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A tale of weddings, betrayal, murder, and revenge. He never really liked the comparison of knots with marriage. It always made him picture someone tying a noose and hanging themselves. Marriage is ...

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It was a windy day as Scarlett exited the university. She had been studying law for the last five years and she was well on her way to becoming a lawyer. There was nothing like a heated debate on abortion to end her day. It was the perfect weather with partly-cloudy skies and a touch of sunlight emerging behind the curtain of clouds. It was warm with just a hint of a breeze. That scarce weather put a smile to her face. Today was definitely different, it was a great time to be alive.

A car honk startles her and she nearly drops her books. She looked across the street to find Bob signaling her to get in. She quickly stuffed her books into her backpack and hurried her way over to her cousin. She could see Shirley in the passenger seat and 10 year-old Zuri was in the back, silently going over her spelling words.

"Hey, hop in," Bob offered.

"Thanks, but I think I want to walk home today," Scarlett declined.

"You're walking nine blocks?" Bob asked skeptically.

"It's a nice day," Scarlett shrugged as she waved in front of Zuri's window.

"Oh it's because she's meeting Ray," Shirley teased.

"Oooh I see how it is," Bob played along.

"Yeah, that's one of the reasons," Scarlett said with a blush. "That and I wanted to give you two some alone time."

"I'm here, too!" Zuri exclaimed. "Don't they get enough alone time while I'm in school?!"

"Zuri!" Shirley scolded as her and Bob turned a shade of red.

"Nice," Scarlett winked at Zuri.

"Well, I'll see you later then, Scarlett," Bob waved her off as he started the car.

"Bye Bobby," Scarlett replied. "Bye Shirley, bye Zuri!"

When they finished their goodbyes, Scarlett continued walking the path home. She checked her watch to confirm that she was five minutes early. But as she entered the park, she saw that Ray was already sitting on the bench waiting for her arrival.

"Am I late?" Scarlett asked, tapping her watch as she sat down next to him.

"No, I'm a little early," Ray shrugged.

"How early?" Scarlett grinned.

"Like an hour early," Ray murmured, as he leaned over and silenced Scarlett's tease with his lips.

"Mmm...what were we talking about, again?" Scarlett giggled.

"Exactly," Ray laughed, showering her with more kisses.

"Down, Boy," Scarlett laughed, playfully pushing him back.

"Oh here," Ray handed her the bouquet she specifically asked for.

Scarlett checked it, making sure there were 13 roses; 12 white and 1 red.

"Thanks," Scarlett said, softly. "Ready to go?"

Ray nodded as he took her hand and walked out of the park with her.


Nothing looked more peaceful than a graveyard covered in sunshine. Cemeteries are always seen as a place of such evil and darkness. When it should be considered as a place of harmony and peace. What's so evil about the dead? They are only the tangible bodies that the souls left behind. The bodies that should be treated as a sacred reminder of the person who once lived within it. Not to be perceived as a monster or simply deteriorating flesh, but the abandoned sanctuary of a wonderful someone.

Scarlett knelt before the two graves, kissing the top of each headstone and tracing the golden letters carving their names. Ray knelt with her, paying respect to them even if they were never properly acquainted. Scarlett took her bouquet and split the 12 roses between the two graves that spelled out the names of the lost lovers. She was certain they had found each other on the other side.

Ray waited patiently as Scarlett sat between the two resting places in thought and prayer. Every month he would take her to visit them and she would meditate as she celebrated the ascension of their souls. She thanked God for keeping them safe and together as well as for taking care of herself while she waited for her turn to cross over. Once her ritual ended, she kissed the headstones once more and crossed herself while saying a final thank you to her Heavenly Father.

She gestured Ray to follow her as she carefully held the red rose with both of her hands. They didn't need to walk far to get to the tiny bridge that laid over the green lake. Today it was void of all birds and it stirred lightly from the whispers of the wind. Its green shade glowed in the sunlight glittering before their eyes.

Scarlett leaned toward the edge and tossed the rose toward the water. The red flower danced on the surface of the lake, surfing through the tiny waves until it settled itself. The sunlight-reflected sparks almost resembled tears rising from the depth of river. The crimson bloom resting in the middle like a blood stain on an emerald stone. Staining the innocence of the gem.

The End

Thank you all for sticking with me during this whole story. Thanks for giving me a chance and encouraging me with your wonderful thoughts. I created this story thinking I would completely isolate it from my true feelings, that I wouldn't create another personal story since the last one I created was stolen. It felt like someone stole a piece of my insides and wore it as if it were their own. Ironically, this story had become even more personal than last. It's filled with symbols that are invisible to the naked eye or symbols that may never be seen which I've pertained to my life. I sincerely hope you enjoyed this and that I've taken you away from your life for at least a second and invited you into my own world. This story is dedicated to all the artists, musicians, authors, and people that have inspired me to view life as something more than just existing. But, most importantly, this story is dedicated to you, the reader. Without you, I would never have found the motivation to keep writing. Take this as my own personal escape. I'm trusting you with my most exposed and vulnerable thoughts. Do with it what you will. Until next story.

nXnX (noise and kisses),
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