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Drama x100.

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It's been about a year and a half since that night at the hotel, Patrick and Kate have stayed apart. They didn't talk anymore, Kate was still pretty bitter and Patrick was just a lost cause. After a lot of fighting, talking and crying Pete and Sara decided to in fact keep the baby and Molly Elizabeth Wentz was born seven months after the little hotel incident. The only aspect of Molly that wasn't all Pete was her striking blue eyes, which most certainly came from Sara. Kate had offered to baby sit her one year old niece and was now in the process of attempting to entertain her in the middle of Pete and Sara's living room.
"Molly do you want to watch big bird? I think yes." Kate responded and pushed play on the DVD player, Molly suddenly grew silent as she watched the brightly colored puppets dance and sing on screen. Kate breathed a sigh of relief and jogged to the kitchen to get herself a drink.
"That child is going to drive me insane a swear to God." She mumbled to herself. Kate heard the door unlock and then swing open, she glanced at her watch, What the fuck, they're not supposed to be home for another three hours.
"PETE?" She heard a voice yell and then,
"Hey Molly, where's daddy huh?" He scooped the baby into his arms and called out again,
"Pete seriously! Sara?"
"They're not here." Kate appeared in the doorway of the kitchen and looked at Patrick. This was the first time in roughly a year and a half that she has spoken to him. Patrick took a step back obviously surprised to see Kate in the doorway.
"Oh." He stated and shifted the child on his hip.
"Hey." Another voice echoed behind Patrick. Kate's face dropped a little bit,
"Hey Sean come in, come in." she said, the male nodded and walked inside the apartment, he walked over to Kate and planted a quick kiss on her lips. Patrick could feel the anger rise in the pit of his stomach and cleared his throat, not really to remind Kate to introduce him 'cause honestly he didn't give a flying fuck he had no desire to know this man at all, it was more to be obnoxious. Kate glanced at Patrick and sighed,
"Sean this is uhm, my brother's friend Patrick. Patrick this is my boyfriend Sean."
I'm just her brother's friend Patrick. How wonderful. Boyfriend? Pete never said anything about a boyfriend. She can't have a boyfriend, yes she can NO she fucking can't.
All these thoughts rambled through Patrick's brain. He shifted Molly to the other hip so he could shake Sean's hand.
"Hey man Fall Out Boy is awesome." Sean commented and Patrick gave him a fake smile,
"Thanks a lot." He tried his best to sound sincere, Kate could tell. Sean turned his attention back to Kate,
"Well I just was swinging by to see how the babysitting thing was doing and to bring you food." He held up the bag of Chinese food and smiled, Patrick huffed out of reflex.
"Aw thanks," Kate started "Can you just put it in the fridge I'm really not hungry right now." She smiled sweetly as Sean nodded and walked past her to enter the kitchen. As soon as Kate was sure that Sean was engrossed with whatever was going on in the fridge she glared at Patrick.
"What in the fuck do you want Patrick, honestly, you have no right to come in here and be rude." She snapped at him.
"I came to ask Pete a question."
"Pete isn't home, why are you still here?" She whispered, and he shrugged.
"And whatever, I don't like that guy." Patrick gestured to the kitchen.
"Well it doesn't really matter what you think." Kate took Molly from him,
"Now leave please." She pointed to the door. The pointing motion caused her shirt to rise above her belly button revealing a huge bruise, Patrick turned to leave but stopped short.
"What the fuck is that?" he questioned and pulled her shirt up a little and she backed away.
"Leave please." She continued to whisper.
"No, what the fuck is that Kate?" he raised his voice a little.
"Patrick please, I ran into the side of my dresser."
"Bullshit. Did he do this to you?" He questioned with his voice still raised, she shook her head no as Sean appeared behind her.
"What's going on here?" Sean questioned.
"Nothing." Kate quickly stated.
"Have you seen her stomach?" Patrick spat at him, and Sean nodded.
"Yeah she fell down the stairs." Sean replied without missing a beat and Kate slowly let out a breath. Patrick slowly nodded, and somehow forced himself to leave the apartment without making too much of a scene for Molly's sake. As soon as the door shut to Pete's apartment Patrick got out his phone. It rang three times before.
"Yo." Pete responded.
"Dude who the fuck is Sean?" Patrick spat into the phone.
"Just some dude my sister has started seeing, we're thinking it's not going to last that long, doesn't seem too serious. Why man?"
"Cause I just met him and I don't think he's a good guy." Patrick sighed into the phone.
"Where did you meet him?" Pete questioned.
"I went to your place and whatever dude it doesn't matter. Did you know Kate has a huge bruise on her stomach?"
"Uhm no."
"Yeah Kate said she ran into her dresser, Sean said that she fell down some stairs. I think he beat her up."
"Wait, what?" Pete raised his voice.
"You heard."
"And you just fucking left Kate and Molly with a guy you think beats my sister up?" Pete yelled into the phone and Patrick could hear Sara in the background asking questions.
"Dude I couldn't do anything, don't you think I wanted to? If I did or said anything it could put them in jeopardy. Besides I'm down the hall it's not like I left left." Patrick sighed in the phone. "And I'm calling Joe in a second." Patrick finished.
"I'm on my way home." That's all Pete said before he hung up.
Back inside the apartment Kate placed Molly back in front of the television so she could watch her Sesame Street and strolled into the kitchen where Sean was leaning up against the counter waiting for her.
"Who was that really Kate?" Sean questioned.
"I told you, he's my brother's friend." She replied.
"Yes I figured that much but I think your not telling me the whole story Kate, I'm not an idiot I saw the way he looked at you, so stop lying to me." He raised his voice a little bit.
"We used to go out." She mumbled and Sean's eyes grew wide,
"But that was almost two years ago and we don't even talk anymore. Today was the first time I've talked to him in over a year I swear." She cried.
"Shut-up." He and then sucker punched her in the stomach. Kate doubled over and slid to the floor crying.
"Please, please Sean go home. I have to watch Molly." She begged him from her spot on the floor.
"Don't tell me what to do bitch." He replied and kicked her in the stomach before replying, "We're not done with this conversation so you better be home later or else." With that Sean walked out the apartment and down the stairs avoiding Patrick. Kate somehow managed to pick herself off the kitchen floor and find her way to the couch. She sat there watching Sesame Street with Molly until Pete busted through the front door with Sara, Patrick and Joe in tow.
"Where the fuck is he?" Pete yelled and Sara scooped Molly up and put her in her crib before returning.
"Who?" Kate played dumb.
"You know exactly who Kate." Patrick spat at her.
"Just cause you don't like Sean is no reason to make up heinous stories Patrick." Kate mumbled; she knew she wasn't going to be able to talk herself out of this mess she's gotten into.
"Bullshit. Lift up you shirt." Patrick continued.
"Uhm no." Kate responded.
"Do it Kate." Sara spoke up as tears began to stream down her face. Kate obliged, her stomach was significantly worse than before.
"I'll fucking kill him, I swear to God." Joe replied and headed towards the door. Patrick kicked a chair out of anger and then grabbed Joe's shirt.
"You don't know where he lives Joe." Patrick whispered and Kate began to cry,
"I have to go home." She replied in between sniffles and attempted to get off the couch.
"Like hell you will." Pete yelled.
"I have to." She cried harder when she realized that she couldn't get off the couch.
"He's beaten you so bad that you can't even get off the fucking couch Kate, and your going to go home?" Sara cried.
"I've got to go home, he'll kill me if I don't. He knows where Pete and Joe live. Just let me go home." Kate pleaded.
"You're going to the hospital and then you're going home with Patrick and you're not arguing." Pete stated before Joe picked Kate up and proceeded out the front door..
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