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I hate to break up this wonderful staring contest of love, but...

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Mikey and Mel have known each other forever. Can one day change what they think of each other? And will it change to something more?

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Mikey's POV

We got to the venue at around 3:30. We got lost and went to the other side of the city because Gerard, self-declared official mapreader, was holding the map upside down. Why did my brother have to be an idiot at times like these?

"OK, next time, Bob is reading the map," Ray said. Bob shrugged at the suggestion.

"Awwww OK. Next time I get to sit in the back with the fun people!" Gerard said. I rolled my eyes and Mel giggled. We all got out and stretched.

"I'm hungry," Frank complained.

"OK I vote we all find our own food and meet here at around 4:15," Ray said. We all agreed and Ray held Mel back a minute. He was talking to her and she looked like she was getting angry. I knew it had to be about me. Gerard and I started walking down the street so that we didn't look suspicious to Ray, and we heard Mel chasing after us not too long after we set off. I stopped to wait for her to catch up while Gerard fiddled with his shoelace. I looked back to see Ray watching us.

"Hey," she said breathlessly when she caught up. Gerard said hi and I nodded, still looking back. She followed my gaze and Ray turned slowly and walked away. "Where are we going?" she asked.

"Someplace away from everyone else," Gerard said. "You don't want them to find out, do you?" he added when we looked at him in astonishment. We both nodded and followed Gerard who obviously knew where he was going. He ushered us into a small, deserted diner. It wasn't really known and we weren't at risk of being found unless we were followed. We took a seat and were finally comfortable. Mel and I kissed in the booth and somehow found a way to forget Gerard was there until he started making disgusted gagging sounds. We broke apart and blushed.

"Sorry," I said, looking at the table. My hand rested there and Mel put her hand on mine. I smiled and looked at her and she smiled back.

"OK I hate to break up this wonderful staring contest of love, but we have to be back in like 30 minutes and we have to eat too. Now I'm getting us three sodas and a large basket of chili cheese fries. Anyone want anything else?" We shook our heads and he left to get our order. About 5 minutes later, he came back. We started eating.

"Kids?" Gerard said. We looked up at him. My arm had found its way around Mel's waist while we ate. "OK, I know that you aren't gonna want me to talk to you about this, but I'm going to anyway cause I don't want anyone to get hurt here. I really don't think that you should be keeping this from Ray. Before you say anything," he said as Mel opened her mouth furiously. "Before you say anything, realize that he is your brother. He is our friend. And do you really think that you can hide this from him for a long amount of time? Trust me, I think that if you tell Ray about you two sooner rather than later, chances are he'll just find a way to deal with it. If you two are really in love and meant to be together or whatever romantic crap you want to say, he'll have to deal. But if you don't tell him and he finds out, he'll hate both of you and your beloved Mikey here will be beaten to a pulp. Just trust me on this one."

We looked at each other. "You know, it would be nice to sit in the car and have your hand in mine or your arm around my waist," she said. I nodded.

"And it'd be nice if we could kiss each other in front of other people instead of finding secluded restaurants," I said. We both smiled and nodded.

"Alright fine, Gee. We'll tell Ray as soon as we get back to the venue. Happy?" she said. Gerard nodded. We smiled and left the diner. I held her hand and she smiled at me.

"Ah, young love. What a joy to see it again," Gerard said. We smiled and got back to the venue at 4:00 on the dot.

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