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The chaters combined

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Okay these next few chapters are rather short so now I'm making them into a larger chapter! So in this chapter you shall find.... S-T-U-D-Y-I-N-G and movie

Number 3!!! All in one day, yea me!

Odie opened his door to be staring at Atlanta.
" Ah hey Odie I just wanted to tell you that I wont be studying with you today."
" Well why not?" Odie asked a puzzled look on his face.
" Well you see Archie volunteered to and I said yes."
" Oh I get it ." Odie's once puzzled expression was now replaced with a wide grin.
"What's so funny?" Atlanta demanded.
" Oh nothing I'll leave you to alone to 'study.'" Said Odie as he shut his door. Atlanta now was the confused one. Suddenly a low voice caught her ear. Archie and Atlanta sitting in a tree
S-T-U-D-D-I-N-G. First comes algebra then comes marriage then comes the baby carriage. Atlanta stood outside his door in shock. She felt her cheeks reddening by the second. She ran down the hall to her room before anyone could see her.
"How could he say that were just studding!"
Her once flustered face was now shier anger.

Cronus and his giant Agnon were gazing into his seeing pool. He was spying on the conversation Atlanta was having with her teacher.
" Atlanta if you don't pass this test you're parents are enrolling you in military school back home."
" Ah ha that's how I can destroy those children of Hera." Cronus snickered evilly. Cronus snapped his finger indicating for his giant to follow him.

"Archie!" Atlanta cried happily.
I didn't think you would come and then I'd be sent to military school and then Cronus would win and take over the world." She jumped up as Archie entered the room.
" Atlanta, Don't worry the last thing I would do is forget about our study date." Archie said.
Archie pulled out his books and the two studied together. But Atlanta could not focus on her books she kept thinking about what Odie said to her . MABEY I DO like him. But does he like me back? Atlanta's bedside clock read 11:45. It was late and the two were dosing of to sleep.
Archie was having the most wonderful dream about him and the descendent sleeping beside him . They were at the movie theatres on what looked like a DATE!! Him and Atlanta were moving closer when suddenly a loud ring awoken Archie. He looked over at Atlanta only to find her... That's when Archie woke up, only to find himself on the floor and Atlanta on the chair beside him. Text books fell off of his lap and onto the floor only to have the page it was opened to, get lost among the many others. Archie looked around to see what that awful noise was, sure enough it was the soccer ball shaped alarm clock resting on a table that was blaring the annoying rock music.

Chapter number 3, wow lost of spelling mistakes so sorry you had to read that garbage. Anyway it may not be a complete makeover but it's getting there.

Yea number 4, wow I'm getting tired man. ( And girls)

Theresa and Jay had gone over to the school for something, Odie and Neil were going shopping. Odie needed something for a project and Neil had his eye on a new green Ralph Lauren shirt. Herry was going over to help his Granny with some painting. So that left Archie and Atlanta, nether of them had any plans for their Saturday.

Atlanta walked into the common room to find the two boys playing video games on the floor. Sadly the cord didn't reach the couch so they had to sit on the floor. Atlanta took a seat in the beanbag chair beside the couch. Herry had yet to go and was viciously attacking Archie's character.
" Sorry bud I need to vamoose." Herry said dropping the control to the floor.
" Later." They remaining friends said at once.
" Aw your so cute." He said with a wav as he left the dorm.

Archie and Atlanta were in Archie's room studying.
" Okay Lan what about X2 + 4=548, What is X?"
Atlanta thought hard for a moment
" Is it um oh ah, yes is it 272?" Archie looked down at his book "that is correct you win a gold fish." Archie chucked Atlanta a gold fish cracker.
" Hey Arch how about a break?" Atlanta asked.
" Okay I'm cool." Said Archie.

Cronus paced back and forth.
" Were is it?" He demanded.
" Ah boss it's here." Agnon said. Cronus walked over to the door. His loud boots hammering into the empty wooden floor. At the door stood a funny looking man holding out a wrapped box.
" Ah please sing here." The rather nerdy delivery boy held out a clipboard with a pen attached to it. Cronus looked the boy over and garbed the package and slammed the door in his face. He ripped the brown paper off. Lying in his hands was a book of ancient spells.

Atlanta and Archie were at the mall shopping for nothing in particular.
" How about these?" Archie asked holding up a pair of clown boxers.
" They defiantly say you . Said Atlanta said nodding her head.
" What about this?" Asked Atlanta holding up a T-shirt with a face on it?
" Oh yes it's so very sexy. Archie teased sacristy.
" Well if were not buying anything we should get back to the dorm." Atlanta pointed out. The two left the store and got on Archie's bike and rode home. It was about a 15-minute drive home and it was awkwardly silent. When they got back Jay, Theresa, Neil and Odie were there.
" So what happened to you're 'study date?'" Neil mocked.
" We weren't on a date." Archie exclaimed as if it would have been the worst thing in the world.
" Yeah and we did study." Atlanta added in.
"Were at?" Neil asked.
" Archie's room." Atlanta snapped back at him. There was a series of ohhs and awes.
"What?" They booth asked confused?
" Anyway you sick minded people want to go rent a movie" Archie asked?
" Sure " Everyone agreed.
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