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Stoker launces his first attack!

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Author's Note: The lyrics from this chapter are from the "Three Doors Down" song "Duck and Run." It's off their album "The Better Life," which was produced by Universal Records.

Chapter Ten: Liberation

Axle stared at his son's face long and hard. Three days had come and gone far too quickly and the transport that was to take Throttle, Modo, and Vinnie away had just arrived.
"Dad..." sputtered Throttle.
Axle put his hand on his child's shoulder. "I know, son. But you don't have a choice. This might be best for you."
Axle had a bad feeling about things. With the mine shut down and all the young men being shipped out, that left only women and elderly men. Terrible thoughts entered Axle's mind that he struggled to push away. His antenna's suddenly twitched and Axle felt something in the air that told him SOMETHING was going to happen-good or bad, it wasn't known.
"Hang on, son," Axle said. He turned around and walked over to the cot that he had been sleeping on. He produced what looked like a pocket knife. "I've been hanging onto this since we got here. I want you to have it. Hide and keep it safe."
"Dad, I..."
"Throttle," Axle assured him, "It's okay, kid. I love you."
There was sudden knock on the door and Throttle hid the knife in the back pocket of his jeans. "Come in," Axle addressed.
The door opened and in came Modo, Vinnie, Jessie and Alexis. "The transport is here. They said we've only got twenty minutes to board."
Modo stood in front of his mother, who was holding seven-year-old Rimfire's hand. "Oh, sweetie," she spoke reaching for her only son. "Please be careful. Please. I already your niece and I don't want to lose you."
"I'll see you again. And sis'll come back too. I promise, Mama."
"I love you, Modo." she cried, holding the boy.
"I love you too, " Modo replied, tears dripping across his cheeks. He then rubbed Rimfire's hair and kissed the boy's forehead. "Take care, Rimmie."
Vinnie looked to his mother, who was barely the woman he knew. Relena had gone from bitch and lawyer to cold and slave. "Vincent," she stated. "Be careful. Don't do anything stupid."
"Yes, mom." Vinnie returned. "I..." he started but stopped. Relena was already looking away. He turned to his sister.
"Vinnie," she whimpered, reaching for her brother. "Please, please, please, come back alive!"
He nodded and held her tightly. "Don't worry, Jess'. We'll see each other soon, I promise."
Axle and Throttle held onto each other for the longest time-longer than any others. "Take care of yourself, son." Axle told Throttle.
"I will, Dad." Throttle answered back. " I goin-"
Axle pulled away from him. "Yes, Throttle. You'll see me again. I swear."
He kissed his child's forehead and whispered into his ear. "I'll always be with you, my son. Always." He laid his hand on Throttle's heart. "Always."
Alexis grabbed hold of all three of them, then, right before they boarded, "You bros take care of yourselves, and each other!" she sobbed.
"You too, bro." came Vinnie's reply.
"And don't worry, squirt," Modo said as they started aboard. "The Biker Mice from Mars will be back together soon."
And with a few more heart wrenching goodbyes, the transport, four heavily armored cars, each patrolled by three Rats, were loaded up and pulled away from the gates and sped off along the once-fertile ground.
"Alright!" shouted one Plutarkian that had been overseeing the transfer. "Back to work, you mongrels!"
Axle stayed just a second longer to watch the final truck disappear from view. Fear started to creep into his mind again of what was to happen to him and those left behind.

To this world I am unimportant
Just because I have nothing to give.
So you call this your free country
Tell me why I costs so much to live
Tell me why.

The afternoon hours were starting to creep along slowly and the sun was blazing downwards. As was no surprise to Axle, the snow would be melting and this whole region of Mars was due for a warm, almost-summer-like condition for a few weeks as the last of fall died and winter began.
His antenna buzzed and tinkled, telling him that something out there was happening. There seemed to be a strange electricity in the air that had the makings of something big.
Axle gazed over at the workshop, where the girls were currently sewing Plutarkian uniforms and other whatnots. He had to watch over those girls-Alexis and Jessie-because he knew that this could all get messy very soon. The Plutarkians might find need for...enjoyment.
A feeling like fire was burning inside of Axle as he picked up a hammer and smashed a large rock. All around him, other, older Martian males did the same. Anyone over twenty-five had been left here to do manual labor-or so they say.
The fire-like feeling burned further as thoughts of all the liberties he and his family had lost filled his mind. His wife was in a body bag, probably being burned up with other bodies instead of laid to rest in a casket back home. His youngest son was taken from him, already sickly and underweight. His oldest son was transferred away, most likely to work until his...death.
"No," Axle found himself saying all of the sudden.

This world can turn me down
But I won't turn away, oh no
I won't turn around.

"NO!" he shouted, throwing the hammer. "NO MORE!"
The fire that had been building within in his chest leapt and burned, causing his blood to boil and his entire body to become infuriated. Others looked on as the Sand Raider in charge of the labor line walked up and stared at him.
"Get back to work."
Axle squinted. He had enough of this. "Make me." he challenged.
The Dog pulled out his whip and was about to snap it across Axle's face-when Axle yanked the large hammer he had been using and spun around. The hammer connected with the Dog's face, sending blood, teeth and a long howl of pain into the air.
The brown-furred dog fell to the ground. Axle felt something ignite and he was shocked to find that it felt GOOD.
"Put the hammer down!" a shouted a pair of Plutarkians, approaching with lazors training on him.
The tan-furred mouse released a sigh and prepared for the end. At least I'm going to see my wife again...he thought to himself as the Plutarkians took aim.
At that moment, there was what sounded like a huge explosion coming from the east fence. And then the sound of motorcycles and jeeps roaring...
"What the fuck!" yelped on the Plutarkians.

All my work and endless measures
Never seem to get me very far
Walk a mile just to move an inch now
Even though I'm trying so damn hard
I'm trying so hard.

Stoker rode in on his motorcycle, holding two lazor blasters and letting them fire off at nearby guards. Other Martians followed him as the fence collapsed. He smiled to himself, more than happy that one of the seventy-eight people he and Lucas recruited owned a Weapon Depot.
"Thank God for Bob McBoob," Stoker whispered to himself. As Plutarkians began to open fire, he shouted out orders. "Lucas! Take care of the Prisoners in the yards! Cody! Get those in the workshops and get the out of there! Give them weapons and keep everyone safe!"
The group broke int three parts and sped through the Prison Camp.

This world can turn me down
But I won't turn away
And I won't duck and run
Cause I'm not built that way.
When everything is gone there is nothing left to fear.
The world cannot bring me down
No cause I am already here, oh no!

Lucas smiled when he saw that most of the prisoners were already in revolt, kicking and punching their oppressors. He grabbed hold of his lazor pistol and shot at the chains that were keeping them locked together.
"Ride free, citizens!" he yelled to them.
There was a roar from the crowd and they picked up their dead keepers weapons and followed Lucas out of the work yards and through the shattered fences, towards the heart of the camp at the North Wing, where Stoker was attacking.
"For Mars!" shouted Axle running up from behind Lucas and meeting up first with the rest of the Freedom Fighters.
"FOR MARS!" came the reply.

I won't duck and run
I won't duck and run
I won't duck and run
No I pass away.

Colby took one look at Stoker and gasped. ", he can't find me here...he can't!" He stammered, then ran off towards the nearest escape vehicle. He hopped in and took off for the nearest exit and rushed towards safety.
No one really noticed. The remaining Plutarkians and Sand Raiders were too busy fighting off the Freedom Fighters. With the kids freed, Cody, Tawny and contingent of Freedom Fighters kept them safe from their enemies.
Stoker smiled. So far, their casualties were light and the Plutarkians were in retreat. But there was something else. "Cover me," he said to Lucas as he rode towards the main compound.

This world can turn me down
But I won't run away
I won't duck and run,
Cause I'm not built that way
When everything is gone
There is nothing left to fear
This world cannot bring me down
No cause I'm already here.

Stoker drove up the stairs that a few weeks ago he had been dragged up. His motorcycle tore through the hallways-until finally reaching the office of the Prison Camp's commander. The same one who ordered his beatings and the same one that Stoker had spat on.
The chocolate-furred mouse stormed into the office on his motorcycle like a beast rising from the pits. The Plutarkian's jaw dropped and he reached for his lazor-which Stoker immediately shot out of his hand. He stared at the mouse in utter fear and astonishment.
"What do you want, anything, just name it!" he sputtered.
Stoker snarled angrily. "You can't bribe me, you son-of-a-bitch." he warned.
"Alright then, but please, please don't hurt me..." the fish begged for his life, his multiple chins quivering as perspiration ran down his cheeks.
Stoker had had enough of his cowardly whine, and pushed the barrel of his gun into his mewling mouth. "You'll be quiet now, or I'll make you eat this, understand?" he hissed. "I should kill you, open a nice big hole in the back of your skull for what you've done here. But I have a better idea, so you'd better shut your mouth before I change my mind."
The Plutarkian nodded complacently, tears budding in his yellow eyes.
"Turn on your vidcom, and get me a link to the top of your command. Now."

This world can turn me down
But I won't turn away.
And I won't duck and run
Cause I'm not built that way.

In space-in orbit above Mars-the Plutarkian Command Carrier had just begun to receive word of the troubles in Hellfire City Prison Camp. High Chairman Camembert, who was visiting for a few days, stood on the bridge of the Command Carrier with Stilton as transmissions seeped through.
And then...
"Sirs," said one man abruptly, "we're receiving word from the prison camp. It's coming in on a Plutarkian secured channel."
"Finally," Camembert muttered. "I've been waiting for some sort of word from-"
Stilton wondered what had interrupted his leader's sentence, but when he saw the screen, he wondered no more.
"Greetings Plutarkian fat-asses! My name is Stoker BlackRuby. I freed your prison camp. I killed your troops and your allies. I just thought I'd let you know that I will not stop fighting you and your evil until all of Mars is free."
"Who are you!" demanded Stilton. "Army?"
Stoker laughed. "Oh no! We aren't Army! We're the Freedom Fighters and we're here to free Mars!"

When everything is gone

There is nothing left to fear

This world cannot bring me down

No cause I am already here.
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