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Vlad's Little Angel

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This is a DannyxOC fanfiction!!!! What happens if Vlad had a daughter, and Danny met here when he first visited Vlad? This story starts from "Bitter Reunions" when the Fentons are about to arrive a...

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"You remember what I said, right, Eve?" Vlad asked a girl.
The white haired fourteen year old nodded. "Yes, daddy. I remember." she smiled.
Vlad looked at her smile. "You have your mother's smile."
"I know. You've said that a lot." she turned around and walked up stairs to change for her father's guests.
"She's an angel like her mother. Hard to believe that she has a father like me." Vlad said to himself, walking into his theatre room.

Love Blooms Wherever

The door to the Masters' mansion was knocked on, and the sound carried throughout the house.
"They're here." the girl whispered, stepping into her emerald dress and pulling it up. It fit like a glove.
She headed out of her room, her green eyes glowing in anticipation. She was told a lot about the Fentons by her father, and couldn't wait to meet them.
"I NEVER HAD ANY OLD MOVES!" she heard her father yell. Well, he can't always keep his cool, but he's the best father I could hope for.
The girl hid behind the wall right near the staircase leading down to the main doors where her father was.
"Anyway. Daniel, you are fourteen, correct?" her father asked.
"Um, yes, Mr. Masters. I'm fourteen, my birthday's coming up in a few weeks." a boy's voice answered.
Vlad smiled, even though she couldn't see it. "I have a fourteen year old myself, Maddie. They are quite a handful, aren't they?" he asked.
"They are." a woman replied, happily.
She could here her father walk a little farther away. "Daniel, I would like you to meet my little angel," her father introduced.
The girl rounded the corner, and started to walk down the stairs eligently.
She could see that the boy, Daniel, was staring at her nonstop. His mouth was open, and he was gawking. She smirked at that.
Once she hit the floor, she smiled at the family standing in front of her. Vlad walked over to her and wrapped an arm around her shoulders.
"Hello." she curtsied. "It is a pleasure to finally meet your family, Mr. Fenton. I have heard a great deal of you and Mrs. Fenton."
"Daniel, Jazz, Maddie, Jack, this is Evelyn. My one and only daughter." Vlad beamed down at the small girl in his arms proudly.
"She's so well-manored, Vlad." the woman, who Evelyn was guessing is Maddie, complimented.
"Thank you, Mrs. Fenton. I was taught well by my father." Evelyn replied.
"She's beautiful, Vladdy!" the large man, Jack, practically yelled.
"I have to agree with my dad," Jazz said. "You are very beautiful."
"Thank you." Evelyn looked up at her father, who was still beaming like the proud he is.
"Wow." was all Daniel could muster.
Evelyn giggled, causing Daniel to blush. "I could show Daniel to his room, daddy, so you four can talk." she suggested.
Vlad let her go. "That is a great idea! Daniel, Evelyn will give you a tour to your room, and Jazz there is a theatre to your right if you wish to watch a movie. Jack, Maddie, follow me." Vlad led Jack and Maddie off somewhere as Jazz went into the theatre.
Evelyn walked up to Daniel. "Follow me and I'll give you a tour of the mansion." she held out her hand.
Daniel was still in a state of shock, but still took her hand. "Oh, by the way," Daniel said while walking up the stairs. "Call me Danny."
Evelyn turned her head so she could see him in the corner of her eye and smiled. "Of course, Danny."
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