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Chapter two: you are everything i want coz you are every thing i'm not

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Adam get's to know Lizzi. Please Review

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Wow your Adam Lazzara" I smiled I could barley believe who was sitting next to me.

"Afraid so!" he laughed

He laugh was so it is hard to explain just his presence was overwhelming.

"Your band is amazing" was all I could say

"thanks- we try" he smiled. He just looked at me for a minute.

There was something about him that made me feel complete almost like a new Dan but I felt more than just friendship.

"What's this?" he asked pointing towards the red tatty notebook I held in my hands.

"My diary"

"May is see?"

I was unsure what to do no one except Dan was allowed to look at my diary but something made me pass it over too him.


He opened in and started reading.

Sometimes I wonder if there is a purpose to my life-, it just seems to be heartbreak after heartbreak. Very rarely do things go right for me. Since Dan there has been no one I can open my heart out too. No one I can talk to. For the past 4 years now I've been alone. I've had no one everything is just so empty.

"If you don't mind me asking who is Dan?"

"he was my best friend he was in a car accident and he died" I had no idea why I was telling him all this.

"oh I'm sorry"

"it's okay not your fault"

He smiled and handed my back my diary.

I can not belive I just opened up to the lead singer of taking back Sunday he didn't even know my name.

"erm so may I have your number so maybe we could go out some time."

"ok" I ripped out a page from my diary and scrawled my number on it.

"LIZZI!" some one screamed. It was my boss. "get back to work now lunch ended 30 minutes ago. These albums won't get made with out you know!"

"sorry I'm coming"

I turned to Adam he smiled

"bye" was all he said I smiled and started walking back to work
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