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Letter to Teagan from Throttle

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The death of a child isn't easy on anyone, but when Throttle's illigitimate daughter,Teagan,comes down with a fever that is relentless,he is powerless to do anything to help and in the end he loose...

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Letter to Teagan from Throttle
My darling daughter Teagan

Lord darlin it seems like you've been gone for six years, even though it has barely been a year since you died; however I sense inside my breast that you've moved on to a better place that is filled with torture and suffering from a fever that refuses to disintegrate.

No matter what we achieved to make you restful, the torment and suffering you tolerated throughout the irreversible hours appeared to be more than I expected you would endure from. It aches nowadays more than ever with the anniversary of your passing only a scant three weeks away, the ache appears fresher than it ever was when you advanced on to the next creation. I yearn now more than ever for you to be slumbering abreast me at night so that I can talk to you at nigh when I can not snooze.

The illusions of your parting are still fresh in my remembrances of you desperately trying to swallow the cool air that came in your window pane, your face a color of red that indicated that you're temperature was quickly climbing from 148 to 239. No means of coolness from the rag on your forehead could deliver any methods of making you restful while you slumbered.

Each day brought around additional series of temperature studying, cloths immersing within cool liquid to be arranged on your forehead to assist you in keeping refreshed and snug. It's awfully past the time when I expressed I would turn in for the night when you were alive. I recall how you forced me to agree that I would not linger with my transcribing.

I had promised you that within the midnight period, I would turn the light out,take off my shades and lay them on the night stand, and have my head on the cushions with my eyes shut and be slumbering before 12:30. I miss you deeply Stacey, throughout the planet, not one human can ever take your place in my breast.

Wherever you exist and what ever you achieve, I will all ways love you as a confidant, sibling and as a counterpart. Please; if you happen to be able to read this, Scribble genuinely brief message that will grant me the awareness that you will constantly remain by my side until we encounter each other within the nearby universe.

Write back to me shortly
Love for ever and Eternity
Your Ever Loving Attentive Father



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