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On The Wings Of Faeries

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Mama left Papa when I was little. We moved to Tokyo, but now I've moved back, alone. Papa doesn't like me much, and I didn't know anyone but my family... I wanted go home. Till I saw her... Shoujo-ai

Category: Naruto - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Fantasy, Romance - Characters: Hinata, Tenten - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2006-12-31 - Updated: 2006-12-31 - 924 words

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot.


It was warm. Late spring maybe? I looked like I was about nine, but I remember this actually being when I was about four or five... Wearing a pretty pale orange and lavender dress, I had gathered a bunch of primroses, and was standing in Mama's garden. I always loved it here. It's so pretty, just like I remember. Of course, that's to be expected, it is a dream right?

"Hinata!" I hear the shout, and twist around to see her standing there. On the porch, my Mama stood, with a large brown suit case by her feet. She's watching me with her bright emerald eyes. "Come here, Baby." Sensing the turmoil in her, I pause, before rushing over. Now closer, I can see the tears falling down her face. She bends down, and pulls me up to stand on the porch with her. She picks up the suit case, and pulls me into the house. My flowers fall to the floor in the livingroom, when she jerks to a stop.

In the doorway stands my father. In his arms he holds my new baby sister, Hanabi. She's so little, but I haven't gotten to really hold her yet. First he gazes at the flowers I've dropped, then at my face, and finally up at my crying mother. His eyes are sad, but cold nonetheless. I feel confused. I don't know quite what is going on, but I really don't care, both my parents are sad and that is the problem. "Mama?" I ask quietly, looking up at her, through large pupiless lavender orbs.

She lets go of my hand, and pats my head gently, before pointing at my father, "I'm not living here anymore, Hiashi. I can't take it." Her voice cracked on his name, and the tears flowed more quickly, "I won't let your families traditions ruin my life, or Hinata's. I'm taking her with me back to Tokyo." Those words run through my mind, but don't fully register.

"You are going to leave your youngest daughter, and your husband?" My father's voice is cold, and cruel. A voice he had only ever used on me when he was angry. "To live in a city, alone?"

"I-I won't be alone. I'm taking Hinata with me. You have enough money to hire a nanny, you don't need me here." I could tell Mama didn't really have a reason for wanting to go. She couldn't come up with anything, other than her own feelings of being trapped here in the Hyuuga home. I don't know why she was taking me and not Hanabi, but part of me felt special that I meant enough for her to take me... She grabbed my hand, and tugged me. Her steps were quicker, more forceful, as she pushes by my Father.

Soon we're out of the house, and in the court yard, making our way out of the Hyuuga Estate, towards where a Taxi Cab waits for us. Mama pushes me into the cab, and buckles me in, then orders the driver to take us to the airport. I twist in my seat, and look out the window, to find my Father standing, watching us go with a forlorn look on his face. I put my hand on the window, "Father..."

The sound of beeping is what wakes me up. My alarm clock beeps loudly by my bed, and I try to ignore it by pulling the pillow over my head to try and block it. It doesn't work. It's time to get up, and get ready.Turning the clock off, I sluggishly pull myself out of my bed, and make my way to the bathroom. Today is the day. I'm moving back to Konoha.

It's been twelve years.. but he did it. My father finally got full custody of me... I'm not sure if I'm all that happy about it... I- I haven't really spent more then a couple of weeks every couple of months, since the day Mama took me, and she only let that happen, so she couldn't be charged with Kidnapping. But Mama's getting sick, and can't pay for my school tuition, and is currently in the hospital... my grandma, and grandpa(who we've been living with since that fateful day so long ago), just can't pay the lawyers like they had been able to before.

I'm nervous. Very nervous... Father always looks at me like I am useless... Hanabi does this also. Like I am not good enough to have the Hyuuga name. I don't know why he fights so much for me, but apparently I must mean something, right? Of course!.. but maybe not... maybe he just wants to do something bad to get back at Mama. That's possible, isn't it? Oh... I'll never get anywhere with these kind of thoughts...

The morning passed by all to quickly, and I'm now sitting in the Airport, waiting for my flight, and dreading my impending doom. My father and younger sister hate me, I know this, and I don't adapt to change all that well. I'm fairly happy here in Tokyo. I only have one friend, and my life revolves around studying... but it's home. I don't want to go.. so why... why couldn't I say it when I was asked? I why did I just blush and stare at the floor? I'm sixteen, if I had said something...maybe, just maybe, the judge would have let me stay here, with Mama, Grandma, and Grandpa...

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