue eyes which Bryan Denton fell for almost twenty years later.
"Kiss me," Gabriel growled, pinning Bryan down. Bryan responded eagerly, his browned arms wrapping around the other boy's waist.
The Parisian suddenly sprang away and rested on his haunches, looking about them with disdain. "Your sad excuse for a garden bores me."
"Everything bores you," Denton replied softly, immediately deciding to discuss the matter of a new gardener with his father.
"/You /don't," Follet answered with an irresistible grin before pouncing upon Bryan once again. "Come with me to Paris. We'll go to the Sorbonne and drink wine every night in the Tuilleries."
Bryan wondered if this was what French men whispered to the models sitting at the banks of the Seine in the perfume commercials his mother loved to watch. If it was, Bryan knew why they smiled so much.

Gabriel had come to visit the Denton's in early June; his father had gone to Yale with Bryan Sr. and had sent his son to the States in the hope that the young man would prefer the American "oonee-ver-se-ties" to those he'd visited, (and claimed to detest), in France. Although he found American schools dull, Gabriel found one thing to entertain him: the corruption of Bryan Denton---and Bryan Denton was begging to be corrupted.
Gabriel entertained Bryan too. Gabriel fell so far from the white-upper-class, polo-wearing, Ivy-League bound tree from which Bryan had sprung. He had absolutely no goals or aspirations, he smoked, and when feeling philosophical he spoke only of anarchy; he revered Daniel Cohn-Bendit and loudly cried "/La lutte continue!" /when he'd consumed enough alcohol. In short, Gabriel Follet was everything Bryan Denton couldn't be.
They first kissed when visiting Yale. The two boys had toured the university and decided to camp out on the floor of Bryan's cousin's dorm room. Bryan couldn't sleep. Even in slumber, Gabriel was restless; he tossed and turned, and his sleeping bag rustled incessantly. Finally, it stopped, and Bryan turned to his side, closing his eyes. Just as sleep set upon him, a pair of hands grabbed his neck. Bryan's eyes sprang open, and he found himself staring at Follet. Their kiss was desperate- Gabriel's hands made their way to the back of Bryan's neck and tore at his mouse brown hair- and quick; it ended almost as soon as it began. Gabriel turned away immediately and fell back to sleep. Bryan was left with the taste of beer and peanuts still on his lips- salty and forbidden. Bryan was Eve, and Gabriel, Gabriel's touch- a boy's touch- was his apple.

In case you can't tell, this is going to be a Denton/Davey fic, and no, I'm not kidding. Heh. This bit is just a prologue.
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