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Best friends forever?

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After sometime of talking with Brendan, Pierre's got the feeling that maybe Brendan was also another victim of Ashley, still, he wasn't too much into risking it. But sometime of talking with Adam m...

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"Pierre, long time no see, man!!!" Brendan greeted hugging me tight like nothing had ever happened and surprised me even more than I already was "You never called and you never e-mailed me again, I thought you were dead or something like that. What happened? You forgot about me? What happened to `best friends forever'? Were you too busy with your band?"
"No, but I thought you were too busy fucking my girlfriend." I replied angrily pushing him away and taking the smile out of his face "Why did you do that? I loved her, you know? I'm the one who has to ask you what happened to `best friends forever'?"
"Pierre, you're not talking about Ash, are you?"
"Who else could I be talking about? You never met Jessica and, if it's up to me and I know it is, you never will. Even though I trust her and I know she's not that disgusting."
"Pierre, you're overreacting a lot. When I first kissed Ash you were gone for nearly close one year and you two had broke up a long time ago. I would never ever kiss the girlfriend of my best friend. What kind of guy would I be?"
"Don't be such a liar, Brendan. Ashley told me about you two when she broke up with me. I was gone for two weeks and she told me you had even gone to bed together."
"What?!" He shouted with a really amazed expression on his face "Pierre, this is so not true. I wouldn't do that to my best friend. I swear I'm just not like that. Ashley told me she was in love with you and you were the one who broke up with her, e-mailing her some pictures of you kissing some hot Canadian chicks after two weeks in Montreal."
"That wasn't the way that things happened for real. I was the one who was in love with her and she broke up with me telling me about you two."
"Pierre, I have no idea why Ash lied, but you have to believe me, I would never do anything like that to you. After all, you're still the best friend I've ever had and no one had been together with me in every single bad moment just like you were. It's just that, after sometime being just me and Ash, I ended up having some feelings about her, but I can tell you I held them for a long, long time. One entire year exactly. Ash is an amazing girl and you have to believe me that she changed a lot. She changed so much that we got married a few months ago and we're having a little girl in 4 months. I doubt she would ever lie again, today she's just a sweet girl that would really be a great friend of yours if you let her. We couldn't be happier, you can be sure about it."
"You married Ashley?!?" I shouted in surprise
"Yeah. Why are you so surprised? You're not jealous, are you?"
"No, of course not. I have no longer feelings about her and I already mentioned Jessie, but...were you 2...were you 2 already married 4 months ago?"
"Yes, we were. And she was already one month pregnant of Julie. That was when we moved to Toronto. And, before you ask, yes, if you hire me Ash and Julie are coming with me."
"Wow!" I said recording the day I saw her 4 months ago in the studio when she...lied to Brendan. And to me! "Uh, Brendan, would you leave us alone for a bit? I...I need to talk to them for a few and I'll call you back in a while with my decision, okay?"
"Okay, but think carefully, please. I just need this job." He said almost begging and leaving the room with his head down
"Uh, how can I say that?" I started telling them "Well...I'm not hiring him."
"And why not, Pierre?" shouted Adam nervous "Are you afraid that he might finds out that what you did here was all pretend and that you are the one who's fucking his wife? Or are you afraid that Jessica might finds out about you and Ashley?"
"Hey, hey, hey, Adam! You don't have the right to talk to me like this!" I shouted back at him "What are you trying to say here? I never cheated on Jessie in those almost 3 years we've been together and I didn't even touched Ashley after she broke up with me."
"Or you broke up with her. God knows who's lying here." He said sarcastically "I'm not stupid, Pierre, I saw that tape. I saw you making out with Ashley in the studio and then carrying her in your arms outside there and telling her something."
"She kissed me and then I took her away from me `cause I didn't want that. You can ask the guys about it. They were there and they saw everything."
"They are your friends. They would lie to help you. Now, Pierre, let me tell you something. I loved Jessica like I'll never love anyone. My feelings about this girl were stronger than anything you will ever be able to dream of feeling and I'm sure that there was one day that she loved me as well. We could have had a brilliant future together. We could get married, have kids, get old together, we could...I don't know we could have been happy together like an in love couple is. But then, you showed up in our lives. The kid from New York City that made her think that she would be better without me and that, in months, destroyed a 2 years relationship. I went crazy and everything on my mind was her, so I did everything I could to get her back. Flowers, teddy bears, puppies, chocolate, notes, poems, presents, perfumes...I gave her everything I could give and all the love that my heart could express but she gave it all back to me. I was desperate and I didn't know what to do with myself, but I had one thing for sure: she would return to me no matter what or get a better boyfriend. Guess what? I was wrong. She kissed that kid from New York and that was when I went really, really mad. Two years after that, I recover my sanity. And guess what? She's still with him. I started dating another girl to take Jessica out of my mind, but I just can't, she's still in my every single thought. Still, Jessica was happy and that was all that mattered. That kid from New York seemed to love her and to be trustful, so I was okay about that. Four months after that I see him kissing the wife of the guy that is outside this room and that is trying to be his bodyguard. Funny, isn't it? This world is really small." Adam said all that surprising me even more than I could ever dream of being in that day, but he proceeded and the surprise got even bigger "Pierre, the only reason why I never showed Jessica that tape is because I love her. I still love her more than anything in this world and the last thing I want is to show her the boyfriend she really has `cause I know she's going to suffer a lot. Now, you want to finish on destroying the life of that man because you don't want everyone to see how disgusting you and Ashley really are. I'll tell you something, Pierre: you fire him and I fire you."
"What?! Adam, you can't just fire me!" I yelled scared at that fact and still surprised about what he had just said about his feelings about Jessie
"Yes, I can. You weren't allowed to bring any company to the studio and I can prove that you made out with Brendan's wife in there. But, to prove it, I'll have to show this tape and, if I do it, you'll loose Simple Plan, Jessica and your friends `cause they're still going on tour, but with another lead singer."
"Adam, this is a huge misunderstanding. I do love Jessie. I love her a lot and I'll die if she leaves me."
"You don't have to lie to me, Pierre. Maybe Ashley's baby isn't even Brendan's. You don't love Jessie and you never loved and never will love Ashley. All you love is to destroy happy couples while there's so many beautiful girls without a boyfriend outside there, but I guess you rather take the ones that you couldn't have. Hope someone do that to you someday." He said staring deep down my eyes "Now, I'll bring Brendan back here."

Adam left that room and, in a matter of seconds, he was back together with that tough black-haired guy, who put his green eyes on mine with the most desperate expression I've ever seen reflected just on the look of his eyes. Soon, he made that small question that I knew that was going to change my life forever...

"So?" he asked me simply
"You can start tomorrow."
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