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The war with Orochimaru was inevitable. Now it's come. But Sasuke is fighting with Orochimaru. Will everyone survive? Will Konoha succeed in beating the Sound Village? And most of all, can Sasuke r...

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Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any of the others....If I did, Naruto would never say Believe It.

It had been coming, all of them knew it.
After Sasuke had left they had had 4 years to prepare.
Now their time was up and they had prepared the best they could.
The inevitable battle was about to begin. Orochimaru stood on a giant snake on one side. Kabuto was beside him.
Next to the snake stood another, slightly smaller snake, the creatures were easily over 200 feet long.
Around the creatures were Sound ninja, an army.
On the other side of the battlefield, nearest the town; stood the Konoha army.
In front were all of the ANBU, making a line.
Behind them were more Jounin and other fighting forces.
Last were 2 great creatures. One was a giant slug with 2 females standing on it.
One had long blond hair; Tsunade.
The other had short pink hair and rage in her eyes, Sakura.
The other creature was a toad with two males on its head.
One had long white hair; Jiraiya.
The other had long blond hair in a ponytail and bright blue eyes; Naruto.
Naruto and Sakura were both in ANBU uniforms.
Naruto's mask was a grinning fox while Sakura's was a smirking cat.
Suddenly, the tension erupted into a chaos of battle.
The giant animals crashed towards each other on the battlefield.
Naruto and Sakura looked at each other and nodded silently, then they dismounted the animals and helped fight people on foot.
Sakura's Genjutsu in align with Naruto's Shadow clones made quick work of their enemies.
Soon both of them were out of breath, but they were also standing amid the dozens of bodies they had created.
Naruto walked over to Sakura and entwined his hand with hers. He took his mask off and took hers off as well.
Then Naruto leaned in and placed his mouth on his teammate's.
Sakura gave a small smile and wrapped her arms around his shoulders, deepening the kiss.
When they broke apart there was sorrow in Naruto's eyes.
"I have to go after him," he told his love softly.
"I know," Sakura replied slowly.
The two 17 year olds gazed on for a moment.
Naruto gave Sakura one more hug then turned and headed for where Sasuke was.
Sakura watched him go with tears in her eyes, knowing that his receding form may well be the last time she saw him. The pink haired girl wiped her streaming eyes on her glove, then turned to rejoin the fighting.
Naruto dashed through the fighting, trying not to encounter anyone it may take awhile to fight.
His heart clenched as he saw the giant snake that had Sasuke standing atop its back.
Naruto stopped, he gathered himself, then he jumped. He landed softly a few feet behind Sasuke.
The black haired boy turned and smirked, watching Naruto lazily.
"Well, Naruto. I thought you'd find me sooner than this," Sasuke drawled.
Naruto gave a tight smile, "I was kissing my girlfriend goodbye," shot back Naruto.
"Oh yeah? And what girl in this lowly village would spend time with YOU?" hissed Sasuke.
Naruto's smirk deepened, "oh, you may know her. Pink hair, green eyes, goes by the name of Sakura?"
Sasuke snarled, "Sakura loves me!"
"Not anymore!" mocked Naruto.
Sasuke's eyes turned to the Sharingan. He unsheathed his sword and lunged for Naruto.
Naruto danced around the blade, it never touched him. "You'll have to do better than that, Dobe!" he said in a singsong voice.
Sasuke turned and stabbed Naruto through the stomach.
A piece of wood appeared where Naruto was. The real Naruto came in with a hard kick to Sasuke's spine.
Sasuke hissed in pain and turned, doing a jutsu. "Phoenix Flower Jutsu!" he spat.
Flames erupted from his mouth, homing in on Naruto.
Naruto shielded his face with his hands but was still burned.
Sasuke lunged toward him again, this time knocking him to the back of the giant snake.
Naruto glared up at Sasuke as the black haired boy pulled out a kunai.
"I'm not sorry about this Naruto," Sasuke hissed.
Naruto gave a lopsided grin, "and neither is she," he said cheerfully.
Before Sasuke could demand what Naruto meant, a new weight crashed into his back, knocking the wind from him and sending Sasuke to his knees below Naruto.
Sakura held a kunai to Sasuke's throat.
"Sakura why'd you come here?" asked Naruto, getting to his feet.
Sakura glared at Sasuke, "I had a feeling you may need me," she panted.
There was a gash on her thigh and a cut on her arm.
Sasuke smirked, "well, hullo Sakura-Chan," he said in a velvety voice.
Sakura jammed the kunai tight to his neck, drawing blood, "don't ever call me that you bastard," she spat.
Sasuke laughed, suddenly he transformed, growing wings. His skin turned a gray color and all but the pupils of his eyes turned black.
He turned suddenly, slamming his sword into Sakura's abdomen.
The pink haired girl let out a gasp and fell back.
Naruto watched his girlfriend fall with horror.
His form trembled. "How...could you....she loved you....SHE STILL LOVED YOU!" Screamed Naruto.
Jiraiya and Tsunade had seen Sakura fall from a distance
"Oh no," gasped Tsunade, a hand over her mouth.
"Naruto's about to lose control," commented Jiraiya quietly.
"I won't let my apprentice die," spat Tsunade.
She jumped off of the slug and over to the snake, grabbing her apprentice without being noticed by the 2 boys.
Tsunade rushed to the makeshift hospital.
Naruto and Sasuke were facing off. Naruto now was in his fox form, red chakra tails and ears erupting from his body.
Sasuke was in the air, looking down at Naruto. He suddenly tucked his wings and shot downward, trying to rip his claws through Naruto.
Naruto had claws ant fangs as well. He caught Sasuke's hand, slamming him into the ground.
Sasuke got up; he pulled out a kunai and threw it at Naruto.
The hit connected and blood dripped from Naruto's shoulder.
They fought for awhile. Naruto landing a few hits and Sasuke landing his fair share.
Suddenly Sasuke saw an opening and went for it, stabbing a kunai into Naruto's chest; right below his heart.
The blond gave a choking sound and fell back.
Sasuke smirked, so he'd finally done it.
Without warning Naruto's body healed itself.
Sasuke wasn't too surprised, but what came next shocked the living hell out of him.
Naruto's body changed. Red fur covered his entire body, his fangs grew longer and his claws grew as well. Naruto's features elongated. His body was enveloped in red chakra.
Naruto was gone, and on the ground next to the snake stood the Nine Tailed Fox. It was fully as big as the other animals and it's tails waved madly.
The fox let out an earsplitting scream.
Everyone on the battlefield turned to gape at it.
Jiraiya stared in utter amazement, "oh dear lord, we're doomed," he murmured.
The fox took a menacing step forward, and the snake hissed, turning it's massive head.
The two creatures suddenly attacked each other, but it was clear who the winner was.
Soon the snake lay dead, Sasuke had just leaped from its back.
The great fox turned to the fighters. Where sound outnumbered Leaf the fox took care of it and evened the numbers.
Sasuke dashed to Orochimaru, getting on his snake, "Orochimaru Sama, we must retreat!" he panted.
Orochimaru narrowed his eyes, took one look at the fox approaching him and nodded once.
"For now," he said in his oily voice.
All of the Sound ninja took the signal from Kabuto and dashed into the woods.
Orochimaru, Kabuto, and Sasuke followed.
The Konoha ninjas cheered. A few of them were still star struck.
They carried the wounded to the hospital and let Jiraiya and a few of Naruto's close friends to deal with the fox.
The great toad vanished and Jiraiya landed on the ground in front of the fox.
"Nine tailed Fox! Is Naruto still alive?" he asked loudly.
The fox stopped and stared at the people in front of him. "Naruto feels like everything in the world has no more meaning. He mourns the loss of the girl," answered the Kyuubi.
Hinata took off her mask, gazing at the animal, "N-Naruto kun has us," she said in a surprisingly loud voice.
Kiba took off his mask as well, "we're his friends and he HAS to come back!" he yelled.
The fox gazed at them all, then it gave another screech, "All right," it said shortly.
The fox disappeared and red chakra enveloped a small figure.
The chakra let Naruto come to rest gently on the ground in front of the small group.
Jiraiya picked up the boy.
Naruto was unconscious and his wounds were still bleeding from his earlier fights. The boy was quite warm.
Jiraiya turned and carried Naruto to the hospital.
What?....what happened. What's that noise. Am I dead? Naruto sat up slowly and the covers slid down his exposed chest.
Naruto realized he was in the hospital. He had an IV in his hand but was otherwise all right.
This still didn't explain the beeping, however.
Naruto moved his stiff neck, he looked at the bed beside him to see that it contained...Sakura-chan.
Naruto's heart clenched as he looked at her.
The beautiful pink haired girl was in bad shape.
She had a tube down her throat, needles in her arms giving her medicines and machines monitoring her.
An oxygen mask covered Sakura's beautiful face.
Tears came to Naruto's eyes as he saw her.
Suddenly Tsunade came around the curtain, "I see you're awake," she said to Naruto.
"Tell me...wi...will Sakura chan live?" he asked shakily.
Tsunade looked at him gently, "Naruto....I don't know.." she told him sadly.
Tears fell down Naruto's cheeks. He pulled the IV from his hand and got up and went over to the bed with Sakura in it. He sat down on the foot of the bed next to her. Then he laid back beside Sakura, laying quietly and making sure not to dislodge any of the machines she was connected to.
Tsunade didn't say a word. She only took care of Naruto's discarded IV, checked Sakura's stats and left.
Jiraiya was waiting for her in the hallway, "will she survive?" he asked quietly.
Tears welled in Tsunade's eyes, "it would take nothing short of a miracle," she replied sadly.
Jiraiya nodded once and went down the hall, deciding to leave Naruto alone.
Naruto had fallen asleep with Sakura.
An erratic beeping awoke him and he jumped up.
Sakura's heart monitor had gone dead and it was beeping a warning.
Tsunade ran in, followed by Jiraiya and a few nurses.
They tried to restart Sakura's heart for minutes that ticked by like hours.
But after a bit, Tsunade's hands fell to her sides, "I'm so sorry Naruto...she's gone," muttered Tsunade.
Naruto's eyes and heart burned, "NO! Bring her back! You're supposed to be the best!" he yelled.
Jiraiya put an arm around Naruto's shoulder, "Naruto...Sakura had been stabbed with a poison tipped weapon before she went to your side...she knew somehow you needed her and she knew if she didn't go to the hospital then she'd die. Sakura used a jutsu to prolong her death so she could save you..." he explained.
Tears fell from Naruto's eyes as he stared at Sakura.
A nurse dated the time of death while Tsunade stared at the wall, looking mortified and sad. Jiraiya put a hand on Naruto's shoulder comfortingly and started to sat something, but Naruto shrugged him off and walked out of the hospital, tears still running down his lowered face.
A few days later he stood at Sakura's funeral, staring blankly in front of him.
His friends who had known how close he and Sakura had been stood around him, offering their condolences.
Naruto couldn't hear them, his ears were roaring and his mind was fixed on one thing. He would go and take revenge on Sasuke. His rival...his best friend...and now his worst enemy. Then he would rejoin his beloved Sakura-chan.


BlackRaven: So did you like it? I gave it to a few of my friends and they liked it. I actually wrote this awhile ago, I just never put it on here, I know my other story really sucks, but on this one I really tried, and I really played around with the ending, but I figured out that this was really the best thing.

Sasuke: Stop rambling, they're going to think you're insane!
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