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Don't Lie

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So are there more feelings behind that steel wall Alice had created ever since her relationship with Brendon...?

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Don't Lie

As Sarah and Alice pulled up in front of the Italian restaurant, Alice had recognized a familiar car that was parked next to theirs. It's the same as the one Lucy left in today after our Starbucks meet...

After she convinced herself that she was just hallucinating, she shook her head and entered the restaurant with Sarah, who was following close behind her. Just before they went to claim their reservation at the desk, a girl just a tad taller than Alice walked past. She had dark brown curls, and a recognizable Victoria Secret's scent.

"Lucy?" Alice asked loudly, not sure if the of the girl was the same girl she had met earlier that day. When the girl turned around, it was evident that she was the same Lucy. "What a coincidence! Hey, Sarah, this is Lucy. Lucy, this is my best friend and room mate, Sarah..." Lucy, who looked just as surprised as Alice, delightedly shook hands with Sarah.

"Hi Lucy...Nice to have met you. Alice has told me all about you."

"Likewise, actually." Lucy beamed. "How 'bout we all sit together? I'd love to get to know you both better..."

Just when Alice thought she was going to have a comfortable night, a too-familiar face had popped up directly behind Lucy./ But no. No...fucking...way./

Alice managed to choke out the only name that came to mind: "Brendon?"

Brendon's POV

After another boring interview, my cousin Lucy called to say that she was in town-she was one of the few siblings I had actually liked to spend time with in our childhood. Plus, I rarely happened to see her while I was busy on tour. I suggested that we went out to dinner, and when Lucy agreed, we happily made our way over to this restaurant, expecting a quiet, chatty dinner.

My cousin had told me that she would get a table, leaving me to use the restroom. (I guess I should've gone before I got into the car, but what the hell...) and when I came out of the bathroom...Oh, god, when I came out bathroom...There was one person in the entire world I would have never expected to see talking to my cousin...


I don't even know where to begin. My heart had leapt at the sight of her, but sank just as quickly as it had leapt. She rejected me a year before, so why would I be so hopeful as to win her over again? It's not because I had seen the anger, hatred, and maybe annoyance in her eyes. It was because I felt a wave of apology, a sense of uncertainty, a possible forgiveness. If I asked her why, she probably wouldn't even know where to start either. She just looked like maybe, just maybe/, she needed a fresh start. (And hopefully, with me/...)

As for me, I wanted to prove her wrong. The last time we talked, she told me she did not trust me. But I'm here to prove it now.

"Alice." I said, and grinned. Don't appear to be so arrogant this time, Urie... I thought to myself quickly and quietly. Alice tilted her head to the side just a bit, as if to try and figure me out. But there wasn't a need to figure me out. Here I was, Brendon Urie, stripped of everything I had ever known of...the arrogance was gone, the smile wasn't fake, I had no girlfriends that I was cheating on...and I wasn't having an attitude.

Finally, as if to save both Alice and I out of our awkward thoughts, an unknown girl who stood next to Alice said, "Let's go get our seat, shall we? The waitress just went off, so we should probably follow her..."

As we started off in the waitress's direction, Lucy introduced Sarah to me. After a brief hello, we all sat down at a rather spacious table. (Lucy probably requested as such so we wouldn't be poked and prodded with twelve year old girls wanting photographs and autographs every half second.) " never told me how you knew Brendon, Lucy...Um...did you meet him through Ryan?" Alice asked tentatively, picking at a piece of bread that had been presented to us almost instantaneously by a very whorish looking waitress.

The waitress was a blonde sex bunny, darting alluring big blue eyes at me every five seconds or so. But I'm not going to lose Alice this time... I thought determinedly. But as soon as I heard Alice talking, I immediately paid attention. Lucy? Meet me through Ryan? Was she kidding, or did she just not know at all? I laughed, and then told Alice, "No! Lucy's my cousin...You didn't know?"

Alice, open-mouthed, quietly said, "No...I didn't know. All I knew was what she told me: that she and Ryan were good friends."

But Lucy never lied. Why did she lie? I looked at my cousin with curiosity. There must have been a reason why she lied to Alice. And how did she know Alice, anyways?

So after breaking another awkward silence with no answers, I asked, "How did you know Alice, Luce?"

Lucy looked from Alice to me. Sarah, as if to egg Lucy on (wait, so did Sarah know Lucy before? Confusing!) told Lucy, "Yeah, well, you might as well tell them now."

Tell what? Who?

As if to read my thoughts, Alice asked, "Tell us what?" But when she read my thoughts, I read hers as well: that this was /not /going to be a happy conversation anymore.

"Yeah, tell us what?" I chimed in, deciding to tag along with what she said. Lucy and Sarah seemed trapped.

"And no lies, Sarah!" Alice added. She had stopped fiddling with her bread. Man, were things intense!

"Well...we sort of set you guys up, Alice..." Lucy began hesitantly, but then Sarah cut her off to say, "No, the phrase 'set up' is too harsh. This is what happened: Ryan, Lucy, and I all talked, and we discovered that you two," This was where Sarah looked at both Alice and I, "that you two were absolutely miserable since that incident last year. So we thought that maybe-"

"That maybe if you guys put us back together, we'd run off into the distance, getting married and shit? Great idea." Alice said sarcastically. "What I don't get, is that my best friend set me up. Friends don't do that!" She said in a low, angry voice. I had to give it to her: even though Alice was as mad as hell, she sure knew how to keep a cover in a public place such as a restaurant.

I realized how I wasn't really in the conversation. But I decided I'd let them figure it out: they were all girls. Getting meddled in the catfight would do absolute good. While I was thinking to myself, I heard Alice's last words:

"...I'm leaving."

Whoa, no. She couldn't just leave! I just got back to seeing her again! And if this really was a set up...why not make it into something? Make use of it?

Then, Alice stormed out. No one stared at her of course, because she was a lady who was making it into a storm of disguise, a complete gesture of grace. Me, however...that was a different situation. While I was trying to catch up to her, I completely lost all sense of grace and balance. As I was chasing her out, I tripped over a woman's foot, bumped into the whorish waitress, and just managed to dodge random running child.

And when I got outside, it was cold and dark.

But Alice was there. I breathed in and out and tried to calm myself down before I approached her. I didn't want to rush anything, and I didn't want to ruin any possible future relationship with her.

Slowly, I walked up to her. "A-Ali...?"

I didn't even have to say her whole name for her to turn around. Tears were streaming down her face. Then, as if the world was in slow motion, she collapsed into my arms. I held her close and kissed the top of her head, whispering, "Everything will be alright."

Unfortunately, she was crying too hard for me to hear her say: "No, it's not alright...Because I think I'm falling in love with you all over again..."

A/N: Awwww, sweet ending right? =3 I got all warm and fuzzy too! Let's drink hot chocolate, kiddies.
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