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Carines family curse and the lost twin

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Carine tells Tammy about the Afex family curse and Garron fineds his and tammy's brother i'm not that good at story writing so please review with hints (no your story sucks or anything like that)...

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Carine started to tell the story about the curse of her family to Tammy.
"My ancestor, who was a half elf snuck into the shadow demons hide out and tried to kill the king because of that he, cursed my his family name will not continue. He went to Ellette Akemke to cure the curse but she could only cure it enough to make every Afex only have one child. I'm the only Afex left and being a girl the Afex name will not go on." "Is that why you have no friends?" Tammy asked "uh-hu the elder said the promised twins will save me from my families curse," "the promised twins?" Tammy asked confused "you don't know about the promise twins!" Carine yelled.

Carine told Tammy the story of the promise twins and Tammy was excited she never heard such a wonderful story. "And they will go to each town blessing them and removing the curses of that city." Carine finished. "Dose that count Selviaka?" Tammy asked hopeful that her home town will be saved and be able to sustain life. "Selviaka, you mean the city that was cursed to not be liveable cursed by shadows, that microscopic creatures won't even go. Why do you care about that dump?" Carine said like any other high class girl would. "Why wouldn't I care?" Tammy said crying.

"Tammy I hear something from in the forest" Carine interrupted her. "It's not Garron he's over there" Tammy said looking back. Suddenly a boy about Tammy's age fell form the forest unconscious. "GARRON THERE'S A BOY AND HE'S UNCOUSCINCE!!" Tammy yelled to her brother. "Tammy he looks almost exactly like you" Carine told her 'friend'. Garron ran over to the girls. 'Timeus it's you I'll tell Tammy once he wakes up'. "He seems ok. You two should get to sleep it's almost 9:00." Garron instructed "But" Tammy said "I'll look after him" Garron said pointing to the girls' tent.

~In Garron's tent~
Garron was happy he was sure this was his lost younger brother. "I'm so happy I found you little guy Nigel must have done this." He said thanking the almost human half shadow. "Ummm dam Nigel did you have to drop me so hard" an unfamiliar voice said Garron turned around "Timeus your ok" Garron said happily. "Who are you and how do you know my name?" Timeus looked so much different than he remembered his hair was browner rather than gold, his eyes seemed to be darker green than before while, even his skin was darker than before, he looked like a darker version of Tammy. His voice was also deeper than other 10 year olds. "I'll explain to you in the morning. Who did you get here?" Garron asked. "I, I" Timeus tried to lie but couldn't "why can't I lie" Timeus grabbed his head "are you ok?" Garron said concerned "no I have a headache and some stranger is watching me and knows my name some how. Of course I'm not ok!" Timeus screamed. "I tell you how I know your name in the morning I want someone else to hear why. It's really important you both hear this." Garron said. "Ok let me ask a few questions first" he pulled out his sword that was almost exactly like Tammy's but had a blue handle instead of pink. "Ok but put away your sword." "What's your name and where I am?" Timeus asked demandingly keeping his sword out "ok then my names Garron Seleslkanka and were about a day from Aluku." Timeus felt a sharp pain in his head then rubbed it. Garron seen this before when he tried to tell Tammy about Selviaka. It was the pain of regaining his memory. "Now it's my turn to ask you a question how did you get here? And I know it's impossible for you to lie"Garron asked the 10 year old"my brother Nigel, well he not really my brother but he help me escape from the shad__" Timeus stopped talking. "I know about you and the shadow demons." Garron said to comfort him so he would finish. "How?" Timeus asked "tomorrow" Garron said simply. "Nigel helped me escape form the shadow demons and dropped me in the forest saying something about my destiny." Timeus said finishing his story. "Well you should get to sleep I'll stay outside." Garron said walking out of the tent. "Umm mister you can stay in here if you want, for some reason I feel safe form the shadows with you here" Timeus said. His voice seemed to be more like when he was 3 years old. "I'll be outside if you need me don't worry." Garron said and walked out of the tent.

The fire went out because Garron fell asleep and for the first time in a while he didn't have a nightmare.
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