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Bachelor & Bachelorette parties take an unexpected turn when something not supposed to happen, happens and some PDA is unleashed.

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It was the night before the very anticipated Wentz/Walker wedding and both parties, the brides mates and the bachelors, were getting ready to party, separately of course! (You know it's bad luck for the groom to see the bride the night before the wedding, silly fools.) The two months leading up to the event were stressful for Pete and Sara, especially with Pete not being home the whole time, but everything was done and the two were prepared to just let the chips fall where they may. Kate and Patrick, we'll they've had an interesting two months as well. They we're pretty much sneaking around everyone's back, making excuses to leave places or excuses to stay home just so they could run off and have sex. Patrick did his best to stick to Pete's plan but he just wasn't comfortable 'treating her like a hookup.' So when the occasion called for overnight staying, sometimes he stayed, sometimes he forced himself to leave. It was no matter though because he was confusing the hell out of Kate anyways which was the plan from the start.
The girls were getting ready at the Wentz family home. Since Halloween was the next day it just didn't seem right not to dress up at all, so Sara was having a costumed themed bachelorette party. Kate trotted down the stairs holding her shoes in her hands, she was dressed as a sexy ladybug a costume which consisted of a red tube top dress ending mid-thigh that was littered with big black polka dots in a very ladybug fashion. She also of course had ladybug wings. She walked into the living room that was now filled with costumed bridesmaids; Kate hopped while trying to put on her heels standing up.
"Where's our bride to be damn it!" Kate yelled and Sara appeared from the kitchen with Mrs. Wentz holding Molly behind her. Sara was dressed in a white halter top dress that also ended mid thigh, she had while heels on and her 'costume' was finished with a hot pink Miss America-esque sash that had bachelorette written across it and a tiara.
"Sexy Mama." Kate laughed at her best friend and Sara rolled her eyes but struck a pose.
"And the Maid of Honor, always a lady." Sara replied before walking up to Kate and mumbling, "except when she's secretly banging the Best Man." Kate's eyes grew wide at Sara's comment and Sara pretended to choke and cough.
"My, my I must have a tickle in my throat." Sara finished and then laughed.
"Well you girls better get going, and don't you worry about the baby I'm always beyond thrilled to watch my ONLY granddaughter." Mrs. Wentz replied obviously not hearing Sara's previous comment and smiling at Molly.
"Yes please lets get the show on the road before Sara gets anymore tickles in her throat." Kate replied as she kissed her mother on the cheek and proceeded out the front door to the limo. (It's a wedding party you have go all out.)

"Dude can we leave yet?" Patrick yelled from his spot on Pete and Sara's couch. Pete and Sara's was the getting ready place for the boys and much like the girls the boys also had the idea of dressing up, it's was Halloween for Christ's sake (almost). Andy walked out of the kitchen dressed as a Jedi and took a seat next to Patrick who was dressed as a ghost buster.
"Who you gonna call?" Andy sang at Patrick who just responded by rolling his eyes and taking Andy's soda.
"Hey, it's not my fault your costume has a song." Andy whined and Patrick took a drink of the soda.
"Use the force and get your drink back." Patrick responded with a smirk only receiving a glare from Andy. It was then that Dirty and Joe walked out of the hallway and into the family room. Dirty was dressed as a pimp, and Joe was Fred Flintstone.
"Yabba Dabba Do?" Andy questioned with a raised eyebrow and Joe nodded excitedly.
"Pete's coming, he'll only be a second." Joe responded and as if on cue Pete emerged behind Joe and Dirty dressed like a King, with a crown and everything.
"Well now ladies, let's get going!" Pete yelled.
"Where are we going?" Dirty questioned, "And are their going to be strippers?"
"We're going to some club thing, and I don't know they're might be naked people." Pete laughed and all the boys proceeded outside to their ride.

The girls were already at the club when ironically the boys showed up at the same place. Joe leaned his head close to Andy so he could hear him,
"Dude is that Kate?"
Andy followed to where Joe was pointing and then nodded 'yes.'
"Whoa weird, I didn't know she could dance."
There they were, the whole bridal party, in the middle of the dance floor dancing to Nelly Furtado's 'Maneater.' Pete spotted his fiancée and stomped over to her like a four year old.
"I'm not supposed to see you tonight!" He whined over the music. Sara smiled and shrugged,
"Oh well. Now that you have, my lord, dance with me." She laughed and he obliged.
Kate signaled that she was going to the bar and made her escape from the couple. At the bar Kate ordered a green apple martini and while she was waiting a very attractive policeman asked her if she would like to dance with him. Kate thought for a moment, she realized that if Pete was here that meant Patrick was here, and something was definitely going on with him and it was driving her crazy that she couldn't figure it out, so she figured that making him jealous wouldn't hurt any. She downed her martini and accepted the policeman's offer. Patrick of course noticed and in response ordered a round of shots for the table, and once they arrived Patrick along with Dirty and Joe picked up a shot, Andy put his hand over Patrick's shot glass.
"Whoa you don't drink." Andy commented.
"Yeah well, things change." Patrick replied before downing the shot with the other two boys. A few hours later everyone was very nicely drunk except for Pete, Andy and Sara. They were now very amused watching all the drunk people be, well, drunk. Patrick stumbled over to Kate who was at the bar.
"Kate!" Patrick yelled overly excited. Kate just signaled for him to take a shot with her, he obliged and after those were done Kate finally spoke.
"Hey!" She yelled just as excited as he did a few seconds earlier, "If I have any ghost busting problems I get to call you. Except I think I'm going to call you even when I don't have ghosts because we screw all the time and it's really, really fun." Kate and Patrick both laughed before Patrick continued the conversation.
"Kate, Kate, Kate, you're a ladybug and that means," He paused so his drunken mind could think, "Well I don't know what that means but Kate, Kate I'm going to kiss you now ok?" The two drunks happily made out publicly which usually wasn't their style but because of the circumstances PDA just seemed to them to be more acceptable. Andy nudged Pete,
"Hey I think we should get those two home, or away from each other, or something so one we don't have to witness that," He gestured to the couple before continuing, "and two, so we don't have to read how 'Fall Out Boy's lead singer had sex in public with his ex-girlfriend' on the front page of the paper." Pete nodded in agreement before asking,
"How is it that the Best Man and the Maid of Honor are getting more action than the Bride and Groom to be?"
Andy shrugged and rolled his eyes,
"Just go take care of that."
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