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The Rookie Nine and the Sand Siblings are turned into chibis, and the senseis must take care of them.

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Gai, Kunrenai, Asuma, and Kakashi were in the Hokage's office.

"You may be wondering why you are here today," Tsunade started off. Actually, the only one interested was Gai. Kakashi was asleep, Kurenai was doing her nails, and Asuma was smoking a cancer stick. Tsunade was not pleased by their reactions.

"Pay attention! This is a life or death situation!"

That got their attention. Tsunade was pleased.

"Oaky, Shizune! Lead them in."

Shizune walked in, followed by a procession of Oompa-Loompas that strangely resembled the Rookie Nine and the Sand Siblings.

"What's this big important mission, anyways?"

Tsunade grinned evily. "Baby-sitting..."

You may be wondering why the apple pie all of the genin are chibis. I'll tell you.

All of the Rookie Nine and the Sand Siblings were at a riverside. Why they were there, don't ask me. I don't know. I know I should know, but I don't, so leave me alone and read the dang story!

Naruto and Kankurou were having an argument.

"I'm the coolest person!" Naruto boasted.

"No, you're not."


"He's right," Sakura said. "You're lamer than Bushy-Brows."


"Face it. You're not cool," Ino said.

"If I'm not cool, let us all be struck by lighting and become chibis until Kami-knows-when!"

And that's why they are munchkins.

"Hokage-sama, how do you know that?" Kurenai asked. Tsunade pointed towards the ceiling.

"I have my sources."

"Ya mean Kami-sama?"

"No, the author."

"What author?" Gai asked.

"Oops, you weren't supposed hear that."

The crowd of munchkins all broke off into small groups. All the girls in one, all the boys in the other. Naruto and Gaara walked over to Tsunade.

"So what do we do with them?" Kakashi asked.

"Simple. Take care of them until we know how to undo this."

"Why should we?" Asuma wanted to know. Tsunade gave him a blank look.

"Their your students. Look after them. Also, you need to learn to take better care of them."


"Because, in the past week, Sasuke has gotten a bruised ego, Hinata has been stabbed by needles, TenTen got injured because of an accident involving her scrolls and Shino's bugs, and Kiba and Akamaru had a chewing spree with Shikamaru's shadow and Ino's ponytail."

All the senseis smiled sheepishly.

"Okay, divide the children. And if one hair on their heads is hurt," here, Tsunade drew a line over her throat, "it's curtains for all of you. Catch my drift?"

They caught it.

At the same riverside mentioned earlier

"Right, here's how we are going to do things," Kurenai said. The males listened half-heartedly, because they are men and don't listen to women even though they should.

"I propose you leave all of them in my care."

"Why!" Kakashi exclaimed.

"Simple. You won't take care of them. You'd probably let them do something dangerous and or stupid."

"That's not fair! We can take of them just as well as you can!" Kakashi argued. Asuma and Gai cheered.

"Okay, fine. We'll do this," Kurenai said. The males leaned in to listen.

"I'll take Hinata, Sakura, TenTen, Ino, and Temari, because they are girls and I am a women."


That leaves Asuma and Kakashi. They eyed each other. Asuma suddenly yelled "YOU CANNOT HAVE MY TOP STUDENT SHIKAMARU! OR CHOUJI! THEY ARE MY STUDENTS! OR KIBA!"

"That leaves me the Sand boys and Naruto."

"Glad we're not you," the others chimed before scooping up their respective charges and running away.

"What did they mean by that?" Kakashi mused. He soon found out why.

Gaara and Naruto were both lonely children. And Gaara expressed his by killing people with his sand. Naruto expressed his lonliness by playing somewhat harmful pranks. And Kankurou plays with 'action figures' or what ever boys call their dolls. All in all, the Olsen twins have no idea what the term "Full House is."
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