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Episode Three: Dreams and Plans

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The bros try and plan out what they're going to do next!

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Episode Three: Dreams and Plans

After an entire day of hiding and keeping themselves in secret, Vinnie, Modo, and Throttle all sat around a small fire in a large forest. Not too far away was a farm.
"Let's stay out here tonight." suggested the young white-furred Martian called Vinnie.
"Good idea. It stinks in that old barn," replied Throttle.
The three of them were all laying out, relaxed and looking up at the stars. Modo seemed very quiet.
"Yeah?" Throttle asked.
"I miss my mama."
"Me too," answered Throttle. "What about you, Vincent?"
"You mean that old, stupid, cruel bitch that got mad at me even in the smallest instance?" he breathed. "Yeah. I suppose I do."
Throttle laughed. "Who woulda known we would end up out here? I don't even know how far away from Hellfire we are."
"We don't have a home anymore, Throttle." Vinnie said suddenly, continuing his gaze into the stars. "Home's gone."
"We'll find a new home, some day." Modo added then, desperate to alleviate the depressing atmosphere. "Someday, we'll all be big tough biker mice and beat the crap out of those Plutarkians and the Dogs and Rats they hooked up with. Then, we'll get married to hot girls and all sorts of stuff."
"We'll have kids..." smiled Throttle thoughtfully. "Lot's of 'em."
"Yeah, then we'll get old and retire and go to the old Biker Mouse's Home." Vinnie laughed.
"And you'll be walking around like the old coot you'll be, looking for your teeth," Modo stated with a huge grin.
"To which I will reply: 'Where you left them last time, Vincent, next to your ego!'"
Throttle added, laughing uproariously.
"Hey! Shut up!"
Just then, they heard a shout and the glow of torches. The trio looked over a small hill in the ground to see the hunting party that seemed to always be on their heels. They were yelling into the barn.
"Hey! Now you get down here, right away, ya hear?!" a Plutarkian shouted up to the empty barn. Throttle looked back at his bros, who were already putting out the campfire. Then, they took off quickly and silently into the woods.
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