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Chapter 8

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Caleb reaches out for a friend. Pairing: CalebxGregory Non-Canon/ten chapters/completed 8/10

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Chapter 8

Caleb spent the ride to Anita's thinking hard. He was stunned. Gregory's dancing had always been good; sweet and sexy but not anything like he'd just seen. This was like raw sex; sensual, seductive. And it had all been for him; at least he thought it had.

Nathaniel had disappeared; Caleb was the only one in the room, sitting at the edge of the stage. Music pulsed out of the dark. One small spotlight came on and Gregory stood there, wearing the tightest pair of leather pants Caleb had ever seen. Black pants and a black tank, like a second skin, blonde hair trailing down over his shoulders. Gregory looked up and fixed him with those big blue eyes. Caleb couldn't look away; he could hardly breathe.

It was sensuous, seductive, the music sultry. Slow movements, muscles rippling, flexing. The shirt came off revealing smooth white skin, shell pink nipples, flat muscled stomach. Gregory moved his hands down his naked torso. His hands rubbing and stroking. His body moved with the beat of the music, moved like he was making love with the pulse of the song, as if he had an invisible lover. Caleb wanted to run his hands over the pale flesh, feel the rythym that rocked Gregory's body.

His first conscious thought was "How was Greg going to get those pants off?" they looked glued, no, painted on. The answer was two long zippers down the sides; slowly and tantalizingly undone. A smooth line of white flesh appeared as the zippers moved upwards under Gregory's teasing fingers. The pants disappeared into the darkness. Gregory finished his dance in a tiny mesh thong that disappeared a split second before the spotlight went out.

Caleb sat in the dark, not blinking, not moving, and was caught off guard when the house lights came back on. Blinking in the bright light, startled, he jumped when Nathaniel spoke right behind him.

"I missed it. Did the music work? Were the lights okay?" Caleb turned and focused on Nathaniel who acted as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. "Caleb, was the act okay?" Nathaniel seemed to expect an answer.

"Oh,... yeah,... it was,.... fine." Caleb stuttered an answer. He wasn't even sure there had been music but there must have been. What had that been about? Gregory didn't even like him, avoided him at every turn. He didn't understand.

"You should tell him you liked it." Nathaniel went on cheerfully just as if Caleb were making sense. "He's worked really hard on the routine." Caleb followed Nathaniel out the door. Gregory waited just outside, dressed in a t-shirt and those ripped jeans he liked so much. He didn't even look at Caleb, just turned and walked down the street while Caleb and Nathaniel followed; Nathaniel talking and laughing. Caleb couldn't say a word. He watched Greg's denim clad backside moving just out of his reach.

All the way to Anita's Caleb went over it in his head. Some of the surprise had worn off but he still didn't know what to think. Gregory and Nathaniel spoke to each other but Caleb sat in silence, staring out the window. His head was filled with visions of how his dark hands would look tangled in soft blonde curls, how it would feel to kiss and lick his way down the smooth white skin. He bit his bottom lip until he tasted blood.

Great, Gregory thought as he drove, can everything get any worse? He'd let Nathaniel talk him into this and for what? Caleb was staring off into space and hadn't said a word. Gregory gave Nathaniel a hard look. Nathaniel ignored the look and smiled.
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