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Charlotte and Gerard receive some surprising news.

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"Bacon," Charlotte smiled, Gerard knew every single weakness. She smelled all her favorite foods from her bedroom. Eggs, bacon, and biscuits with cheese. Charlotte rolled out of bed and walked downstairs, grabbing Gerard's Misfit robe that was hanging on the back of the door.

"Morning, Mrs. Way," Charlie said from the couch he was lying on last night.

"Hello, Charlie. Where's Emma?"

"She's taking a shower before we go to the skate park," he slipped his hand underneath his beanie and scratched his head.

"Isn't it a little cold to be going to the skate park today?" Charlotte inquired.

"Yeah, I tried to tell Emma but you know how she is about skating," Charlotte thought a moment.

"But there's ice on the streets won't she slip at the park?"

"No, if it's really bad they won't let us in the park, so there's not much to worry about. I figure its easier this way than just arguing with her."

"You're a smart man, Charlie," she patted his shoulder as she passed him, on her way to the dining room.

"Morning, babe," Gerard came through the kitchen doors, with food in his hands, and gave Charlotte a quick kiss before setting down the plates.

"Morning, did the doctor's office call yet? The stomach pains are getting worse, I threw up at least twelve times yesterday."

"Fourteen actually," Gerard corrected. Charlotte let out a short laugh.

"Well did they call? Tell me!" she crossed her arms and stamped her foot.

"Someone's being a very bad girl," Gerard said solemnly.

"Shut up, I'm not in the mood right, now," Before going into the kitchen, Gerard gave her one of those kisses that can drive a woman crazy, even if they're just watching.

"Morning, Mom. What's for breakfast?" Emma walked in, followed by Charlie.

"Go check in the kitchen, I don't know for sure." The soon to be thirteen-year old shrugged and walked into the kitchen, her wet, blonde hair trailing a puddle behind her.

"You hungry Charlie? I'm not sure if Gerard made you a plate," Charlotte bit her lip as she worried what Gerard did when he found Charlie and Emma on the couch together.

"Oh he did, he woke up about an hour ago and saw me and Emma watching a movie. He asked me then, if I was staying for breakfast," that was a load off of Charlotte's shoulders. Who knew what that kid would've endured had Gerard found them together.

"Great!" Charlotte smiled, Charlie did the same. She thought he had such a charming smile, kind of like Gerard's.

"Breakfast is served," Gerard announced. Emma came out with glasses and a pitched of orange juice. They all sat down at the circular glass table.

"So, you two going to the skate park?" Gerard asked while taking a bite out of his bacon.

"Yeah, I guess we'll leave right after breakfast. That okay Charlie?" Charlie nodded from across the table as he took a sip of his orange juice.

"Little cold don't you think?" Gerard sliced his biscuit in half.

"I'll wear an extra jacket," Emma mumbled.

"We don't..." Charlie was cut off by the high pitched ringing of the phone in the kitchen.

"I got it," Charlotte stood up from her seat and ran into the kitchen. She got to the phone by the fourth ring.

Phone Conversation


"Hello, is this Mrs. Way?" the receptionists at the doctor's office's familiar voice asked.

"Yes, it is," Charlotte confirmed.

"Hi, Mrs. Way, well the results on your test are in and..." the woman's voice sounded happy, yet unsure.

"Out with it!" Charlotte yelled.

"You okay, Char?" Gerard bellowed from the dining room.

"Yeah, I'm sorry about that m'am, please go on."

"Quite alright, anyways, congratulations Mrs. Way you're pregnant!" Charlotte let the phone slip out of her hands, but it was the old kind of phone where there's a cord on it. She immediately bent down to listen to what more the receptionist had to say.

"I'm sorry, what?"

"You're three weeks pregnant, Mrs. Way," Charlotte's mouth dropped.

"THREE weeks?!" Charlotte shrieked.

"Yes, Mrs. Way three weeks," the receptionist sounded irritated by Charlotte's consistent asking of questions.

"But I took a pregnancy test two days ago, how could it be three weeks?" Charlotte lowered her voice to make sure the kids didn't hear.

"Most pregnancy test are only 99% accurate," the receptionist guessed.

"Well, thank you, very much."

"No problem, whatsoever, good bye."

End of Phone Conversation

Charlotte hung up the phone and laid her back against the wall,, for a moment, eventually sinking down to the bottom of the black tiled floor. Three weeks? It wasn't that she was unhappy about the pregnancy thing, it was just frustrating that the test she took two days ago was wrong. A little heads up wouldn't have hurt was all she was saying. At least Gerard would be happy to know they would finally have a baby of their own. With that last thought, Charlotte pulled herself up with some help from the counter next to her.

"What happened, honey?" Gerard looked up from his plate when Charlotte came back from the kitchen.

"Uh, well, I'm..." she turned to look at Emma and Charlie who were waiting for an answer with wide eyes. Charlotte went over to Gerard and whispered what happened in his ears.

"PREGNANT! Already? Damn I'm good!" Gerard screamed, right in front of Emma and Charlie.

"Oh, my god!" Emma pushed her chair away from the table and ran out of the room.

"Emma," Charlie calmly got out of his hair and ran after Emma.

"So, we got it on the first try? Alright!" Gerard smiled proudly at himself.

"No, I'm three weeks pregnant, the test I took two days ago was wrong," Gerard's smile seemed to be cut in half.


"Gerard, don't be that way! We're going to have a baby!" I put a hand on his face.

"Yeah, I know I was just joking, is all! I'm stoked, you have no idea, at all!" Gerard jumped up and squeezed Charlotte tightly. "Being parents is going to be the greatest part of our lives," caught up in all the commotion, they didn't hear Charlie and Emma come in. But they both heard someone crying, the sound of the front door slam closed, and Charlie calling after her.
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