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Unframiliar Places

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Decisions are made about taking Roku's meassage to heart and heading out to this mysterious island....

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Author's Note: Hiya all, this is my second chapter to this story and it will answer a few unanswered questions from the first wich was also incredibly short but I will be making the rest longer thank you and reviews would be nice. -Author

Queen Rutela was shocked and mildly surprised buy Avatar Roku's announcement so she decided to do what he said and take Prince Ralis to the unmarked Island she had Waterbended into an icy map she had created.

The Queen entered the palace and then hurried into the throne room where Ralis was practicing his Waterbending, she grabbed him and placed him comfortably in her arms and then she informed her husband King/Master Pakuu of where she was going.

But my dear it was the previous avatar himself who advised this and he wanted me and Ralis to attend this.... well I don't know exactly what it is but he said it was important and- he cut her off

I said no and that's final.... and besides Rutela what if this is a trap or I don't know what to think of it but it could be dangerous and I wouldn't want anything to happen to you or the baby you know that

I do and that's why I must go Pakuu this could be good for Ralis and his future.... Don't you see?

I do see and I know when you mind is made up but I don't want to worry the people so leave after nightfall

Thank you my love and I will be getting there hastily because I am taking Zeryu, they shared a passionate kiss and she was off to gather supplies...

My Prince, My baby boy Ralis we shall see what Avatar Roku wanted wont we, Ah you see Zeryu don't you yes you love him well we will be taking a very long journey with him so I've brought all your favorite things with me for the journey... they climbed onto Zeryu's saddle and then he sped off into the night and just before he submerged Rutela put up a giant water bubble over the saddle and they disappeared into the deep...

(Author here: Ok I bet your wondering what the heck Zeryu is right? (Zer-Rye-U) Its simple, ok if you're an avid watcher of the show then you know that Earth, Air and Fire all have some type of animal right, Earth-Badger, Air-Flying Bison and Fire-Dragon well I've never seen any water animal so Zeryu and many others like him in the water tribes are a special kind of creature they are like sea snakes with flippers and like the Air monks every able bending member of each tribe will get one as a companion, Also each person who received Roku's massage will use there nations animal to get to the location described.)

This is amazing I.... I don't believe this, what could this possibly mean? Well I know that me and Aang will definitely be there to find out it could help his avatar duty in the future. But how was he to get by the other monks who did not favor his being the guardian of the new avatar?

He decided he would take his bison, she was getting old but she could make the journey it was not very far from the southern air temple in fact. Her name was Estel (Es-Tell) and she was the first friend he ever made just like Aang would be with his new friend wich would take place shortly but after this mystery was over.

Gyatso... Gyatso are you there? Oh confound it he's run off with the avatar again that relationship they have is much, much to strong and it must be stopped.

All right Ole girl you need to take the little one here and me on a little trip can you do that? Estel responded will a lick of her giant tongue wich meant that was a yes after all she hadn't been out flying in a while as it was.

They where in the middle of packing when the chief elder pushed his way into the room and started questioning Gyatso about where he was planning on taking the young avatar

(Think quick Gyatso and maybe we'll get out of this) Ah chief elder you caught me I was planning on taking the young avatar here to the western air temple because my affection for him is getting in the way of training and I think it would be best..

Oh well umm I am sorry to here that Gyatso we thought you where doing so well with him to but if you must then you must right...well then off you go

Later in the saddle on the back of Estel- Ha like I didn't know that's what they've always wanted well it looks like I've outsmarted them haven't I young one, then they couldn't be seen anymore as they disappeared into the clouds...

Queen Tulma bended up a fancy earth chair to collapse into after the intriguing message from the was strange that something like this would even occur especially now she didn't know what to think or do should she go or forget all about it?

She needed to consult someone so she quickly used the chair like a mini tramcar and bended her way through the castle until she reached the courtyard where her husband was sparing with some Earthbending kids from around the upper ring.

Oh hello kids your trainer needs to take a brake for a moment to talk to his wife so please enjoy the castle...she ushered them towards the door and they scampered off

What is it dear you look flustered and tired why don't you go lye down for a while?

No, I'm fine I do not need a rest please you must listen to me, just now I saw.... I saw Roku the previous Avatar and he told me to take Togh to this island she pulled out a map sketched with Earthbending into a slap of rock and he said it was good news and it was very urgent... she was out of breath

Well did he say any more, I mean about what this message or whatever it was could possibly be?

No... he just said that I should take Togh with me and head to this island, I don't know what to do honestly it seems oddly convenient that just after Togh is born this happens what do you think?

Well I think that this all happened for a reason and don't you want Togh to grow up a great Earthbending master?

Yes... oh yes it all fits thank you honey I will leave after I gather some supplies and then I will head to this place and return with the news of the Avatar, but now I must go prepare Roxanne for the trip then she was gone off to get Togh but not before she gave her husband a romantic kiss and said I love you...

She picked her up with the ut-most care and then dashed out into the royal pen where Roxanne was napping in the corner and also a sack of food and toys had already been prepared, she hoped onto Roxanne her companion Badger and made a small rock tent on her saddle and then they disappear into the earth...

Yes.... Yes this is just what I've been waiting for this could be it this could finally be the one thing that jump start my plans for this war that will destroy the Water Tribes, The Earth Kingdom and the Air Nomads who are all pathetic and weak compared to the superior element Fire!

The door burst open into the chamber of statues it was his wife the most beautiful women to him for her looks but she did not share his thoughts for war so he didn't really keep her in to high of regard

What is this I hear about Avatar Roku's massage and you leaving to some uncharted island with Zuko I will not have it I-

Zuko.... Ahaa ha ha ha foolish women the Avatar spoke of me brining only Azula the better of the two clearly who ever told you it was Zuko?

Oh Azula Hugh... well by all means take her if you wish it is of no worry on my mind what happens to that disrespectful child I love her but she is much to much like you Ozai

In any case I am leaving immediately, if you would be so kind would you go and get Azula and bring her to Fearis's (Fear-Is) Chamber we will take flight as soon and I have a word with lieutenant Jough and also have the servant girl prepare Azula's favorite toys and some good food for the journey!

As you wish my Lord she replied icily then she walked out the door with a reproachful look in her eye then she made him a wonderful meal for the journey just because she knew he would need it and she hated him to get angry then she packed up some of Azula's toys and put them in Fearis's chamber on his saddle.

You wanted to see me Lord Ozai?

Yes just the person I wanted to speak with, now Jough (Jow) my lovely daughter Azula and I will be leaving for a... well I period of time and that means that you are not to do anything with ought my consent but if all is to happen well at.... Where we are going then when we get back I want you to start preparing our soldiers for battle because when Azula is good and trained the war will begin!

Lord Ozai had his best out fit on and he climbed up onto Fearis's Saddle with Azula then Fearis shot a jet of smoking blue flame and they took flight and soon they where but a speck of black in the distant clouds....
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