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Revenge is so sweet when your straving!

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What is he trying to say?

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By third period I was so ready to go home I got a pass out of class and walked around the school campus. I went to every subject building. To the Science hall to the English hall even the elective hall. Finally I stopped my tour at the school soccer field. It was a chilly day but the sun was enough to keep you warm. I sat on the cold metal bleachers and stared at the lushes green grass and faded white lines in the dead of winter. I lean back and was dazed, thinking about Damien and immediately felt the memories of last night. I tried to shake out of it but then my thoughts drift to Jerad. I was thinking about the text he sent last. Was I thinking too much in to it? Or was it a code to figure out? I mean I don't know. Boys are complicated. So is life. What to do? A bouncing of a ball interupped my thoughts. I Focus and scanned the field. I saw a dark hair male practicing soccer. He must have spotted me cause the ball stop bouncing.

"Janelle?" said the boy moving towards me. I got up and walked towards him as well.

"Jerad? What are you doing here?" I asked a little shocked.

"I could ask you the same thing." Jerad said grinning.

"I'm skipping with a pass and you?" I said.

"I'm practicing soccer. My coach is my third period teacher so its and easy A." Jerad said.

"So in other words you're skipping," I said. Jerad just laughed and sat on the bleacher. I sat down next to him.

"So why the long face" Jerad asked after along pause.

"Just thinking" I replied.

"About Damien?" Jerad asked. I wonder how the hell he guess that on the first try. Am I that obvious? He continued: "I saw Damien in the hall he wouldn't even look twice at these two girl gawking at him"

"Either the girls stink or Damien's gay," I said laughing. Jerad was quiet then let out this roar of a laugh.

"Seriously. Dude. He's trying to get you back. He's on a mission." Jerad stated.

"I don't know. Did he send you out here" I asked suspiciously.

"No. Maybe. Yeah" Jerad said putting his head down.

"You know you wrong," I said giving him a light shove.

"Come on can you blame the guy for trying. I mean if I wasn't with Angela I would so. . . . . . . . . Hook you up with one of my friends" Jerad said before stopping and looking dead at me.

"You need to break up with Angela to hook me up with one of you friends. Odd." I said trying to once again decode the mystery of Jerad Cahan. Then suddenly the bell rung; Jerad and me both got up.

" See you later. K?" Jerad said

"Bye" I said and turned the opposite direction and left. Jerad went to opposite way too.
For lunch I went straight to Camren's locker to wait for her. She came walking down the hall accompanied by Marco and Leo.

"Hey" I said.

"What's up?" Leo said. Camren nodded.

"Hi" Marco said.

"So what for lunch? Cafeteria or eat out?" Camren asked putting her books in her locker.

"Eat out" We all said together.

"But what the Pizzeria around the corner or SIDNEI'S" Marco asked.

"Let's go to SNAKES," I said.

"O.K." they said.

We were out the front doors of Moore High within a few minutes. We all spotted Jada sitting on the lawn against a tree drawing.

"Maybe you should ask your girlfriend if she wants to join us for lunch'" Camren teased.

"I will. But she's not my girlfriend. Not yet anyway" Leo said with a smirk and walked over to Jada. So we all went to SNAKE the hot new restaurant in NYC. But this was their lunch hour so no need for IDs or fakes ones. We got a seat that fit all of us and ordered our drinks. When suddenly britteny came to mind.

"Has Britteny given you any problem since last time" I said looking over at Jada.

"Little minor stuff but I can deal" Jada said.

"We have to punish Britteny" I said stern.

"Do what? She'll just blow it off," Jada said looking up at me.

"What are we talking about" Marco asked dumbfounded.

"Britteny dude we're talking about Britteny" Camren said. I turned to Leo.

"Who was the person that repeatedly called you a loser and a dork?" I said

"Britteny" Leo said looking down. I turned to Marco.

"Who was the one who called you Fashion tasteless on the school news" I said.

"Britteny" Marco said fidgeting with his shirt.

"I mean need I say more. She needs to humiliated" I said raising my voice and now standing.

"Ok General. What's the plan?" Camren asked.

"I have no idea," I said sitting down.

"How about we go to her house, right? Kidnap her and stick her in a trunk of a car. Drive to the middle of nowhere and leave her there naked. And the whole time we're videotaping it an then black mail her then . . .." Jada said before I interrupted.

"Ok serial killer. I may have to turn you in if you continue" Marco said taking a sip of his water.

"Jada I love your enthusiasm but something a little less murderous. I got and idea" I said leaning in closer and so did everyone else. Well let's just say you'll be surprised by what we cooked up.
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