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It takes one to know one

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The Date

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We pulled up at a small restaurant called Bella's Pasta

"Do you like Italian?"

"Yes I love it me and brother used to have it all the time when we were young"

"Sweet" he smiled and got out of the car. I followed.

"Ah Mr. Lazzara hello a date tonight I see?" a small fat guy asked

"Yes this is Lizzi" the guy smiled and shook my hand.

"Follow me" he motioned for us to follow and he took us into the back room. "I figured you wouldn't want to be disturbed Mr. Lazzara"

"Yes thanks"

"So Lizzi what's the real Pete Wentz like?"

"To be honest he's an ass. I don't really like him but he pays me lots of money"

"Haha I had him down as a real sweetie"

"He is when you first meet him anyway I'm sure we could talk about something much more interesting. So you're pretty famous?" WOW, I am actually using sentences!

"I guess you could say that"

"You are lead singer of taking back Sunday international heart throb"

"Haha I wouldn't go that far"

"Ah come on there a millions of girls all over the world who would kill to sit where I am now"

"Can I take your orders Sir, Madam?"

"Yes please I'll have the spaghetti Bolognese please," I said

"Err the same please"

"And drinks"

"Erm a bottle of champagne please"

"Okay thank you" he smiled and left.

"So where were we?" he asked

"We were talking about how many girls would kill to be where I am now"

"Ah yes well most of them are like 12 and no where near as lovely as you" he smiled

I could my cheeks going bright red.

After we had eaten, he paid and we left.

"So I had a good time tonight," he said while holding the car door open for me

"Me too thanks"

"So where do you want me to drop you off?"

"Can you drop me back at work they will most likely still be there and I'll get a lift back of my brother"


In about ten minutes, we reached the building

"So erm thanks I'll guess I'll see you around?"

"You bet you will I'm walking you up by the way

"Oh okay"
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