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AU, Post OotP, No HBP, Harry knows he must take on Voldemort and finds unexpected allies.

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Goblin Conspiracy
By Loralee
Disclaimer: I don't own them and I'm making no money

The Order

It had been a very long day for Albus Dumbledore and now it appeared it would be an equally long evening. The Order of the Phoenix was meeting at Hogwarts in the Headmaster's office for the first time in over a year. Albus felt that Grimmauld place might not be secure any longer with Sirius' death.

"Please, if everyone could quiet down so that we may get started?" said the aged Headmaster.

"Where's Snape? Shouldn't he be here?" Remus Lupin questioned.

Albus sighed and shook his head; "Alas, Severus is not available at this time. Arthur could you tell us about what happened at the Ministry yesterday evening?"

Arthur Weasley rose from his seat and cleared his voice, "During a late meeting of Department Heads and Minister Fudge last evening, two Department Heads, Edgecombe and Bains, as well as Fudge and his primary Auror body guard screamed, grabbed their left arms and collapsed. We of course, summoned aid and discovered all four were marked Death Eaters."

Albus nodded and turned to Kingsley Shacklebolt, "Kingsley?"

Arthur sat down, Kingsley spoke from his seat; "We arrested twelve Death Eaters last evening including Fudge. Amelia sent men to check on the Death Eaters in Azkaban, every one of them was unconscious."

"That's why Snape's not here, isn't it? Whatever Voldemort did it got him too?" Remus asked.

Dumbledore sighed and nodded his head, "Yes, I found Severus collapsed in his lab. Poppy says he is magically exhausted. Whatever ritual Voldemort did caused him to drain his servants."

There were mutters from around the table.

"What about Harry? His scar?" Molly questioned.

"I sent Alastor to Privet Drive as soon I realized what had happened and that it had possibly affected Harry." Dumbledore said.

"Potter wasn't there. No one saw him leave. Not sure when he left, reports are he hadn't been out of the house since he got home. Talked to Dursley. That fat muggle said they'd signed papers and the boy had left."

Order members began shouting. Moody banged on the table and they quieted.

"I asked Bill to ask around Gringotts and keep an eye out. Potter had a lawyer pay a call on Dursley. Smart move there, I've got people I trust looking for Potter. We'll find him."

Dumbledore turned to Bill, who flushed slightly and rubbed at the back of his neck.

"I can't tell you anything about Harry's accounts. After I spoke with Moody I slipped down to the cart drivers break room and asked if any one had seen Harry Potter. The shift supervisor told me they hadn't seen him. I was reminded by my boss, later in the day, that I took oaths to insure the privacy of Gringotts and their customers and that my inquiry came very close to breaking that oath." He shook his head. "I'm very lucky that I wasn't sacked. I've had a warning now and I certainly won't be looking into Harry's or anyone else's banking business. If you want my resignation from the Order you can have it."

"I'm sure that won't be necessary Bill." Dumbledore assured him. "But we must find Harry as soon as possible. Minerva did you find anything?"

"No, Albus I checked St Mungo's and the various muggle hospitals as well. If he were incapacitated like the Death Eaters, he's somewhere alone."

"I'm hoping that Severus will be able to tell us what happened when he wakes, Molly please ask your two youngest to tell you if they hear from Harry. If he comes to your shop, Fred George, please keep him there and floo me immediately. The rest of you please be on the look out for Harry. We shall meet here again in two days. Thank you for coming." With that he dismissed the Order.

The Ministry

"Well gentlemen you wanted this meeting I suggest we get started." stated Amelia Bones, in a no nonsense tone of voice.

Amos Diggory nodded and took a file from the cloaked Unspeakable beside him. "Here is the file we've been working on, Amelia. It details what we know about Fudge and his actions the last several years."

Amelia opened the file and flipped through several pages. "Why didn't you bring this to me before now Amos?" she asked, paling slightly.

"It wasn't enough, you can see that. Knowing he is a Death Eater changes things. Dumbledore wouldn't consider bringing him down, the old fool was afraid 'it would destabilize the Ministry'."

Amelia peered over her glasses at him, "I rather thought you were a supporter of Dumbledore, Amos?"

"My son is dead because of him!" Diggory replied heatedly.

"We don't need to go into that now, Amos," said the cloaked unspeakable. "It's more important where we go from here. I have more news, as well."

"I would like to know why you've decided to include me now?" questioned Amelia.

"My associates believe you will have the best chance at becoming Minister, Director Bones. We believe that should you not be Minister you will still need aid to bring the DMLE to the place it needs to be if we are to stand a chance against Voldemort and his followers."

Amos Diggory nodded his head, "You can stand up to Dumbledore and his manipulations and you want to see the Death Eaters punished but you won't just chuck innocents into Azkaban like some others would."

"I see, very well, however I will not be a puppet for you or your associates either Mr. ?"

The cloaked man chuckled, "Smith, will do, Director. I have several pieces of information for you. My organization has a man inside Dumbledore's Order. I believe several of your Aurors are members, as well, but I an unsure if they are reporting back to you. Our man tells us that Harry Potter has left the dubious safety of his relatives home for parts unknown to the consternation of Dumbledore."

"He's slipped the leash at last, you mean?" said Diggory, grinning.

"What do you mean 'dubious safety'?" Amelia asked.

"Well our man believes that Dumbledore's safe haven may not be safe from Potter's Family. Our Boy Who Lived may just be the Boy Who Was Abused."

"Abused? Surely Dumbledore would remove him if he was..." she trailed off.

"You are well aware that Dumbledore has a blind spot, he thinks the best of every one," stated the Unspeakable.

She nodded her agreement, reluctantly.

"We have made a thorough investigation of the incident in our Department. I was able to view the memory of one of the children involved. It was a prophecy that Potter's vision sent him to retrieve. It was clearly labeled on the shelf 'SPT to APWBD Dark Lord and (?) Harry Potter'. I'm sure we all know who APWBD is. Dumbledore has known whatever was in the prophecy all along."

"Where is the prophecy now?" Amelia asked.

"Smashed that night. We are sure that Voldemort did not get it but from what my man inside the Order says it is very possible that Dumbledore has told Potter the contents, though why he didn't tell him before that debacle is anyone's guess.

Amelia and Diggory both sighed

"On another matter, we had a report of the Wards around Gringotts flaring. At the same instant that the Death Eaters here in the Ministry collapsed." The Unspeakable stated flatly. "We are hoping that this means that the power drain that took out the Death Eaters was Voldemort trying to breached Gringotts wards for some reason and not a sign that they have come to some sort of alliance. I've put out inquiries into the matter."

"Well, hopefully we will get more answers when Fudge and the rest wake up."

Voldemort's Lair

Voldemort rolled to one side and vomited. This was Potter's fault, he didn't know what the brat had done but he would make him pay for the pain. Voldemort struggled to his hands and knees and hauled himself into the chair he'd fallen from. He head screamed in pain, muscles cramping, his core felt burnt, he realized he would not be doing magic for sometime. He glanced around the room. Pettigrew and Bella were both still out cold. He knew it would be some time before they would awaken; he had drawn to much power from his servants. He hoped he hadn't actually killed any of them. They were already too hard to replace. He would be weeks recovering from the massive power flows. Potter would pay. He would pay in pain and screams and blood and death.
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