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Jon's Chapter of Songs

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The human race is a complex and philosophical mystery that has stumped the wisest of men. Amelie and the guys of Panic! are no acception. Sorry about the summary. Didn't quite know what to say.

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A/N: Firstly, I think I'm going to have to explain the Epic Battle of Middle Tummy joke, I don't know if anyone got it, because I asked my friend to read it (she's an lotr freak and she still didn't get it). It was sort of a take on- as I said, Lord of the Rings. Middle Tummy= Middle Earth. It was a battle scene drawn on Brendon's tummy. Well, if you did get the joke, please comment and let me know so that I don't feel too stupid, but if you didn't, know biggy, you aren't the only one. Another thing, I would like to take a moment to thank all of my reviewers, you have made me feel soooo important. Thank you so much. It makes me feel like maybe I'm not too much of a crappy writer. So thank you all very much. Okay, to the chapter I go.


Don't want to be second best don't want to stand in line, don't want to fall behind/ don't want to get caught out/ don't want to do without and the lesson I must learn/ is that I've got to wait my turn./

Amelié had taken a walk early that afternoon, after reading the concert reviews in the local paper and hearing what was said about it. Most of them were all really good, it didn't hurt that it was a Vegas grown act, so they weren't really going to trash their own artists. Curiosity got the better of her, and she decided to walk around behind the hotel to see what was going on, some of the crew had just come from that way. Her flats splashed through a little puddle on the ground and when she turned the corner, she had to stop and stare in wonder. A fleet of tour buses with huge pictures of Panic at the Disco on the sides of them were all parked there. Although, two out of the three of them were rather more plain looking. She could tell which one was Panic's. There was no one else around, she supposed the crew had finished what they were doing and decided to take a peek inside the bus. Her mouth dropped open. It was so chic The bus had a very Vegas feel to it, she guessed to make them feel a little more at home while they were on the road. When she looked around, she saw that some of the instruments were put on stands in the bus so that if they decided they wanted to strum around or do whatever they could. She picked up Jon's guitar, plunking herself down in one of the comfy chairs, putting her feet up on the coffee table. After turning it over in her hands for some time, she put her fingers to it and started to play quietly. She got half way through the song, until she was finally sure there was no one around and let herself sing. It was the song she would hate for anyone to hear her playing, it was her guilty pleasure. Naturally of course, someone did walk in, because that's the way things work.

"Heeeyy, playing Backstreet Boys on my guitar?" Jon pretended to act completely insulted as he walked onto the bus. Amelié immediately shut her mouth and stopped playing, biting her bottom lip and turning a bright shade of red. Jon could only laugh, still not finished teasing her. He started jumping around in front of her doing a corny Backstreet worthy dance and singing "Backstreet's back alright " until her ears (he was proud to note) were a flaming fire engine red. She laughed, but more out of embarrassment than anything. He collapsed on the edge of the table where her feet were, laughing.

"I wasn't even singing "Backstreets Back" I was singing "The One" " He laughed harder as she handed him the guitar.

"I know, but it worked. You're face could stop traffic " He managed to calm down as she continued to giggle with humiliation.

"Of all the times you could have walked in, it had to be when I was singing, and not just singing, but singing a Backstreet Boys song." She put a hand to her hot forehead.

"Alright, all humiliation and teasing opportunities aside, you're playing was actually really good." He noted.

"Nah, I'm the prima ballerina, my brother is the rock star." She pushed her sleeves up on her black shirt. "Or at least that's what my dad wants." She added as an afterthought.

Looks like I got to be hot and cold I got to be taught and told/ got to be good as gold/ but perfectly honest, I think it would be good for me/ 'cause it's a hindrance to my health/ I'm a stranger to myself./

"You're dad wants things a certain way?" Jon put the guitar back on the stand.

"I'm daddy's little girl and I'm the dance star, the one that's supposed to lead the perfect little life and do things the way daddy wants them. He also made me take piano lessons up until I turned eighteen and there was nothing he could do about it when I quit, and besides, I still have dance." She crossed her legs over, giving him a smile, having no why she was telling him this. She just felt like she could trust him and open up to him.

Miniature disasters and minor catastrophes bring me to my knees/ well I must be my one master/ or a miniature disaster will be/ it will be the death of me./

"So you don't really like music then?" He asked, moving to sit on the couch.

"No, that isn't it. I love it, but I had too much going on. I was dancing everyday for hours before and after school, and then I would go to piano lessons and then I would have to go home and do my homework and then practice for another few hours and then by the time I got around to doing anything else, I was exhausted. Then I started University and things were really starting to pick up with my photography and stuff so I had to let it go." She shrugged, letting her hair fall into her face, too lazy to push it away.

"So, wait, that's just piano that you've stated. What about the guitar?" He crossed his legs under him and leaned in closer, this is the most he's ever heard her talk.

"Well, that I learned from my brother. Just don't tell my dad. To him, girls should be dancers and learn the piano, they have no place with a guitar. So whenever my parents went out, my brother took pity on me because he saw how much I wanted to learn and he taught me." Tries to interpret the look on Jon's face. "Please don't get me wrong, I love my dad. Truly, I do. He's just a little bit old fashioned in his ideas. He's very traditional. It's okay though, my brother and I just trade off. He taught me the guitar, and...well, I still have yet to trade something to him.. But I'll think of something." Jon smiled at her and picked up the guitar, holding it out to her, waiting for her to take it.

"What?" She smiled nervously.

"Take it. Go on. Play something." He laughed. She took it from him, looking at it like it was a foreign object, but still smiling.

I don't have to raise my voice don't have to be underhand/ just got to understand/ that it's gonna be up and down/ it's gonna be lost and found/ and I can't take to the sky/ before I like it on the ground./

"What should I play?" She looked at him for answers.

"I don't know. Play something, but I want you to sing too. I like you're singing voice." She blushed again, trying to think of something to play, but not really wanting to sing. Finally she decided on "From This Moment On" by Shania Twain and Bryan Adams.

By the time she was half way through the song, Ryan and Spencer came onto the bus. She started to slow her strumming to a stop, and stopped singing, but Jon and the others wouldn't let her. She had no choice but to keep playing as they all sat around and watched her play. She was starting to feel very uncomfortable, not liking being the subject of all this attention, so she bent her head down so that she couldn't see them through the curtain of hair she now had in front of her. When she finished, she looked up to three beaming faces, all clapping and telling her how great it was.

"That was awesome, where did you learn to play?" Spencer asked. Jon filled him in.

"And she can play the piano too " Jon tattled. She opened her mouth in surprise but couldn't say anything as she was shoved at Brendon's keyboard in the corner.

"I..what do you want me to play?" She shrugged, and they did too.

"What do you want to play?" She shrugged again, going through her mental music book.

And I need to be patient and I need to be brave/ need to discover/ how I need to behave/ and I'll find out the answers/ when I know what to ask/ but I speak a different language/ and everybody's talking too fast./

She had her selection and moves her index finger to the synthesizer to select the right sound- the organ, before putting her fingers to the keys, and beginning to play. It was Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber. When she didn't sing it, they poked her in the back, since they knew she had the type of voice that had that capability. Ryan was the only other one who could sing, and who knew the lyrics, so he sang the Phantom for her. They were having a grand old time when someone was yelling from outside the bus at them, but mainly out of curiosity and fun.

"Who's playing my keyboard?" A head popped up in the doorway, full of curiosity, but when he saw who was playing, it turned to surprise.

"Elly, I didn't know you could play " He unleashed one of his monstrous smiles and went to sit down with everyone and waited until she finished playing. Everyone whooped and hollered again, clapping and high five-ing her like the men they were.

"That's some awesome piano you got going on there. What level are you?" Brendon asked, it was quite obvious that she had had training.

"Performers ARCT." She went to sit back in her chair, thinking that if she did, they might not make her play again. His mouth dropped.

"That is very impressive. I had no idea. Why didn't you tell us?" He asked. She smiled sweetly.

"No one ever asked." There were people outside now, calling for order among the ranks of people outside. Amelié decided that she should go outside and headed for the doorway of the bus.

"Where are you going?" Jon asked.

"Outside." She turned back to talk in the doorway. "I have to go get on my bus with the dancers."

"No you don't. Not if you don't want to." Jon laughed. Ryan finished it.

"Well, that is, there is room on our bus for you if you wanted." Then he added, "But we don't want you to feel uncomfortable, so it is completely up to you." He gave her a smile. She didn't even need to think about it, she knew she would much rather be with the boys then with the dancers. To them, she was more of a boss then a friend, she felt at home with the boys.

Well I must be my own master or a miniature disaster will be/ I've got to run a little faster/ or a miniature disaster will be/ well I need to know if I'll last if a little/ miniature disaster hits me/ it could be the death of me./

After about an hour of getting everything organized, the buses were out on the road, officially starting off the tour. They sat around and talked. Amelié sat primly in her white knee length skirt with black paisley, and her white button up designer blouse with the top buttons undone and her little black flats. The guys sat around in their jeans and hooded sweaters and emo flips talking about everything random. The most random comment award definitely went to Ryan.

"Can I write a song about you? Would you mind?" He picked up a pen and paper off the table and started writing. She looked at him, laughing.

"Um, sure if you really can make a song with anything about me." Jon laughed at her comment.

"Oh trust me. This guy could make a song about anything." He smiled kindly before jumping quickly to the next topic. "Hey you know what guys?!" He turned to look between Brendon, Spencer and Ryan.

"What?" They asked.

"Elly likes the Backstreet Boys!"


A/N: Okay, so that was the chapter, I hope you liked it. Yes, I'm aware the little blurbs in italics didn't always match what was going on, but they sort of reveal a little bit about Amelié for the audience. It's a little bit of dramatic irony for ya. I know the blurbs didn't quite make sense, but the blurbs are lyrics to a song. Miniature Disasters-KT Tunstall. Let me know if you like the idea of the songs being added in as a little revealer to the readers. Thanks.
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