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Back to Montreal

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With a new contract in hands, Simple Plan returns to Montreal but, after all the arguing they had in that afternoon, Pierre is still completely pissed off about all of it, while Jeff is just making...

Category: Simple Plan - Rating: G - Genres: Drama - Characters: Chuck Comeau, David Desrosiers, Jeff Stinco, Pierre Bouvier, Sebastien Lefebvre - Published: 2006-12-31 - Updated: 2006-12-31 - 1886 words

After all those fights and arguing we signed the contract and left. Simple Plan, from that moment on, was one of Lava's officially signed bands. Can't say I wasn't happy with that, that new was something extremely amazing to me. To all of us. But I just couldn't let that shows. It was one hundred percent against my will; they couldn't see I was happy about it somehow.

I was so pissed off about Jeff in special that every single trace of happiness that I was feeling about Simple Plan meant almost nothing if compared to that. The words that I heard from his mouth in that day showed me a person that I didn't know. It showed me one side of Jeff that I never thought that could exist. I thought he was my friend because he cared about me but, in that day, I felt like the only reason why we were friends was because of my voice. I felt like it didn't matter at all if I were supposed to die if only I could make Simple Plan reach the top first. Actually, I think it wouldn't be such a sad day to him `cause Simple Plan would be in every single newspaper. If he did that just to get signed, wouldn't he be able to be happy with my death if the picture of him crying could be in the first page of every single newspaper? I mean, I didn't exactly needed to die but, if something were supposed to happen to me and take this band to the first page of any newspaper, wouldn't he be able to do that?, probably no. What am I thinking here? He...he wouldn't...right? Well, now we're signed, we'll spend most of our time together so I better start trusting him again before I start sleeping with one of my eyes open. Asides, what's the worst that can happen to me? To be kidnapped? No way. No one would ever mind to do that so I can just sleep peacefully.

We landed in Montreal at around 8:30 p.m. and I left the airplane in front of all of them, not wanting to have to face anyone and still walking quietly. Neither of them dared ask me what was wrong with me. They knew perfectly fine what was wrong so they just followed. When we got in the airport, we could see Jessie right there waiting for us. When I first put my eyes on her, most part of my tension just went away and a smile just reappeared on my face and I could think about nothing else until I grabbed her in my arms and kissed her.

"I missed you so much. I just wish you were there with me today." I said still holding her in my arms
"I missed you too." She answered with a beautiful smile on her lips "But I didn't have to be there, I left you in the company of good friends, so I knew you would return okay." As she said that, I soon stopped smiling getting them back to my mind and simply held her hand as we started walking out of the airport again and they kept following "What's the matter? Did I say something wrong?"
"Why don't you ask Jeff about it?" I answered facing him like daring him to say that
"Pierre is just being childish, nothing else." He answered giving it little importance "We had a little fight and since then he's acting like `oh, you hate me'" he finished making fun of me while I could see the others were holding not to laugh as long as they knew that I wasn't that okay about them either.
"A little fight on which he practically forced me to accept Jason Stevenson's son to be our manager." I said most back at him than at her
"Okay, but, who's Jason Stevenson's son?" she asked
"Oh, you don't know? It's Adam Stevenson. That awesome ex-boyfriend of yours that menaced me twice." I replied sarcastically
"What?! Adam?! Adam is your manager?!" she asked as surprised as I would be like if someone else had told me that "Pierre, are you crazy somehow? Don't you remember what he told you last time he saw you?"
"Of course I do but seems like I'm the only one here who does."
"Stop being sarcastic, you were the one who forgave him." Said Jeff
"You did what?!" shouted Jessie like not knowing exactly what was really happening anymore "Pierre, baby, are you sure you're really okay and that you don't need to see a doctor right now?"
"Jessie, I'm fine. I am just perfectly fine and everything is going to be okay. Now, I'm sorry for being so rush, but I'm tired and I'm going back home to rest for a while. I'll call you tomorrow. Okay, baby?"
"Sure. I love you." She said hugging me again
"I love you too." I replied smiling and kissed her tenderly before going apart "So, see you tomorrow."
"See you."

As soon as I arrived home, I did nothing but take a shower and drop myself in my bed with a magazine in my hands. I spent hours and hours reading that but I still didn't feel like sleeping. I was getting kind of regret about have accepted Adam as our manager. He was back in my life and I got scared once again and I knew I had reasons to be.

The clock next to my bed was reading 1 a.m. and my tired body was telling me that I should get some sleep but my eyes didn't want to close and my mind just couldn't let me relax.

That was the moment that I heard someone knocking on my door. It wasn't usual that someone wanted to talk to me at one a.m. but, as I thought it could be nobody but my mom or one of my little brothers telling me that he had a nightmare and asking to stay here with me, I allowed the person to get in before even asking who was that. To my surprise, the figure I saw coming in my room wasn't any of those. It was...

"Jeff? What are you doing here at 1 a.m.?" I shouted at him
"Sorry, I didn't mean to bother you but I just couldn't sleep tonight." He answered
"And then you thought `Hey, I've got nothing better to do, I think I'll make sure that Pierre won't sleep either'" I replied sarcastically "Is that the reason why you came all the way here? For God's sake, Jeff, what do you want me to do about it? Do you want me to read you a story or sing you a lullaby?"
"Pierre, the reason why I can't sleep is because I need to talk to you and I knew that I would spend the rest of my night up if I hadn't come."
"Okay, Jeff, you'll have my attention. Sit down and tell me whatever you want to but be fast, I'm planning to sleep tonight." I replied coldly sitting down in my bed and giving him some space to do the same
"Okay, but there's no use to be so aggressive" he said sitting down
"A little bit earlier in this afternoon you were a lot of aggressive, why should I act different? I thought it was okay to be rude with each other and not listen to the others opinions even if we're in the same band and we'll have to do it a lot." I replied sarcastically
"That's the reason why we need to talk. Pierre, we've been friends for the past 2 years and we never had a fight like that and I never thought it would happen in a day just like this one." He started to answer ignoring my sarcasm "At first, I thought I was completely right about everything and that you were just being selfish but, when I got completely alone in my room, I started thinking and I realized that...that I was the one who was being selfish. I was just thinking about my own good and I hadn't even considered that it may cost your life."
"I'm glad you can see that now but...don't you think you're a little bit too late? We already signed the contract, there's no turn back now."
"Pierre, I'm not that late. I read every single term of the contract and we're still in time to cancel it. While we have not a single song recorded, we can cancel it anytime. We can cancel this contract `til Monday."
"I don't want to cancel it." I replied honestly
"You what? But, Pierre, I thought that you..." he started shouting surprised but I interrupted him
"Jeff, I know I wasn't part of the band since the beginning and I know how hard it was to convince me to join it but, believe it or not, I just love Simple Plan as much as you four do. That's the reason why to cancel this contract is the very last thing I wanna do. I know we have potential and that we may become something someday if we just give this try and I won't let Adam stay on my way again."
"Pierre, you may get killed!" shouted Jeff concerned
"Adam said he changed so I'll try to believe him." I stated "But even if he's lying, we'll hire some bodyguards as soon as possible and that should do it."
"Are you sure you still want to give it a try?" he asked
"Yeah, I'm sure"
"Okay, so that's what we're gonna do." He agreed and stopped for a while before proceeding "But...I still wanted to say that I'm sorry for everything I said and did this afternoon. I really am."
"You're forgiven, Jeff."
"So, friends again?" he asked visibly relieved
"Yeah. Just like nothing happened in this afternoon. Now, would you please go back home and try to sleep and let me do the same? I'm tired and I would really appreciate it." I asked in a begging tone
"Okay, guess I can let you sleep now." He said heading to the door and opening it "Good night, Pierre."
"Good night, Jeff."
"Oh, and, Pierre..."
"You guys should start locking the front door."
"I can see that. We'll never forget about it anymore."

When he closed the door of my room and left my house, I felt calmer. It was the first time since we signed the contract that I admitted that, deep inside, I wanted that as well. I realized with my own words that there was no reason to be afraid. When I finally concluded that, my eyes and my mind ended up agreeing with my body and the clock and I finally felt asleep. I didn't know yet that in that moment I had just decided to give the first real steps to one of the biggest things that had ever happened in my life: Simple Plan. I also couldn't imagine that, once the band started getting known, people who used to turn their back on me would reappear in my life with the arms wide open. But this is something to be told latter.
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