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Confession time!

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delilah and julius are going to go tell scarlette but something goes wrong.

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Delilah's POV

I was starting to sweat, and the room was starting to spin(A/N: haha lol this is what i felt like before i passed out in class because of that damn hep B shot), the last thing i heard before everything went black was Julius saying "De are you alright?"
I woke up what felt likes hours later my head on Julius' lap, with Julius holding my hand and stroking my hair. "whoa what happened?How long was i out for?" I asked a worried Julius. I tried to get up but fell back onto Julius lap.
"It's okay you just fainted, and it was only 5 minutes." he said calmly.
Scarlette came up and patted me on the back "what did you want to tell me sugar?" she asked.
"'s just......I'm..." I started to say but then I clutched my stomache in pain.
"Delilah? are you okay?" Julius asked for the second time today. I clutched my stomache again and fell to the ground.
"Oh my god De!" Julius exclaimed coming over to me (A/N: delilah had started pacing while she was talking to Scarlette) Just then I threw up all over the floor,
"Oh delilah come here." Scarlette said ushering me into a chair and bringing me a bucket.
"Delilah are you sick is that what you were going to tell me?" she asked me.
I started to cry "no.. I'm pregnent!" I said sobbing.
She gasped, "Oh sugar come here" she said hugging me.
Julius came over and held my hand whispering' it's okay'
"How far are you?" Scarlette asked releasing from the hug and passing me to Julius.
"2 1/2 months" I replied sobbing lightly into Julius' shirt.
"It's with Julius right?" she asked uneasily.
"yes" i said a little annoyed that she would think it was with anyone else.
"why don't you go and rest I'll go talk to Al" Scarlette said opening the door.
"okay, come on De lets get you to bed." Julius said helping me up.
We left and half way down the hall Julius stopped and hugged me "it's going to be okay De, I'll be here for you through all of this" he said
"Oh Julius i love you and thank you" i said kissing him on the cheek.
We got to my room and I layed down with Julius and we fell asleep in eachothers arms.

Sorry it took so long to update i've been sick since last saturday and i didn't go to school until Thursday. Anyway sorry its soo short but i have to re-do the next chappie.
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