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Enter, The New Keybearer

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AU 5th. Harry recieves an interesting letter on his 15th birthday that will rock his world, and that of his friends. Meet Harry Potter, the new Keybearer. All hell is gonna break loose now.

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I've got an interesting idea that came to mind due to a bit of playing games and reading fics. I may continue this, and I may not, all depending on how inspiration strikes, what mood I'm in, and just how much alcohol I've consumed, not in that order always, mind. Kingdom Hearts in its entirety is owned by Square Enix amongst others. Harry Potter is owned by JK Rowling, amongst others. This story takes place as an alternate fifth year. And boy what an alternate fifth year...

FireOne Productions proudly presents:

Kingdom Key, Griffindor Heart
Written by: Trey Miller

Chapter 1: Enter, The New Keybearer

"Mr. Potter,

I hope this letter finds you well and in good fortune, because I bear the unfortunate responsibility of what may probably be bad news in your opinion.

If you are still reading this, that means that Nicholas Flamel was correct about his observations, and that of your Headmaster Dumbledore's on you. While I have never met Albus Dumbledore, Nicholas has told me much of his time working with him and their discussions about you. But I digress greatly.

I am King Mickey, current leader of the light and the master Keybearer for the multiverse. You might find yourself curious about everything I have just said, and hopefully, I will have time to explain it all. To start, let me give you a bit of background on the multiverse and how it ties into everything.

There are many planets that hold life on them. Some followed a similar evolutionary process that placed the humans as the lords over all. And on others, there are other creatures who are the sentient and most common race. But each of these worlds are separated by a great distance, and yet such a small distance, too. Each world is, for the most part, set in its own universe, and the universes are clustered in what is called a multiverse- multiple universes.

Now, for the most part, there is little ability to travel to and from worlds in each universe, but lately the 'doors' that have held the multiverse apart have been opened, or, as the case is on some worlds, forced open. This has happened several times before, and each time, I and a small group of others have successfully closed and locked the doors before it was too late. This time, the doors are being opened at a much faster rate and across an even broader stretch of worlds than any time before, and I find myself in need of assistance from yet another person who can lend a hand.

Unfortunately, I find myself running extremely short on time to write this, so I can't go into much detail. Just know, the enemy who is opening the doors are the Heartless, which I believe your Dementors are an offshoot of, actually.

I wish I could give you more information, more help, but my time is short.

Harry Potter, will you join me as the next Keybearer?

--King Mickey"

Harry Potter, just now turned age 15, known to the wizarding world as the Boy-Who-Lived blinked twice and stared at the parchment. This... this had to be one of Fred or George's jokes, right? But what the letter was telling the truth? Harry sighed and wished Hermione were right there with him to help him figure out whether it was real or not.

He blinked again and jerked his head up at the sound of breaking glass outside before getting off his bed and scooting over to the window and shifting the curtain enough to look out. What he saw made him gasp and duck his head back in.

There, on Privet Drive, were these white...things that looked like drunk people wrapped in white bandages or something. Harry chanced a glance back out and gulped. There were things moving down there around the white things! ONe went under the street light and Harry gasped again. It was pure black and looked similar to a strange house elf or something else.

He glanced back at the white ones and paled. One was looking right at his window, and Harry had a feeling, looking right at him. He jerked his head back in and sat down on the bed hard. It was real. The letter was real!

Harry heard the door below shatter as he picked up the letter and looked at it again. Did he want to add something more to his glowing resume of being the Boy-Who-Lived and all that rot?

"Boy! What is- what the ruddy hell are yooooh! Arg-!" Harry twitched openly as Uncle Vernon was silenced, more than likely permanently. A small part of his mind almost was satisfied at whatever had happened to Vernon, but he just regretted it.

Did he want more notoriety?

Dudley's shriek of fear was cut off as he was more than likely killed too.

No, Harry realized, he didn't want the notoriety. But there was no power in heaven, on earth, or for that matter, in the multiverse, that would stop him from doing everything in his power to save those in need.

He stood as the door to his room opened and Aunt Petunia ran in, hair in curlers, robe on over her night gown, and a scared look on her face. Harry paid her no heed as she ran past him and crouched in the corner of the room, crying and blubbering.

He looked at the letter once more and said three words. "Yes, I'll help."

The letter disappeared in a flash of light and in his hand appeared the thing that was going to change his life forever.

A leather wrapped hilt appeared in his hand and fit snugly there. A gold artfully designed rectangle surrounded the hilt as a guard, and a long polished steel bar with what looked to be a key-tooth with a cutout of a crown in it shot out of the hilt. A chain dropped from the rear of the hilt with a flat silver crown shaped fob on the end.

Harry's mind called up a name to this weapon. It was a Keyblade. Specifically, it was the Kingdom Key. He stared at it in awe as he lifted it easily and twirled it once.

One of the white beings- Nobodies, his mind supplied- entered the room and seemed to stare at him for a moment before darting to the side, around Harry and over his bed.

Harry simply reacted, twisting his body the opposite direction and slamming his blade into the Nobody, lifting it up and sending it flying through the open door, bowling over whatever else was out there.

He looked at the Keyblade and then out the door. His look of shock slowly changing to a look of annoyance. It was his birthday! The day when he was supposed to get presents from his friends and listen to teh Dursleys gripe at him some more. This wasn't supposed to happen!

Harry's eye twitched and he walked toward the door, Keyblade in hand and ready.

He had some Heartless to smite for trying to ruin what little of a birthday celebration he ever did get.
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