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Prince of Hosting

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The Seigaku Tennis Club comes to Ouran High. There Tamaki convinces them to join the host club. But what is he up to?

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Yay, a crossover of my two favorite animes. This comes courtesy of my newest muse Ayame-chan.

Warnings: I plan to have some of everything in here. This included shonen ai, shojo ai, incest and threesomes. If you don't like it, well I couldn't care less. Just don't read it.


Tamaki bounced into the host club in unusually high spirits.

"Today is such a wonderful day," he chortled as he danced around.

"Tama-chan is in a good mood isn't he?" Hunny asked Mori.

"Aa," replied his stoic companion.

"What's so wonderful about today?" Hikaru asked, slightly grumpy. Haruhi had claimed that she had to study and was not present.

"Look outside," Tamaki said, gesturing grandly to the huge windows. Curious, Hunny and Kaoru looked in the direction he was pointing.

"It's just the tennis courts," Kaoru said.

"No, no, no." Tamaki replied, waving a finger in his face. "Those are the future of the Host Club."

"Are we doing a new cosplay?" Hunny asked.

Tamaki clapped his hand to his head in a overly dramatic gesture.

"Mother, you explain," he said.

Kyoya adjusted his glasses.

"Recently eight members of Seigaku High School and their estemed tennis club transfered to Ouran High School. Tamaki believes that they should join our host club," he said simply.

"Oh, why didn't you just say so, my lord," Kaoru said.

"I did," replied Tamaki.

"Is this the tennis team that won Nationals last year?" Hikaru interrupted.

"Yes," replied Kyoya.

"Then why would they give up tennis for hosting?" Hikaru pointed out.

"Because," Tamaki said, and smirked.


The Ouran High School tennis club had just finished practice. The former members of Seigaku had gathered in one court to watch the end of a match between Ryoma and Momoshiro and talk. Suddenly an unfamiliar voice rang out.

"See aren't they perfect," it said. Everyone turned to confront a group of strangers.

"Greetings," the tall blonde in front exclaimed, dipping into a graceful bow, "I am Suoh Tamaki, my companions are Ohtori Kyoya, Haninozuka Mitsukuni, Morinozuka Takashi, the Hitachiin twins Kaoru and Hikaru and Fujioka Haruhi. I have come here to ask you to join the host club." All this he said without pausing for breath and while gesturing grandly.

The tennis club members stared at him for a moment. Then Momoshiro spoke,

"What's a host club?"

"Ah," Once again Tamaki disolved into a whirlwind of gestures and grand words as he explained, "This elegant game unique to this super rich school."

There was a long pause, then Syuusuke smiled.

"That sounds like fun. I will join."

Eiji and Oishi exchanged glances.

"Can we answer tomorrow?" Oishi asked.

"Of course," Tamaki replied.

"I would also like to think it over," Kawamura said. Momoshiro nodded in agreement.

"It would be a good chance to gather data," Inui simply said. Kyoya smirked.

"Ne, ne Kaoru-chin. you'll join won't you?" Hunny tugged on Kaido's shirt sleeve.

"K-ka-kaoru-chin?" he asked, unnerved.

Hunny nodded vigorously,

"Kaoru is already Kaoru-chan, therefore you're Kaoru-chin. You will join won't you?" Here Hunny looked at Kaido with huge innocent eyes.

"Su-sure," Kaido said, unable to resist.

"Yay," Hunny exclaimed.

"So, Ryoma-kun," Hikaru said, leaning on one of his shoulders,

"Will you join?" Kaoru finished, leaning on his other.

"No," Ryoma said flatly. Tamaki heard the negative and turned around.

"But," he began.

"Definitely not," Tezuka said.

Tamaki dissolved into a little moping ball.

"They're doomed," Haruhi muttered to Kyoya, who nodded in agreement.

Tamaki slowly lifted his head and turned his devastating puppy eyes on the reluctant pair. Ryoma felt his resolve slipping, but it was Tezuka who folded first.

"I will give it a try," was all he said.

Faced with overwhelming defeat, Ryoma nodded in agreement.

"Wonderful," Tamaki grabbed Ryoma and spun around. He released his kouhai and turned back to to group. "I will see all of you in the empty music room tomorrow. For now adieu."

With an elegant wave of his hand he led his club back to the school. Syusuke stopped Kyoya briefly.

"I have a younger brother who also attends this school, may I bring him along?"

Kyoya smiled, "Of course."


"You know Tamaki," Kyoya commented as they walked, "At the end of nationals last year, Fuji-san, Kawamura-san and the Golden Pair all publicly announced their retirement. That's half the tennis team your father specifically requested granting admission to."

Tamaki smirked.

"You could say I got an early birthday present this year," he said and waved a hand, "Although I must admit that Fuji-san was a pleasant bonus."

Haruhi felt a shiver run down her spine. 'So Tamaki is the true shadow king after all,' she thought.


A/N: 1. I don't think this was clear but Syusuke and Yuuta applied separately.
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