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Chapter 8: White Chicks is Awesome

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Someone gets into trouble... Not that much of Pete, sorry.

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Chapter 8: White Chicks is Awesome
This is dedicated to Kim, my most faithful fan. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!

When Isaab and Ryan came back to the hotel, they agreed to that Ryan would shoo anyone who was at Ryan and Brendon's room and they would both change into something comfy and watch Isaab's White Chicks DVD at Ryan's room, because White Chicks is Isaab's favorite movie

Isaab walked in to her and Pete's room not surprised that it would be packed with both bands, minus Ryan, playing video games. Joe was playing Brendon on the Xbox, Patrick, Jon and Spencer were watching Joe and Brendon play and were taunting both, they were both on Isaab's bed. Andy was lying down Pete's bed, listening to his iPod. Pete was on the desk, as usual, using Isaab's laptop. They ignored her as they continued and she wasn't offended. It was like this most of the time anyways. She opened her stroller bag that was oh-so-conveniently beside her bed, and took out black cotton comfy pajama pants and a blue t-shirt. She went into the bathroom, locked the door, peeled off her clothes and put on her pajamas. She washed her face, and the little make-up, and brushed her teeth. She put her hair and a messy yet comfy bun, as it was her favorite way to tie her hair. She took her used clothes and tossed it back the stroller bag, to be folded and packed correctly later, and walked out the door with her cell and the DVD.

She knocked on the door and Ryan opened he door only in a shirt and boxers (ahh, so hot!), and dropped all the things she had in her hands and lunged forward to his arms, kissing him. He carried her, still kissing and laid her on the bed. He lied down beside her and they passionately kissed. Ryan licked her lips, asking for permission to go in. She opened her mouth and his tongue slid in. Isaab stopped the kiss, though, when Ryan tugged on her shirt asking to take it off. Ryan looked surprised at first and frowned. He lied down at his side of the bed.

"Sorry, Ryan, I just can't" Isaab apologized, sitting up. She could feel tears coming, she couldn't help but cry. She felt Ryan sit up and hug her.

"No, it's not your fault." He said comforting her.

"I just want it special, and I think the best way to do that is after we get married" she looked up to him. He smiled.

"You really think we're going to get married?" he asked and Isaab's smile disappeared.

"You don't think we should?" she asked, and Ryan's smile disappeared

"Of course, I do! I believe that someday I will ask you to marry me and hopefully, it'll be soon. I never want to lose you" he smiled. Isaab could only smile and nod.

"Well, I think, we should watch that thing you call a movie." Ryan said and Isaab, again, smiled, nodded, and stood to get the stuff she dropped at the door.

Ryan and Isaab watched the movie lying down on the bed in each others arms, laughing together, while Isaab enunciated almost all of the lines, knowing them all.

"How the heck do you do that?" Ryan asked, laughing at Isaab

"Do what, now?" Isaab smiled

"Saying those lines, again and again" Ryan kissed her on the lips gently.

"Do what Pete does, watch it again, again and again."

"Ha ha, and how does Pete care about this?" Ryan kissed her again

"I wouldn't know, it's not like he cares at all about our relationship" Isaab responded,
remembering the kiss and feeling guilty. Ryan just nodded. He knew that Pete cared. He felt it when Pete punched him. He just didn't know how much

After the movie, Isaab put back the CD in its case and turned off the TV. She went back to Ryan's bed and fell asleep in his arms.

The next day, Isaab woke up to someone shaking her. She opened her eyes, and to her amazement, it was Brendon. What the hell? Was it all a dream? Crap, did I kiss Brendon?

"Isaab, get up. Your brother's worried. Hurry, get up" he whispered.

"Brendon? Please don't tell me we slept together" she whispered. Brendon smiled.

"Sweetie, look who's beside you." He said, still whispering. She did as she was told and beside her was Ryan sleeping soundly. She smiled, then frowned.

"What's the matter?" Brendon asked. She pulled the blanket up, to see her body in clothing. She sighed in relief.

"Oh, nothing. I should go now, shouldn't I?" Brendon nodded.

"Yes, I think you should. The others are getting worried sick." She nodded and got up. She grabbed the DVD and her cellphone, waved good-bye to Brendon who was at his own bed, looking at her, and walked out the door silently.

"Where is she?" Joe asked, for the millionth time.

"I don't know" Patrick groaned.

"Where is she?"

"I don't know" Andy groaned

"Where is she?"

"WE DON'T FUCKING KNOW!" Pete finally said. Joe, Patrick, and Andy looked at him, scared. Pete hadn't said anything at all, when the Panic! guys were there and now.

They all slept in Pete and Isaab's room that night. Patrick and Spencer on Isaab's bed (it's a queen-sized one, also Pete's), Andy and Jon on Pete's bed, and Joe and Brendon on the floor. Pete on the chair, his head buried in his arms on top of the desk. When they all woke up, the Panic! guys went back to their rooms, while the others stayed, worrying about Isaab.

Everyone, except for Pete, was either on the floor or on the bed and was staring at the door. Isaab walked in, looking tired but still happy. Patrick, first to digest it in, stood up and hugged her immediately, followed by Joe and Andy.

"Umm, you guys?" Isaab said, "Thanks for the hugs, but I really can't breathe".

The guys immediately let go of her, and realized that they were angry at her.

"Where were you?"

"Why didn't you tell us where you were going?"

"You were already here, and you didn't tell us!"

"I am your brother, tell me where have you been!"

The questions all came at the same time.

"Okay, STOP!" She yelled, my right hand up.

She faced her brother. "I was with Ryan, ok? We were on a date, remember? I slept at his room. I hope you know that I am too responsible to get pregnant in my age, when things are just starting to get hard"

She faced Patrick, "I didn't tell you guys because you guys were doing different things and in turn, were ignoring me. What the hell do you think I was going to do? Ring a bell?"

She faced Andy, "You guys were busy. I don't blame you, but you could blame me. I am sorry, I should have been more responsible and told any one of you" she looked at all of them, "that I was going out. I am sorry". Joe, Patrick and Andy stared at her for a moment then looked at each other, then facing her again.

"Am I forgiven?" Isaab asked.

Andy was first to cave in. "Of course you are. I" Patrick and Joe glared at him. "We couldn't stay mad at you. You're our Bell!" he opened his arms asking for a hug. First Isaab groaned because he called her Bell, but hugged him anyways. After hugging, she hugged Patrick. "Sorry, Patrick, I didn't mean to scare you or anything." The separated and Patrick looked taken aback. "I wasn't scared". Isaab laughed and hugged him again.

The last one to get hugged was Joe, who was still looking mad. "I am sorry, Joe. I shouldn't have done that. You also need to remember that I am 19 already. I can make my own decisions now."

"No, you're still a minor." Isaab glared at him. "Isaab, I am your brother. I just want to make sure you're always going to be alright. Okay?" Isaab nodded and hugged him.

"Sorry, 'Seph" she mumbled, her words muffled because she buried her head on his chest.
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