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My what BIG Teeth you have Xander.

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Xander and Dawn disappear through Glory's portal, and end up in a world like no other.

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Anya never became human so Xander has been a 'Ship' adrift for a while now.

See bottom of story for disclaimer


Xander made it to the landing and took in the situation.

Dawn was tied to two posts while blood dripped from several cuts along her arms while Spike grinned at Xander as he licked the blood off the knife. "Nice of you to join us, Droopy."

"Spike" Xander growled as he tried to regain his breath. "I thought you couldn't hurt humans."

"Well what can I say, her gloriousness offered me a better paying gig." Spike said and looked down as the tower shuddered when Buffy and Glory slammed into it.

Seeing the tower was still standing and the two fighters were moving off Spike looked up in time to see heavy grains of a 4x4 post just before it impacted with his face.

Xander didn't let up as the bleached vampire dropped to the ground, opting instead to slam the post into his head several more times before shoving the vampire off the tower.

"Dawn are you okay?" Xander asked as he cut her loose and focused on stopping the blood flow.

Not getting an answer Xander looked up and saw Dawn focusing on the portal. "Dawn?" he pried before she finally looked down at him.

"I have to go through that." She whispered as she took a step forward towards the edge.

"WHAT? NO!" Xander shouted as he pulled her back.

Only to have the decision taken out of his hands as Buffy and glory knocked over one of the support pillars for the tower and pitch the two off into open air.


Willow watched in shock as Xander and Dawn flew off the collapsing tower and into the portal.

She felt something snap in her as the color drained from her eyes leaving hollow milky orbs to turn towards the ranting hell goddes.

She didn't see Dawn's body disappear in a flash of green mist or the impact of Xander's body as it fell onto the rocky ground beneath the tower.

She didn't even hear the roar as the tower collapsed.

She was far too focused on the writhing form of a fallen hell god as she poured the entirety of her rage into it.


Xander groaned as he was nudged again.

/He really didn't want to get up today/ he decided as whoever was attempting to wake him was seemed persistent that he rise.

"BLAST IT GORBASH!" roared the voice he had been trying to ignore. "Wake up! Come on, boy, we've got to get down to the main cave. They've just captured one!"

"One what." Xander groaned as he tried to focus on what was happening.

"A George! A George! WAKE UP, GORBASH!" the voice roared as Xander sat up blinking into the huge face of a dragon.



No offense intended to Gordon R.Dickson or Del Rey publishing.

This was taken to a plot bunny spawned from the book 'The dragon and the George.'

(And yes Dawn is the George here. In case you were wondering.)

No money was made from this and I don't own nothing.
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