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December 1

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Danny decides to up the ante in his quest to win Lindsay. Complete and utter Christmas Fluff!

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Chapter 1 - December 1, 2006

If there was one thing Lindsay Monroe loved it was the month of December. More specifically, the season of Christmas. It was common for her to be heard humming the carols during the season and she found herself just as happy when December 1st rolled around in New York City.

It wouldn't be her first Christmas away from home, nor would it be her first Christmas in the Big Apple. However, her familiarity around the lab didn't stop people from looking oddly at her as she all but skipped down the hall. She'd heard her first carol of December that morning and she'd been happy ever since.

"Someone's happy," Stella Bonasera commented as Lindsay entered the break room.

The younger detective shot Stella a grin. "I love December."

"That's a Christmas carol you're humming?"

"I heard my first one this morning. I'm a little excited about it."

Stella chuckled, stepping away from the counter where the coffee maker was situated to allow Lindsay to make a cup. "First one?"

"Usually I'm half way through November listening to carols. I still haven't gotten a chance to actually get myself a new CD though."

"A Christmas CD?"

"I left most of that type of stuff back in Montana. I worked through Christmas last year and didn't get myself a new one."

Stella shook her head. "That's so wrong."

Lindsay laughed. "Yeah, I know."

"Are you working again this year?"

"Shifts haven't come out for the season. I have no where to be at the moments. It'll probably be nice to work those days."

"You have to be kidding me! It's your second Christmas in New York, you have to do something."

"Stel, it really doesn't matter. There are people who have family to go visit and be with. The least I can do is make sure they don't have to work."

"This Christmas, Lindsay, is going to be different."

Danny liked to think he was an intuitive CSI. He knew that his Montana had spent Christmas of the previous year in the lab, working. He also noticed the distinct lack of Christmas spirit in her.

Until that morning.

She'd entered their office ten minutes after he'd arrived and it took him a few moments to identify the song she was humming. Christmas carols.

It made him feel better about the CD he had packed in his locker. He'd put it together half way through November after a night out with Flack. In his drunken ramblings, Flack had thrown out the fact that Lindsay adored Christmas, something he'd heard from... Danny couldn't remember.

The CD had all of his family's favourites on it. Most of them were classics from the church services he attended over the years.

He just hoped she liked them as much as he did.

Lindsay stepped into her office at the end of her shift, her eyes burning. She'd been looking at computer screens and microscopes all day. She rubbed them tiredly, hoping from the bottom of her heart she'd be able to sleep the entire night without being called in.

The beautifully wrapped gift came as a surprise.

She debated with herself for all of two minutes before she sat at her desk and carefully unwrapping the paper. She smiled as the gift came into view.

Christmas Favourites

It was an uncreative title for such a CD, but she realized the connotation. Flipping over the case, she quickly read the titles and her smile grew. She took off down the hall, poking her head into Stella's office.

"Hey Stel, thanks for the CD."

Stella looked up from her computer screen, her eyebrows knitting in confusion. "What CD?"

Lindsay held up the object. "You didn't leave this wrapped on my desk?"

Stella shook her head. "Not me, sorry."

It was Lindsay's turn to knit her eyebrows. "Then who did? You're the only person I've told that I don't have any Christmas CDs."

"I'd say you've got either a stalker or a secret admirer."

Lindsay laughed at Stella's conclusion. "Thanks for the vote of confidence, Stel. I'm out, see you tomorrow."

"Night Lindsay.

Lindsay sat on her couch later that night, her new CD playing in the background as she sipped at a glass of white wine and read a book she'd been reading in her off hours. However, her mind was far from the book. Instead, it was on the music floating from her speakers.

Who had heard her conversation with Stella? She hadn't noticed anyone in the room with them at the time and she was disgustingly early, as per usual. From what the grapevine said, Stella had been in hours earlier on a case, but most of the others hadn't made it in yet, She didn't remember seeing anyone while she was talking to Stella either.

She put aside the book, shrugging off the pretence of reading it. Instead she focused all of her mental capacities on figuring out who had given her the CD. It was a thoughtful present, a CD that was created from a number of different ones and not just a store bought compilation. The cover had been created on a computer with icons and pictures.

That left very few people who would present her with such a thoughtful gift. Stella had said she hadn't given it to her, and from the surprise on her face, Lindsay believed her completely. She shrugged off Mac Taylor because though he was thoughtful and quiet, he wouldn't be one to give a gift that personal to one of his subordinates.

/Except maybe Stella, /she thought to herself.

Sid spoke about Christmas constantly, ever since he'd found out about her obsession with it and though she enjoyed his support in her happiness, he spent all of his time in the morgue and virtually none of it in the lab. Dropping her head back against the couch, she groaned. That left three people. The lab rat, Adam. He was a lab rat through and through and didn't venture out of his kingdom unless he was returning lab results to a CSI. Sheldon Hawkes was sweet and caring, quiet and careful. He could have overheard her conversation with Stella.

Her heart jumped as she thought about the last member who could have placed the CD on her desk. Danny Messer had access, yes, but he wasn't as quiet or careful as most of her other colleagues. He would have had to be in the room, or Stella would have had to tell him about it. Sure, their teasing and flirting had increased with their conversation in the hallway following the Nettles case, contrary to what she'd thought.

She figured he'd back off completely. Instead, it seemed turning him down had increased his determination. Sure, he hadn't been overt about it, but they'd never been. She found herself much more comfortable around him with the increase instead of the awkwardness she was anticipating.

With a sigh, she stood and made her way to her bathroom, keen on a shower. This puzzle would have to be left to solve another day.
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