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the village of the elves

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i'm not that good at story writing so please review with hints (no your story sucks or anything like that) R&R tammy and her twin timeus have to go out and save the world from the evil shado...

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Chapter 6

~ later that day~

"So where are going now?" "Well we should get to Senecanaka by 5:00 meaning well have to stay there over night," Garron said. "This I way too much walking my feet hurt we've been walking all day." Carine complained "really my feet don't hurt at all" Tammy said doing a little unnecessary jump. "Dose any one else's feet hurt." "Nope not mine" Garron said. Timeus didn't say any thing "Timeus what's wrong you seem quite." Carine said concerned. "Nothings wrong" he answered. Garron turned around "you don't look well, your face is paler than usual a little grey too." Garron said worried about his younger brother. He then put his hand on Timeus' forehead "you do have a slight fever" "I'm ok Garron" Timeus said pushing Garron's hand off his forehead. "Are you sure you're ok Timeus?" Tammy asked. "Yah I'm just a little tired aggh" Timeus started coughing. "Your not ok" Carine said "I'm taking you to the doctor as soon as we get to Senecanaka" Garron said demandingly.

~ later at like 6:00pm~

"I have no idea what's wrong; I think it's just a passing cold. Anyway I think he should stay in bed tonight and tomorrow." The doctor stated. Timeus fell asleep while wanting. "So I sat in a waiting room filling out forms just to find out you don't know what's wrong with my brother either!" Garron said getting angry.

~ flashback to about an hour ago~

"Garron I'm bored" Tammy said yawning. "Go play with Carine I'm getting annoyed with this" Garron said getting annoyed "but I don't wanna" "well don't bother me and Timeus it's hard filling out forms for people you hadn't seen in 7years. Timeus have you ever hard problems breathing" "no" "umm what about pains umm" Garron showed Timeus "no I don't think so" Timeus said as his voice started getting hoarser "Garron I'll finish doing this you just sign at the end" Timeus said noticing Garron's confusion "it's a good thing you know how to read and write." Garron said in relief. (A/N it's uncommon for people to read especially for kids in this universe).
~end flashback~

Garron grabbed the doctor by the collar of his shirt and said in a threatening voice, "if anything happens to my little brother" "Mr. SelesLkanka clam down with he gets worse bring him back here tomorrow" the doctor said trying to clam Garron down. "Garron can we get to the hotel I tired" Timeus wheezed "A hotel I don't think it will be in the best place for his health." The doctor said concerned "WELL THEN DO SOMETHING ABOUT THAT! WE ARE TRAVELERS WHO BARELY HAVE ENOUGH FOR THE INN." Garron was extremely frustrated he stormed out the clinic followed by Timeus, Tammy and Carine.

"Look Garron can we go see this girl sing please I want to hear what elves sing like." Tammy started to beg. "No, Tammy we have barely enough to stay at the Inn." "Ok, oh Carine wants to go as well." "The answers still no. I have to bring this to the town elder, I taking Timeus with me (A/Timeus is on Garron's back sleeping) can you two stay around this fountain. The inns not open until 8:00 so please stay here." Garron told the two young girls. "Ok Mr.Garron" Carine said. "Carine you don't have to call me Mr." "yah but children are supposed to call adults Mr. unless they are siblings or cousins." "Ok I'll be back soon and don't talk to strangers" Garron wove walking off. "Come Carine we not going to stand in front of a fountain for an hour." Tammy started walking off. "But Tammy your brother said to stay here." "Don't worry will be back before he gets back".

~an hour later~
"Tammy we should get back now." Carine said looking up at the sky. "Yah we are getting back" Tammy said uncertain. "Are we lost" Carine asked quietly "yes" Tammy said stopping and started to cry "Garron's going so mad" she continued. Suddenly a person in a black hood touched Tammy's shoulder "Ahhh" Tammy yelped "don't worry I won't hurt you. Are you two lost?" "..." "She's not allowed to talk to strangers." Carine said cutely "Carine__" Tammy said to Carine. "Where are your parents?" "Dead" Carine said with abnormal happiness. "Oh who are you with?" the stranger asked "my brothers." Tammy said sensing the stranger was nice. "How old is he? Is he strong?" the stranger interested "well I have two brothers ones 21 and the others 10 I'm 10 also and Garron my older brother is really strong." Tammy said uncontrollable of her voice. "I'm tagging along" Carine said happily again. "Where are your brothers?" the stranger asked "we are supposed to be in front of the inn." "I'll take you there come."
~in front of the inn~
Garron stood in front of the inn as the girls got there. Seeing them he rushed over. "STAY AWAY FROM MY SISTER!!" he said pulling out his bow and arrows. "Garron this person is nice we were lost and she brought us back here." Tammy said again with no control "so you wondered off when I told you not to. What if a bad guy came and took you away from me." Garron said worried and angry "I'm sorry Garron." Tammy apologized. "How did you know I'm a girl?" The stranger asked. "Your voice" she said simply. "Thank you for bring back my sister and Carine. Is there some way I can repay you?" Garron asked. "Well there is a way." She started "there's this guy. He's the prince's mother's cousin's son." "Well that sure a big connection." Garron said sarcastically. "Away I supposed to marry him in a few years and I don't want to. I think if he sees me with someone else he'd leave me alone. So I want you to be my bodyguard, kind of for a night or two. You can stay at my brothers and my house he's gone for a while. So please." She said running out of breathe. "Sure why not my brother needs a quite place to sleep." Garron said realizing it would be good for Timeus' health "what's wrong with him?" she asked "I don't know that's the problem." Garron said setting his brother down.
He stuck out his hand "my names Garron SelesLkanka" the stranger shook his hand and removed her hood revelling sapphire blue hair shoulder length hair and sky blue eyes. 'She's beautiful' Garron thought "and my names Yejide Caritas." Garron started to blush a little but since it was dark you couldn't see it to well. "You're that singer can we come to your concert for free if Garron helps you?" Tammy asked shocked. "Sure" Yejide said "Tammy I don't think a screaming group of elves would be the best thing for Timeus." Garron said "I want to go I feel fine" Timeus said waking up. "Ok you can go" Garron said giving up "Yes!!" Tammy and Carine jumped in the air. "Come on Yejide you don't want to be late." Carine said pulling her. "You guys can come back stage it won't be so loud."

that was the logest chapter i ever worte. Garron and Yejide as a couple will come really quickly. Garron already likes her and Yejide starts to like him next chapter. Carine and Timeus realtion won't really too coupleish but they will eventulally not to soon because they are 10 and 7 years old.
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