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White and Blue

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One day when neji wakes up he isn't sad anymore. There are others who are, though.

Category: Naruto - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst - Characters: Gai, Neji, Tenten - Published: 2006-12-28 - Updated: 2006-12-28 - 437 words

Then the day comes when Neji isn't sad anymore.

It doesn't go away all at once. Rather it disappears a bit at a time until one day when he wakes up he is happy and the sky is very blue. There must have been a reason to why he was so sad before, but he can't really remember what it was, and so Neji doesn't think about that anymore.

After a while they move him to a room with very white walls. It's his new home, they tell him and Neji doesn't mind because in the old place he used to be sad, but in the white room he's not.

A brown haired girl comes to visit. She's brought tea and smiles sweetly at him while handing him a piece of homemade sponge cake. The brown haired girl is very nice.

She comes by again and there's a man with black hair and green clothes with her. Neji doesn't like the green man. His face is so sad and it reminds Neji of something he doesn't want to think about, so he asks the green man not to come anymore.

And then it's just the brown haired girl again and Neji is happy, because he really likes the brown haired girl. She gives him a plant one day. It's small and round, with thick, green leaves. When it blossoms the flowers will be pink, the girl tells him, placing the pot on his windowsill. Neji thinks the plant is beautiful. "I'm going to call it Lee", he says, "Because Lee is a very beautiful name".

The brown haired girl doesn't answer, she just looks at him. Even though she's smiling there are tears in her eyes, and suddenly Neji feels frightened. He grabs her arm, hugging it tightly and tries not to notice how heavy he feels inside. "Promise this Lee won't break like the last one, promise me that", he murmurs into the soft fabric of her sleeve. She blinks away her tears and strokes his head, telling him that if he can just remember to give it some water, Lee will be just fine.

That's the last time he sees the brown haired girl, she doesn't show up any more times after that. Instead the green man starts coming again, but he looks even sadder than before and his hair isn't black anymore, it's grey.

Neji misses the girl a little; he wanted to show her how much Lee has grown. But then he doesn't think about that anymore, and the walls are very white, the sky is very blue and he isn't sad anymore.
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