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School Bus Dilema

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What's Theresa suppose to do? Will this fieldtrip be like she wanted it to be before? prabably not. She really had no good choices and it wasn't going to be as fun as she planned. She can see tha...

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On the school bus, Theresa sat around all the girls.


Melody Barbara Sabrina

Rianne Sally empty

Ginger Trinity Emile

On the other side of the bus:
Karen Ollie Fern

Melinda Naomi Hannah

Sasha Janet Hailey

So girls, for Jay not to dare go anywhere near, basically surrounded her.

Theresa sat in the empty spot.

"Theresa!..." Melinda sounded surprised she wasn't sitting next to Jay.

"Yeah, yeah I know."

They all faced her way.

Theresa put her head down but peaked her sparkly eyes up looking at every single one of them.

"Not a word!" She said when she saw Trinity open her mouth.

They nodded and just continued talking about the dance.

Great... Theresa thought.

Then she saw Jay appear on the bus in his swim shorts carrying his black heavy bag.

He wouldn't lay his eyes off of her and Theresa just moved her head away and started talking to Melinda and Naomi.

But they ignored and they all starred at Jay.

Jay sat in front of Emile.

"Cutie alert." Melody whispered to Barbara. The two laughed.

"So Ja-."

Trinity was about to blurt out something to Jay but Theresa pulled her back.

"What? You jealous Theresa?" She gave a little smile.

"Oh so funny." Theresa crossed her arms.

Trinity was pretty. She had long straight blonde hair and blue eyes. She tried talking to Jay, but Jay seemed a bit too occupied. He was more interested in Theresa.

"Would you?" Trinity finished her sentence.

"Oh I don't know." Jay said.

A guy named Matthew say next to Jay.

"What's up Jay?"

"Not much." His eyes kept forward.

"Anything new?"

"Not much." He kept his eyes forward still and crossed arms.

Theresa did the same.

She looked at the back of his hair. She sighed and tried to finish that conversation with Melinda and Naomi.

Matthew figured Jay would just keep ignoring him.

"So Trinity." He liked Trinity. He had blonde hair and green eyes, but Trinity disliked him.

"Ugh, save it Matt."

She turned around and talked to Sally and Rianne.

"Oh Matt!!!" Ginger tried talking to him now.

She was a red head with sparkling green eyes like Theresa.

Matt faced to her attention.

They started their own conversation.

Theresa and Jay thought the same thing. This group of girls and boys were quite different and strange compared to theirs.

There were more guys than girls.

And in this group...there were more girls than guys.

Seventeen girls sat there, but only eight of the girls were really part of that group.

There were three boys the girls sort of fought over. Matthew, Kevin and Aaron.

The titan's group thought they were kind of weird, but still respected them and were still their friend.

See in the titan's group not ALL the guys fought over the girls.

Actually none of them knew that, two of the boys DID like two of the girls.

The teacher had an announcement before they left to go swimming.

"Class...there was a problem at the swimming pool. A tree from last night's storm fell into the pool so..."

She was interrupted from awing.

"BUT! I had just talked to the lifeguard's at Olympian Beach and we will now be having our field trip there."

Everyone jumped up screaming and yahooing. The beach was much better than the swimming pool.

"Cool!" Trinity hollered.

"Everyone please!!! Sit down!" Aphrodite said. (I nearly forgot which goddess was suppose to be their teacher)

"Yes Mam." Everyone always obeyed Aphrodite because of her beauty.

Theresa had two dilemas, she either had to spend most her time being bugged by these girls about Jay. or she had to hang by herself. And hanging with Jay was not a choice she wanted to make.

"Theresa truth...or dare."

Greatt...more dilemmas here.

She didn't want to pick either one.

She knew you could never say no to them no matter what you do.

She wasn't in the mood for dare so...


Melinda smiled and all the girl's attention went towards her.

Matthew even listened.

Theresa looked back from each one to the next.

Uh oh...she thought.

She gripped up her shoulders as her little curls came up along with her shoulders.

Jay thought she looked adorable, but turned right back around not trying to bug her even more.

"Is it true..." Rianne started.

"That..." Trinity added on.

The six girls in the back; Melody, Barbara, Sabrina, Karen, Ollie and Fern suddenly ignored their conversation and got interested.

They all together said. "YOU!!!..." Every girl there was trying to come up with something.

Sasha, Janet and Hailey were suddenly interested too.

"We it true that you love!" Those three were basically triplets and said everything the same.

Hannah finally got a word out. "That you love Jay." She leaned over and pressed on Theresa's tiny nose.

Theresa started blushing but got a little angry.

Jay heard and blushed too.

"Guys, please." He turned around.

"No seriously Jay." Matthew touched his shoulder.

Jay opened his mouth in awkwardness and shook his head.

"Come on's just too obvious..."

Rianne smirked.

Emile leaned forward.

"You guys are sooo meant for each other." Theresa slapped her arm.


"Destined to be together." The three said.

"Well look at you girls! You're all destined to be with Kevin, Matt and Aaron and keep switching around. Leave me alone..." Theresa stood up and sat behind the six quiet girls.

They were all silent.

Jay got up and sat at the very front.

Theresa was all alone by herself. The six girls in front of her never really wanted to bug her.

"Can I have a gum?" She asked Sabrina.

She had tons with her.

"Sure." She said chewing on one.

"So," Karen said.

She said so in a way like she didn't want to bug her.

"Excited about the beach?"

"Yeah..." Theresa started to brighten up.

"You should come with us! Fern here, her uncle works at the beach and she always goes on the little...what do you call it Fern?" Ollie asked.

"I just call it my island...I have no idea what it's really called." Fern said.

They all laughed.

"Well anyway, it has this diving board on it, it floats on water and you can jump into the sea water." Melody said.

"Cool." Theresa replied.

"So do you want to join us?" Barbara asked.

"I'd be delighted." Theresa gave a pretty smile.

They all smiled back and started a conversation that didn't make Theresa angry in the slightest bit.

She supposed one of her dilemmas was gone. But after the trip she knew they'd come back.


Whhat's going to happen on their trip to the beach? A fluffy madness? a really bad time? or endless questions from many curious annoying girls? or even worse...all!?

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