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The Trouble with Gateways

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What happens when the gate leads Edward Elric to another universe. And this one happens to be Harry Potter's!?!

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I don't own anything of Fullmetal Alchemist or Harry Potter. I just like playing with them and shoving them into situations we know we'd never see them in -and also I like seeing Ed and Winry play. ... you'll know what I mean later! It's all for fun and kicks so don't sue! I'm not rich! Really!

Ch. 3


The Trouble with Gateways


"Are you sure you want to go through with this?" Dumbledore whispered.

Edward sighed and nodded as he uncuffed his sleeves and began to pull his shirt off. "Yes. I'd rather die at least trying than live here in torture of never knowing. I need to get home, Gramps. It's either this or being alone. I can't stay and never know... or not letting them know..." He trailed off and sighed, beginning to paint the alchemic circles upon his arms, chest, forehead, and legs.

Dumbledore sighed and looked to his door once more before he stepped forward with his wand poised. "All right then. But before we begin, Edward -you have been a pleasure to know. I will miss you."

Edward smiled, "Awe, come on Gramps, you make it sound like you cared or something."

The old man smiled helplessly with a lift of his hand, "A slip of the tongue I suppose." He inhaled slowly, closing his eyes as he gathered his energy, "Now then."

Edward clapped his hands together and focused, calling forward the energy that this side of the gate provided free of charge, and knelt down, pressing his hands onto a lay line chalked into the floor of an empty class room.

Lights began to flow and rise from the circle, twisting and twirling about wildly, yet at the same time in a controlled and smooth movement.

Ed held his breath as he heard Dumbledore beginning to say the intricate archaic spell as his wand began to add the extra bit of magic the gate required to answer their call.

His heart pounded and he gasped in another breath before holding it once again. He licked his lips, his mind running with thoughts of Al, and Winry. His heart fluttered again as apprehension momentarily moved into his heart -but he gritted his teeth and growled, his eyes narrowing his hands pressing more firmly into the lay line. He was not going to be scared. Even if Al wasn't alive, and Winry had named him as dead long ago, at least he had tried to get back, and at least he would tell her he was alive.

The circle shifted and moved upwards more than the circular counter clockwise movement it had originally held.

The door opened suddenly and Harry Potter and the duo walked in, they paused and stared with wide eyes at the scene.

"What the..." Harry whispered.

"Bloody hell..." Ron hissed.

Edward closed his eyes, focusing on two certain faces that tugged his heartstrings all the harder to sacrifice everything to be with them again.

Dumbledore hesitated with his lines as he looked over to Harry but picked up the following word with a stumble and finished the last bit of his chant again. With one final swish of his wand, a mixture of light, lightening and power soared from the tip of his wand and right into Edward's chest.

With a scream of surprising pain, the young man's hands flew from the lay line and out to his sides as he knelt before the alchemic circle like an offering, his eyes staring up at the ceiling, wide and non-seeing.

The door, the gateway... it was open. He could see it. He reached for it, stepping closer, "Al... Winry..." He whispered, reaching for the side of the door to try and pull himself into it; all the while feeling hands grabbing at his limbs -and not caring.

The doorway flashed, pulling the hands from Ed's body. For a split second, hope rushed into his heart; a hope that he could walk through smoothly flashed through his mind and he smiled -but the lights changed within the doorway and it thrust outwards at him. It shoved a surprised and horrified Edward away suddenly and his spirit slammed back into his body, flinging his body across the room and into the pile of desks he and Dumbledore had pushed aside to make room for the alchemic circle.

"Dumbledore?" Harry asked shakily as Hermione shrieked and hugged Ron tightly, hiding her face against his neck.

Dumbledore ignored them and rushed to the young man, kneeling next to him and pulling him up, looking over his banged and bleeding head as well as the broken right arm and broken and bruised ribs.

"My boy... Edward! Wake up!" He shook him, then slapped his face.

Shaking a bit, Edward opened his eyes, staring up at Dumbledore. His golden eyes quivered and he stared for a moment more as realization sunk in and he pulled away, shaking his head vehemently. He scrambled to his feet, his broken arm pulled close to his chest. "No..."

"Professor?" Harry asked again -the trio looking like small, lost children instead of fifteen year olds.

"Damnit!" Ed screamed and turned and kicked a desk before throwing it to the side. He dropped to his knees and pounded the ground with his good hand, "Damnit!" He screamed again, a hint of tears threatening to fall from his eyes, "I was so close! I saw it! I saw the gate! But the bastard wouldn't let me through. Why? Why! I offered it everything I had!" He smashed his fist into the ground and pressed his forehead to the floor, shaking his head all the while in denial.

Hermione shook like a leaf against Ron's side. She gripped at his arms as he held her close, rubbing her back and watching the scene with a mixture of distaste, fear, and wonder.

"Edward... we need to get you to the hospital ward..."

"No! Again! Let's do it again! I saw the gateway, I'm not leaving this room 'till I get home!"

"Professor!" Harry shouted, finally catching the attention of the man hovering over Ed.

"Harry," Dumbledore turned, meaning to hush him but his chastisement died on his lips as he saw what the boy was pointing too. "...Edward?"

Ed paused -the tone of the man's voice was too hollow and nervous. Slowly, he straightened up and turned, looking over his shoulder.

His heart rose into his throat then plummeted with both selfish joy and then horror.


In the middle of the circle lay a body.

Edward scrambled on his hand and knees to the body, turning it over to stare at the young boy. He wasn't a twenty year old young man he was expecting to see upon Al's face -he was no more than twelve. But he was alive, he was breathing -and he was human.

"Alphonse..." Ed whispered, his hand shaking as he stared at his little brother's face. He took a moment to absorb all that he saw of the boy before he gently touched his shoulder again -then his hair, fingering the strands carefully.

Alphonse Elric was alive.

"Who's Alphonse?" Ron whispered to Harry; but the other boy shook his head, looking just as confused as his friend.

A slow, but sharp inhale alerted him to Al's awakening. He ignored the voices behind him as Harry questioned Dumbledore, Hermione and Ron remaining silent, but all four watching the scene before them.

"Alphonse?" Ed called quickly.

The boy's eyes scrunched up and his nose wrinkled then his deep, warm brown eyes fluttered open. He looked at the ceiling for a moment, but the face hovering just to the side caught his attention right away.

It was Al's turn to have his heart stop then shoved into his throat, "Big brother? Is that you?"

Ed smiled slowly and managed to restrain himself, his right arm still pressed to his chest, "Yeah, it's me."

Al stared for a moment longer then scrambled to his knees and threw himself at his brother. He gritted his teeth together and grasped onto Edward, but the sobs fell from the child's lips despite his determination to stop them. 'Boys aren't supposed to cry!' He screamed at himself, but those two lonely years piled onto his heart finally broke free and he clung to him, crying as only a child is allowed to cry as relief flooded him.

Edward hugged him tightly, even ignoring the pain his arm as he wrapped his brother in a hug that he had not been able to do since he was ten years old. Ed buried his nose into Al's shoulder and fought back his own tears. He was more successful than Al, but he couldn't hide the sheen to his eyes and he didn't try. "Al..." He whispered then gritted his teeth to keep the tears away once again.

"I've missed you so much, Brother!" Al cried, hiccupping harshly, his shoulders shaking and his nose beginning to run.

"I know Al, I've missed you too. I was so afraid you weren't alive. I thought I had failed and you were still... still gone..."

Al shook and cried harder, not carrying anymore if he looked like a baby to his big brother.

"Edward?" Dumbledore asked cautiously.

Ed turned his head slowly and gazed up at the man. The confusion clearly there in the old man's eyes.

"It backfired, Gramps. Instead of sending me there, it brought him here. I don't know what happened; but it did bring blood to blood."

"Sh-she grabbed onto me... she... she thought... the gate... w-was taking me.. a-again.. an.. and she grabbed me to keep me safe... sh.. she was trying to save me." Al managed to tell them. He sniffled and shuddered as he began to calm down, cradled under his brother's chin and on his lap.

Ed stiffened and looked down at Al, "Who?"

"Winry..." Al shivered and sniffled loudly.

Ed looked away, momentarily thinking of his former mechanic before he sighed, "I'm sorry... I didn't mean to bring you here." Edward whispered.

Al shook his head, "I just wanted to see you again, Brother! I don't care where I am. I just want to be with you!"

Ed smoothed back Al's hair, laughing softly as he took note of the braid it was in. "Were you trying to copy me?"

Al sniffled, "Winry said that's how you wore it."

It took a moment for him to digest the way those words were said. Then remembrance crawled back into his mind and he smiled sadly, "Oh yeah... I gave your memories away so you could live... yeah, I used to wear my hair like that; ever since I was twelve."

Al wiped his nose against Ed's shoulder. Ed scoffed and looked at him in disgust, managing to draw out a small smile from Al's red and puffy face.

"You're so big!" Al croaked out, studying his brother's face for the first time.

Edward grinned slowly -it was so nice to hear those words for a change! "I'm twenty-one, it was about time I grew." He explained.

Al stared at him, trying to grasp that and he nodded, looking slightly scared and unsure.

Wiping his shoulder free of snot, Ed pulled his brother in for another hug and he kissed his brow, "Oh Al, I'm so happy you're... you're you."

Inhaling with a shudder, Al nodded slowly.

"Edward, it might be best if we move this elsewhere." Dumbledore whispered.

Ed looked up at the Headmaster then over to the door where Ron and Hermione were standing. Hermione waved her hand nervously as she nodded to someone -probably Harry- farther down the hall. Ron ran over to Dumbledore, "Umbridge is coming." He shook in fear.

"Edward, hurry. If she sees this you will be kicked out for certain. There's a passage behind the tapestry there. It leads out to the third floor bathroom, I'm sure you can make it on your own from there."

With a nod, Edward struggled to his feet, Al standing as well. He grabbed his discarded shirt and vest before he reached out, taking Al's hand and he hurried for the tapestry with him. As soon as the fabric slipped closed at his back, Umbridge marched in with what appeared to be three Ministry soldiers.

"What is this?" she roared.

"It was my fault!" Hermione shouted, "I found an old book in the library with funny symbols in it and I asked Professor Dumbledore if he could explain them to me. None of the other teachers knew about it. The Headmaster was kind enough to indulge me."

Umbridge glared at the young woman before she turned her eyes back onto Dumbledore.

"What can I say, Madam, I feel learning and indulging the curiosity is a trait best nurtured. Though this symbol does have meaning, it's useless, nothing more than a theory in a book from centuries ago." He smiled that old, charming smile of his that even had Umbridge hesitate with her anger.

Ed watched through the crack in the tapestry. He nodded to Al and the two turned, hurrying down the winding, uphill tunnel till they burst out from behind a stand of armor.

The two panted, more from fear and adrenaline than anything else. They turned to look to one another and slow smiles crawled up their faces.

"Feels like old times." Ed commented as he waved for him to follow him as they hurried down the hall.

"Like running away from Sensei?" Al asked.

Ed hesitated then smiled, again having forgotten he had sacrificed Al's memories, "Yeah, or like that time that mom found out we were snitching cookies from all the bags she going to give to the neighbors as gifts for the Winter Dance."

Al giggled, a wistful but happy look on his face, "I remember that. She was so mad, I think that was the only time she threatened to spank us; and meant it."

They laughed, disappearing into another doorway and up a flight of spiraling stairs.

Ed opened the door to his room and motioned Al inside. He followed him in then quickly washed the symbols from his skin and pulled on a clean shirt as carefully as possible, trying to hide his wince of pain from his younger brother.

The boy stood close by in a shy, yet curious manner as he stared wide-eyed at the enormous bookcases pressed against one entire wall. He ran his fingers through his hair, glancing over his messy room, before he felt eyes upon him. He looked back to Al, who was staring at him with a nervousness that caused his fingers to tug at the sides of his pants.

Ed offered him a grin before he turned to sit down in his single comfy chair. He motioned to his little brother and Al was quick to crawl on next to him and lean into him, hugging Ed tightly. Al wasn't quite ready yet to pretend like he was grown up enough to not need hugs. Ed rubbed his back soothingly, letting his brother's head fall against the dip in his shoulder.

"I'm so tired." Al whispered, nuzzling into Ed's left side. "But I don't want to go to sleep. What if I wake up and you are gone?"

"I think I should be more afraid of that than you. I don't know what the gate did. But I'm glad to know you're alive and in a real body... I love you, Al. I know I didn't say it when we were little, but I just want you to know. You're my only little brother. I'd sacrifice everything again if I had too for you."

Al listened quietly and hugged him. "I missed you."

"I missed you too." Ed whispered, struggling to upend some books to pull the blanket out from under them. He finally succeeded and wrapped it about Al awkwardly. He had only one good arm at the moment, but he wasn't going to leave Al's sight for anything at the moment. Madam Pomfrey could heal his broken bones in no time; but unknown time spent with Al was precious.

"You should rest though. You can take the bed, I'll get another tomorrow."

Al shook his head quickly and gripped his brother's shirt more tightly.

Ed studied his brother's head and then smiled softly, "We'll sleep right here together all night, all right? That way you'll know if I get up."

Al nodded slowly, his eyes already drooping tiredly as he began to relax.

Ed grinned -it was just like when they were kids; Al would rather fight sleep and be the last to fall asleep than just to give in and rest when he needed it like Ed was more inclined to do. "Night Al."

"Ni... t... brother..." Al mumbled, finally dropping off to sleep.

He continued to rub his hand along Al's back soothingly. He had hoped to know if Al was alive; but to bring him here; and by accident? He wasn't sure if he was happy or ashamed of this mistake.

His left hand continued to run up and down his little brother's back, and the unnerving realization that Al really was much younger than he should be. Even if his body had gone back to being ten -the age he had been when he first lost it- he should have been going on fifteen at the youngest. But twelve?

Those questions would have to wait till later. Right now, sleep sounded good -even with the throbbing pain in his right arm and in his ribs.

"...sorry..." He whispered again before his own exhaustion finally caught up to him.

---------- ----------

The chaos in the Ministry of Magic's headquarters was wild yet orderly -in the sense people were screaming at each other till some form of organization was achieved.

Though it wasn't like their unexpected intruder -who had just appeared out of no where in a brilliantly loud flash of light and had dropped in the middle of the lobby- was going anywhere.

In fact, she wasn't moving either. She was crumpled in a heap upon their floor, unconscious and unarmed.

The wizards in the Ministry finally calmed themselves as the feared attacks never came. They formed a circle, pointing their wands at the body between them.

Mr. Weasley pushed through the crowd and knelt before the girl, his wand held tightly his hand, ready to swish or flick in a defensive spell. "Hold yourselves men! It's just a child!" He shouted.

Very carefully, Arthur rolled the young woman to her back to take a look at her face. A large gash was across her brow near her blonde hairline. Her face was pale; her lips were colorless as well, though she felt warm to his touch as he checked her pulse. He shifted closer and patted her cheek -and when there was no response he nodded.

"She's unconscious, boys, don't worry." He then lifted his wand and muttered something under his breath, and slowly moved his wand over her body, listening for something. When nothing alerted him, he nodded again and the Ministry men slowly relaxed. "And she's unarmed. Not even a wand on this girl."

The group nodded slightly and they began to disperse, though they remained on guard.

"Who is she, Sir?"

Mr. Weasley shrugged and shook his head, "I do not know. What I'm curious about is how this girl was able to bypass all our wards and charms and appear here."

"Sir, we really should move her to a holding cell."

"That's a good idea. But I'll be the one questioning her. I have a feeling she didn't appear of her own accord." Arthur muttered; his fatherly instincts having him quickly put his wand away and shifting the girl about and lifting her into his arms.

The men around him frowned, stiffening as their current superior was exposing himself to possible danger. But as no attack occurred -even after carrying her quickly to the stairs that led down where criminals or suspects were to stay in holding cells and nothing had yet arisen- the men began to lose their edge.

Arthur chose one of the more comfortable of the cells to hold the young woman in. He settled her on the bed and covered her with a blanket before he left the cell and the door was locked behind him and charmed.

He turned and stared at the sleeping girl through the magical barrier that allowed them to see in, but kept her from seeing them on her side.

"Sir, did you want a healer brought in?"

"Hmm? Oh yes please. We can't have even a prisoner in pain." He smiled warmly, though with a bit of a silly nerd side to it. He looked back to the young woman and frowned.

He would contact Dumbledore tonight. This sudden turn of events was rattling at best.

Though as the healer arrived and the woman quickly healed her up and smiled, nodding to the men that the gash was the only place she had been injured; Arthur hesitated with that thought only because it might be nothing. Maybe she was a student learning to aparate and somehow bypassed the wards and charms and landed there. For all he knew, they could be getting a call any moment now from a hysterical mother trying to find where the floo network had sent her child when she had said her destination wrong.

He would wait a day or two; and it would give him time to interview her.

---------- ----------

There we go; sounding better now? Heh. I liked writing this chapter for some reason... at least the part where Ed got thrown against the desks and banged up. We've seen him thrown into walls then smashed through them, shoved headfirst into boulders, go flying off buildings and not even a scratch; but me? He gets knocked into a couple of desks and winds up with a broken up and busted ribs, teehee ;) I love irony.

Oh and about their Teacher, Izumi. I'm using Sensei as their reference to her because one; they are in a school full of teachers so how do you differentiate between them all? And two, because having them say 'Teacher!' all the time is sort of annoying, and I figure ya'll know what Sensei means, and it is also a most respectful term as far as how the Japanese use it. So it fit better than having them say 'teacher' or calling her by her first name -and lets face it, that last one is just unnerving.

I hope ya'll enjoy it! (I know Chapter 2 sucked so I hope this made up for it)

I'll try and get chapter 4 presentable soon and post it up.

As always; reviews are motivational aids and questions always welcome! Thanks!
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