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A day to never forget about

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The tour got going perfectly fine without any unwanted surprise to anyone. Everything seemed to be as normal as always and they even started to think that this tour would be over soon without any p...

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Simple Plan's very first tour carried on normally and each day that went by just made me and the guys even more proud of ourselves and of our accomplishments. We had made fans all around the world, we had a DVD on stores, our very first album had been sold like water in the desert, our songs were playing in every single radio station and we had shot some awesome videos. Our names were everywhere and we couldn't be prouder of Simple Plan. We were almost done with that tour. Three months more of shows and we would be going back home in Montreal. After a break of one month we would be back to the studio again to start recording our second album. Same exhausting routine, 5 days in Toronto, 2 days in Montreal.

And, about Julie, this kid looks exactly like Brendan. Finally something to shut Adam's mouth up and to relieve Jessie.

It was already early in this year, a few months before the day I've been kidnapped, and I woke up in that morning in the best mood ever. What I was going to do in that day had got me in the best mood I've ever been at in that whole week. I was so happy that I had completely forgot about what day was that day, but people wouldn't let me do that for much longer.

We were in a hotel in Los Angeles, USA, where we had spent the week as long as we had 4 shows in there that week. On that Sunday we would have our very last show in there, Monday would be off to rest during the day and we would take an airplane to France at night. On that Sunday morning, I woke up really early, at 8 a.m., and gently moved away from Jessie's asleep body, carefully not to wake her up. As fast as I could, I took my bath, had my breakfast and left a note over the table, telling them I would be a little bit late, but we should meet in the backstage of the place where the show was going to be to start rehearsing at noon.

After that, I took my car and had an one and a half hour drive to the other side of the town to find the jewelry I was looking for. After I left the car, people couldn't stop coming around and congratulating me for God knows what. It was just like I was holding a panel where you could read "Hey, I did something good today". I didn't know what was happening. Those people knew me because of Simple Plan, but they weren't congratulating me for that. I was wondering one thing only: Why are those people coming and saying "Hey, congratulation, man!"? What have I done?

Well, anyway, I went to the same jewelry I had been visiting that whole week and started looking at all of those engagement rings again. The same ones I had seen the whole week. I had already picked up one, but I needed to be sure that was really the perfect one. I even sent my mom a picture of it just to see if she would like it if it was for her. Jessie had been my girlfriend for the past 5 years and I wanted her to marry me, but everything had to be perfect. I had to buy the perfect ring and I was going to give it to her during that night in the date I had planned for us. I spent a long, long time in there trying to choose and I ended up taking the same one I was planning to: It was a ring all made of pure gold with a blue diamond in a heart shape in the middle of it.

After paying for it and choosing the most beautiful ring-box I've ever seen, I started leaving but the guy who sold me the ring called me back to say congratulations. I just thanked with a smile on my face as I thought he was congratulating me for the future engagement, but he wasn't. He was congratulating me for the same damn thing everyone else was doing, but what?

At 10:30 a.m. I got in my car and was about to return to start rehearsing with the guys, but my cell phone started beeping and I checked that out to see I had just received a message...

"Hey there Pierre,
We had just woke up and we understand you're going to be late in a day as special as this one. We'll start rehearsing in 30 minutes and we'll be waiting for you. Oh, and, before I forget, me and the guys wanted to say CONGRATULATION, PIERRE!!! A day like this one doesn't happen everyday, so enjoy it.


Congratulations for what, man?! They'll have to be the ones to explain me what's going on and why I deserve so bad to be congratulated today. What have I done?

Driving as fast as I could, not wanting to be so late, I arrived there at noon just like I had promised. Still, I had some problems to get out of my car as long as many fans wanted to congratulate me and that was getting me really annoyed. Why was I thanking something I didn't know that I did? When I got in the backstage, I soon felt someone jumping over my backs and soon recognized it was Jessie when she started saying the one last thing I wanted to hear again...

"Congratulations, Pierre!" she shouted happily jumping in front of me to kiss me
"Hey, thanks, Jessie. But why is everyone congratulating me today? What have I done?"
"You can't remember what day is today? You must have done something really important this morning."
"Yeah, but I can only tell you about it latter." I said smirking
"Okay, so I'm not telling you why you have reasons to celebrate today."
"This is just not fair." I said making a sad face, but she solved it approaching me and giving me another kiss "Now it's a little bit more fair."

At that comment, she just laughed and held my hand, driving me to the dressing-room. Finally, when she twisted the doorknob, I remembered why I was being congratulated this bad. I saw a birthday cake in the middle of the room and everyone started singing "Happy birthday to you". I couldn't believe how I managed to forget about my own birthday! It was my 21 years old birthday and I had completely forgot about it!

"Gosh, today is my birthday!" I said surprised
"Don't tell me you didn't know about that." Said David
"Of course I knew. I was born in this day, remember? I just couldn't remember it was today. Gosh, thank you, guys! Thank you a lot!"
"It's okay, Pierre, you deserve this. But, just remember you're turning 21 now, time to be responsible!" said Chuck smirking
"Responsibility my ass! It's time to go anywhere I want anytime I decide to!" I stated as Jessie just started to make some noises with her throat and to touch my shoulder "Of course that together with Jessie or with her approval." I completed
"Good boy! Better like this!" she said gently hugging me around the shoulder as everyone, including me, started laughing
"What were you saying about going anywhere you want anytime you decide to?" sarcastically asked Jeff in between laughs
"Uh...forget it."
"Anyway, congratulation, Pierre. You're one year closer to death." Stated Seb
"Hey!" I shouted
"Just kidding." He said
"But not lying." Completed David
"Hey, you'll see what I'll say in your birthdays. I'll hire a funeral band to play here." I threatened
"I guess that what they are trying to say is `Congratulation, Pierre. We wish this day happens over and over again during many, many years.'" Said Jessie saving them
"Yeah, I know. Even though it was a pretty strange way to say it, but I still like those guys very much." I replied
"We know it's impossible to hate us." Said Chuck with a smirk on his face

We just laughed after that comment and went straight to the cake but, before cutting it, I made my wish. Something easy to happen, I wished that day could be unforgettable. I just couldn't imagine that the last thing I would ever be able to do in the rest of my life would be forget about this day, even though I beg for it every single night before sleep.

We gave ourselves a break in that day and just partied. We didn't rehearse one thing for the show, even though we didn't really need it, we were playing the same old songs during the past 5 years. Man, we desperately needed a new album. Even we were getting bored of those songs.

At 3:30 p.m. we took the stage and started over another show. Everyday is the same thing. The same songs, the same order, the same everything. I don't know how people keep coming. It was 4:45 p.m. when we were done and I was the first one to head back to the dressing room, while the guys started taking their instruments to the tour bus first. As I normally do, the first thing I did when I closed that door was to throw my T-shirt away, something I shouldn't have done that day. Soon, I heard Ashley's voice not too far away from me...

"Hey, sexy, happy birthday. Come get your present here with me."

As she said that, I turned myself around to see Ashley leaving our bathroom completely wet and just wearing a sexy bra and panties. Even thought I tried everything I could not to loose my mind because of Ashley during the whole tour, that view was just too much for me to handle without any alteration on my hormones.

"A-Ashley...please, put your clothes back on, okay?" I said trying to look away
"Relax, Pierre, I'm not asking you to leave Jessica, I'm just giving you a little bit of fun. This is not a crime, is it?" She asked coming closer

As soon as she got close enough to me, she hugged me really sensually making me feel every single inch of that hot wet body touching mine and driving me so crazy that I wasn't even able to think about what I was doing. Soon, she started kissing me and, even though I tried, I couldn't offer much resistance being as turned on as I already was. During the kiss, she directed my hands to her breasts and held tight on my belt dropping me over the sofa and lying down over me while unzipping my pants. That was when I heard the door slamming open and Brendan's voice yelling angrily at me...

"What are you doing with my wife?"

When I heard that, I sat back down zipping my pants again to see him together with the other bodyguards, his 2 years old daughter, the guys, Adam and Jessie, that had tears falling down her eyes pretty hard. All of them were staring at me not believing what they were seeing. Like they couldn't believe what I was doing and, to be honest, not even I could believe what I started doing.

"Jessie, I can explain!" I shouted at the sight of her desperate expression as she just started running away from the room
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