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Princess Stacey's Rescue

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The Princess of the Jewlstone Clan of Brimstone City on Ancient Marsis has been missing for three years,her three 'loyal' bodyguards kidnapped her and demanded money for her release. No money the P...

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Disclaimer: The authors do not own the biker mice or make a profit off of them in anyway. This story is pure fiction and has been copyrighted by the authors. The other characters other than the biker mice that are portrayed in this story DO NOT EXIST but are a product of the author's imaginations and should not be used with out their permission. Now that that's over on to the story. Enjoy and feel free to tell the authors whatcha think of their story.

Princess Stacey's Rescue
Dakota and Brandon BlackRuby
Copy Righted 2001-3070

It was a dark and snowy night in ancient Brimstone City in the Jewlstone Kingdom and out in the woods in a cave,sitting on a damp bench sat a beautiful blond haired,brown furred marsian female mouse who wore a sleeveless lavander dress with matching slippers with her hair tied back in a dusty rose hair ribbon. This was no ordinary girl, for you see this is the missing Princess who had been abducted from her home and was being held in the cavern against her wishes. The girl was only eighteen years old, deeply missed her older brother and was extremely worried about her younger sister Julie who was sick with a fever and could not be out of bed. But most of all, she dearly missed her fiancè,, Sir Hunter, who had no idea she was missing. As the girl sat you could see that she was trembling from the air that was bitter and freezing cold, sheer exhaustion, hunger and fear for she knew what lay ahead. When her captors finished eating, the tall skinny one known as "Josh" would open the cell door, walk over to her, tie her hands behind her back and fasten an iron collar around her neck that had a chain attached to it, then he would force her onto her unsteady legs and then they would exit the prison,go down a short tunnel that led them outside to a pond where they would go through the rundown of how she was to be killed. So begins our story.


Josh: Well Don, shall we review what will happen if her brother or someone doesn't pay the ransom notice?

Don: Yes, I think that would be a splendid idea Josh.

Stacey sits on the bed shivering and silently thinks to herself: No,oh please no more rehersals. I would not be able to stand on my feet without my knees giving out. Please just allow me stay here and catch up on my sleep. I feel so exhausted. Why? Why is Hunter not here when I need him the most? He promised me he would come if I was ever in danger! So why is Hunter not here to keep me safe and take me back home? Oooh,it is so cold out! I wish that I had some sort of wrap or sweater to keep me warm! The weather has turned very cold, but the window is so high up that I cannot tell what season it is. Even when we go by the brooke to get to the pond, it is hard to tell because the water is kept warm by the under water hot springs that melt what ever hits the ground.

Josh grabs a coil of rope off of the table,goes to prison,opens door,walks over to Stacey who trembles when he stands in front of her: Now then your (snickers) Highness, you know the routine so stand up and hands behind your back NOW!

Stacey quickly jumps to her feet,turns around to face the wall and crosses her wrists behind her back to allow Josh to bind them together tightly with the coil of rope that he brought in,softly crying out in pain as Josh jerks the ropes tighter and tighter until she was unable to move her wrists but the blood could still flow: Oh uhow. How much longer until someone comes? I can not do this much longer. Every day brings new horrors and less sleep. This cannot be good for me. I can hardly walk properly.

Josh: Now all I have to do is put this collar around your neck and we'll be off for rehersals.

Stacey: No not the collar. Please, the ropes are bad enough...

Josh: Tough love your highness, the collar is going on so either you learn to like it or I'll leave it on your beautiful neck and chain you to the wall like an animal. (Snaps the collar around Stacey's neck and under her hair then makes sure that it snaps into the lock position) Am I understood? Will there be anymore stalling coming from you tonight?

Stacey: Y-yes, n-no more stalling will come out of me tonight.

Josh: Good! Y'know I could just easily take you into the back room and deflower you right here right now and demand ten times the amount of gold that we're asking! (Jerks Stacey close to his face,leans in knowing she couldn't move and kisses her on her mouth as her eyes grew wide with terror and horror as he made the kiss linger, running his tounge around the inside of Stacey's mouth tasting her innocence,then broke it off and turMatthew her around so he stood behind her saying) Now be a good girl and MARCH

Stacey with the foul taste of Josh's lips lingering on her lips and in her mouth and threats of taking her virginity still ringing in her mind, stumbles out the cell door due to the lack of food and sleep and continues to stumble all the way down the tunnel thinking: H-he kissed me! That monster kissed me! He could be hanged for that! But,what powers of law do I hold? I am fifth in line to the throne, if anyone could punish him, it would be Matthew, not me. I am useless as a law enforcer! How is it that I, a royal child, am frightened of these pensants? Oh wait I know the answer to that question! It is their size and strength that scares me! What good do I do the kingdom if I am here as a prisoner? Oh Matthew,Hunter, Father! Where are you? Why have you not found me? All I wish, is just to be permitted to go home!

Josh: Can the stumbling or I'll kill you right here and right now.

Stacey starts to sob harder with the threat of being killed immediatly

Mean while at the palace

Matthew quietly speaks to the sleeping Julie in her mind while holding her hand: Julie,I'm not sure if you can hear me, but you've got to call those friends of yours and tell them that Stacey has been kidnaped. They'll come for Stacey's safety and you know it. They're our last line of defense until father returns home from his search party that is else where hunting for your sister. I can't do anything with this swollen ankle, it is all up to you Julie. Please do it for Stacey's life and her future as Queen.

Julie to Matthew in his mind: I do not know if I have that much strength

Matthew: Julie you have to try .

Julie: I'll try

Matthew: That's what I want to hear

Julie gently connects to Vinceenzaro's mind and quietly calls his name: Vinceenzaro, Vinceenzaro. it is me Julie

Vinceenzaro: Your Highness? What's wrong? Why are you talking to me now? I am miles away!

Julie: Matthew and I need you here, it is about my sister

Vinceenzaro: Stacey?

Julie: Yes it is about Stacey

Vinceenzaro: What's going on that you need us there to help you with?

Julie: it is hard for me to explain, but come and Matthew will tell you everything.

Vinceenzaro: All right I will let the others................

Julie: Not to worry they already know what's going on and agreed to come. I have been sick and forgot to tell you about this.

Vinceenzaro: If you are sick, I want you to lay back and take it easy until I get there understood?

Julie: Yes I understand perfectly well.

Vinceenzaro: Good. Hopefully we will be there shortly. As for now rest, I can feel your not awake. Is everything alright with you?

Julie: No, I have been in and out of consciousness for weeks. I have a really high temperature and it just keeps getting worse and worse.

Vinceenzaro: Message from Terranceran: BREAK OFF THIS LINK AND LET YOUR MIND REST. you are fevered he can tell and I have to say that he's not too thrilled with this link that you've set up and is telling me to say good bye and we'll be there soon. Soon as in a few mere moments. Lay and rest think not of me but of other things like getting better. Morcam will break the fever when we arrive, as for now, go straight to sleep. This type of stress is not good for your mind and body which are fevered.


Morcam see's Julie's face and how peaceful she looks and says to Matthew: How long has it been?

Matthew: Three maybe four weeks since it set on. I do not honestly know. Right now, I have my own problem with my ankle. The swelling will not go down . I tripped and fell a couple of days ago on a patch of hidden ice while out searching for Stacey. I went one way and my ankle went another.

Terranceran: Let me see your ankle

Matthew removes the ice pack from his ankle to allow Terranceran to probe it saying: Is it bad?

Terranceran gently squeezes the ankle saying: No nothing's broken,it's fine just a severe sprain. Keep it elevated and ensure you stay off it. In time it will heal.

Morcam: Julie can you hear me at all? Squeeze once for yes and give me a slack hand for no. (Faintly feels Julie squeeze his hand once and says) I am here now do not worry. You will feel a slight prick in your arm but do not worry for I am injecting the antidote to counter act your fever. (Gently pinches Julie's skin together then slips the needle into her arm and injects the fluid into her bloodstream hoping that it would help disperse her fever so she could awaken then removes the empty needle and waits praying that the antidote worked)

Julie slowly starts to awaken from her long sleep: Hmm?

Morcam: Julie?

Julie: M-Morcam?

Morcam: What....Julie! Your awake!! (leans down to hear Julie's voice) what did you say?

Julie: The antidote worked! It broke the fever.

Morcam: The...antidote...broke...the...fever? It worked?! It was finally strong enough to break your fever?!

Julie: Yes. The antidote was strong enough to break my fever.

Throttlerian: So why are we here?

Julie: Stacey has been kidnaped and will be killed tonight at sunset unless her captors get the money that they want for her. (Tries her strength and tries to sit up catching Arrence off guard)

Arrence: Julie no! You don't have the strength in your muscles to sit up so soon! Stay down until you have regained more strength! Sitting up so soon will do damage to your weakened muscles! Please (lays his hands on Julie's shoulders using very little of his body weight to keep her from sitting up too soon saying) just stay laying down until your strength returns!

Julie feels too weak to struggle against Arrence's gentle hands and says: You-you win. I-I am much too weak to be sitting up with out anything propping me up. (Suddenly realizes that Hunter had no idea Stacey was missing and says) Oh no! Hunter is on his way here to see Stacey and she is no where to be found! He will be frantic about her if he arrives and she is not here to greet him after his long journey!

Arrence: Hunter? Who's Hunter?

Throttlerian fills everyone in on who Hunter was saying: Hunter is the First Knight of the SteelBlade Clan that is a six night carriage drive away from here. Stacey met him at the banquet about four years ago when she was thirteen and they have been courting since then with the continuing presences of four chaperones to keep things light and airy not hot,heavy and romantic the way Mitchell would like things to be. Just recently Hunter's parents and their parents have arranged their marriage to eachother in three years, but how can he marry her if she is going to be killed?

Chance arrives at Julie's bedroom and says: Excuse me your highnesses, but Sir Hunter's arrived and is looking for Stacey.

Julie swallows and says: Send him in and let me face the music Chance .

Chance turns and allows Hunter to enter Julie's room then leaves closing the door behind him

Hunter enters Julie's room and says: I can not find Stacey anywhere! Where is she? Is everything alright?

Julie swallows then reaches under her pillow for the ransom note and hands it to Hunter saying: You had better sit and read this very carefully.

Hunter takes the letter from Julie's hand and sits in a vacant chair and begins reading the letter then says: Oh my god! No! Stacey's.......they're going to kill her at sundown!

Throttlerian feels his heart drop and says: Where are they going to kill her? Does it say?
Hunter frantically skims the letter and finds the required information and says: On the shore of the pond! They want fifty thousand gold coins for her release!! I've nothing with me save for travelling spending money and that's no where near what they want! I don't take that many coins with me when I travel!

Arrence: I have an extra pouch full of phony coins to use in exchange for Stacey's freedom, I picked up two bags of phony gold coins at the local toy wagon on my way here. Do you know of a way that we can use to get to the pond before sundown? You've been here more often than we have.

Hunter shakes his head clear then says: Of course. Follow me down to the library,there's a passageway behind one of the bookshelves that leads directly to the pond where they're going to kill Stacey in a few short minutes! The sun's going down quicker than I'd like it to. (Gets up out of the chair and leaves Julie's room and goes down to the library and pulls a book out causing the entire book case to slide open and says) Hurry, these shelves will not stay open very long. (Watches as the others quickly file into the dark passage way then enters last and ensures the book cases are back in place then says) Alright follow me and be silent. One false move could be catostrophic! (Hurries quietly through the passage way until at last he comes to a boulder that he shoves to the left opening up the exit way saying) We've arrived at the pond and the sun has almost set.

While Hunter and the others quietly scattered themselves amongst the trees,Josh and Don had dragged their prisoner all the way to the frozen snow covered pond where they forced her to her knees in the snow removing the metal collar but leaving her hands bound behind her back and waited for their elder to arrive and begin their horrid rehersal of how they were going to kill Stacey.

Arrence: So who is going out there to spare Stacey's life? Should I do it or do you want to do it Hunter? She is your fiancèe (Notices Throttlerian's hands had balled into fists and says) No! If you go out there then things will quickly deterriorate and they will kill her regardless! They know not of your relationship towards Stacey for now,let us leave it at that! We all know you care for her deeply but you going out there as is will make things worse. (Glances over at Stacey's face and says) Besides, the poor thing is petrified enough!

Hunter pulls the hood to his cape up over his head and pulls his cloak closed to hide his royal knight clothing and says: He is right,if you go out there unexpected,they'll turn and in one swipe Ari will slice her head clean off her shoulders! Every male member of Ari's family has been an executioner! Ari is trained to slice at the first sense things are wrong! If he senses anyone other then a guard is on their way out,you'll be paying your respects to Stacey at her funeral! Stay here and calm down! I'll do it. Stacey might be expecting one of my commrads or her brother to arrive and pay them off but she won't be expecting me to do it myself. Stay here.

Josh glares down at a sobbing Stacey and says: Either you shut up now or you face the wrath of Ari! He will make you shut up in ways that are irreversable. (Walks over to her and jerks her up until she was kneeling straight saying) Keep your upper body straight like a proper lady does! Good posture is always maditory is that not correct your highness?

Stacey becomes even more terrified of her fate until she touched something smooth and round on her third right finger under her glove and became aware of her engagement ring that Hunter had slid on her finger three months before she had been kidnapped.

Don glances at the setting sun and says to Ari who had just arrived: It is sunset, how much longer shall we hold on?

Ari: Another fifteen minutes will do nicely. (Notices Stacey's tattered hair ribbon still in her hair and says) You should die like an honorable virgin with your hair blowing freely! (Walks over to her and swiftly cuts the torn ribbon out from her hair then fixes her hair saying) You look more like a virgin now then with your hair tied back!

Stacey feels the chill of the night air coming off of the frozen pond directly behind her and shivers thinking: Could this be the end of my life? Am I not to marry Hunter? Am I destined to die right here in fifteen minutes? Oh please no! I have looked forward to my marriage to Hunter for the past four years. Oh please let someone come and free me before they kill me and leave my body for Hunter to find. Cousin Throttlerian....oh he must be so worried! No word about me for what feels like an eternity it must be killing his heart.....he's ten years older then I, but he still acted like the other over protective older absence must be breaking his heart.....every day that goes by must be agony.

Hunter steps through the bushes making as much noise as possible and quickly makes his way through the bushes making sure that he made his arrival noticable

Stacey raises her head as she hears a rustling in the bushes behind her and thinks: Huh? Someone is coming! Oh please let it be Hunter! Please oh please let it be Hunter or cousin Throttlerian!

Hunter comes through the clearing holding the bag of phony coins in his left hand and says in a clear controlled voice that disguised his own: I have been sent on behalf of Sir Hunter SteelBlade. I have with me the money that you requested in exchange for the fair Princess's life. (Tosses the coin purse over to Josh who took it then says) It is all there, not a single gold coin missing from that purse.

Ari walks over to where Stacey knelt and yanked her to her feet and shoved her in Hunter's direction saying: Here ya can have her!

Hunter catches Stacey before she fell into the pond face first drowning and says: Now be gone with you from this Kingdom! Never return here again. (Watches as Josh,Donald and Ari all ran in the direction of the road that lead away from the kingdom then says to a startled Stacey) Are you alright?

Stacey finally regains her voice and says: Ye-Yes thank you. Now please,cut my hands free of these ropes.

Hunter removes his hunting knife from is sheath and cuts the ropes off Stacey's wrists saying: There all the ropes are off.

Stacey pulls her wrists around infront of her and rubs her left wrist saying: Thank you ever so kindly for sparing my life. May I enquire as to who you are and how you know my fiancè, Sir Hunter Steelblade of the Steelblade Kingdom?

Hunter removes his hood and pushes his cape over his shoulders saying: Have I been out of your life that long that you do not recognize me?

Stacey in shock: HUNTER?! (Feels the shock wear off she sobbed) Oh I thought no one was coming and that I was destined to die here tonight!

Hunter pulls Stacey close to him and soothes her saying: No,fate stepped in and you were spared. I arrived not too long ago and wondered why you had not come to greet me. (Lays her head on his chest and says) Oh my darling, are you alright? Have they hurt or violated you in any way?

Stacey slowly starts to feel calm and says: N-no, they have not hurt nor violated me in any way. Though the tall skinny one did kiss me forcibly and threatened to deflower me before we left the cave and ask for ten times more gold. I still shudder speaking of it. It was horrible,he would not stop until he had tasted what he called my innocence.

Hunter gently strokes Stacey's hair saying: That monster! How dare he kiss royalty! Does he not know the consequences of his actions will result in his immediate death? How dare he threaten to take your purity! Especially when we are so close to our wedding night! If anyone will take your purity, it will be me on our wedding night training permitting. I am one step closer to Captaincy and the training has increased.

Stacey: He knew,it is just that he did not care about the end result being his immediate death. (Remembers Hunter's promotional ceremony that she had missed and says) Oh my dear! Oh,I'm so sorry! I had planned on attending your promotional ceremony but then all this happened and I missed it!

Hunter: No my darling,every knight in the Steelblade and BlackRuby clans have been out searching for you, we did not go through with the ceremony. It will take place the day before our wedding so that you maybe in attendance.

Stacey closes her eyes and heaves a sigh saying: Oh thank goodness, I would have hated to have missed your big day. (Hears the bushes rustle as the others came out from their hiding spots and says) Just like you not to travel alone.

Hunter: They were just as worried about you as I was when I found out that you were about to be killed. Though some of them found out before I did. I only found out when I went to Julie's room to see if she knew where you were. They came with me just incase things got out of hand and I needed back up to spare my life and yours.

Morcam reaches Stacey first and says in a fatherly concerned tone: Are you alright?

Stacey: Yes I am fine,shaken up,hungry and tired but I am fine. Unharmed and fine. (Leaves Hunter's protective arms for Morcam's arms)

Morcam allows her to hug him saying: You are thinner than normal! I can feel your ribs through your fur,skin and dress! If you were fed regularly your clothing wouldn't be so loose! did not they feed you?

Stacey: No,they never fed me anything. They ate all the food and drank everything leaving me with stale bread to eat and warm water to drink, then they stopped giving me that and just made me go without anything to eat.

Hunter notices Stacey's lack of sleeves on her dress and removes his over cloak saying: Here darling, it is cold out here and you have no sleeves on your dress nor have you a wrap to keep you warm. (Fastens his over cloak around Stacey's neck saying) There, now you should feel warmer.
Stacey starts to feel warmer and says: Thank you, I feel much warmer now.

Throttlerian steps forward and envlopes Stacey in a tight hug lifting Stacey off her feet and into his arms saying: Thank the gods you are safe cousin Stacey! Ever since I recieved word of your disapperance, I spent many a sleepless night worrying about your safety! Are you alright? Did they hurt you?

Vinceenzaro/Morcam at the same time: COUSIN STACEY?! Would you like to clue us in?! We didn't know you were cousins!

Stacey returns her elder cousin's hug saying: Whoa,I had forgotten how strong you are! I am fine,just a little tired,cold,confused and hungry. No they never hurt me,'Josh' implied he wanted to do the unthinkable and get more money but he never went through with it. He merely kissed me. You never told them we are realated by marriage?

Vinceenzaro: Alright now you REALLY have got alot of talking to do! What is all this about being related through marriage?! You are six years older then her and you MARRIED her?!

Throttlerian sets Stacey back on her tired feet saying: Good heavens no! Alyssa is my niece! Stacey is my baby cousin! We share a birthday six years apart. (Clenches his teeth growling) How dare he insinuate taking your purity for a higher price! He is lucky he merely kissed you! Had he gone further he would be in grave legal trouble he could not get out of!

Morcam finally connects a mental image of a bouncy brown haired,blonde furred,green eyed little girl to the young lady infront of him and says: Has it TRULY been THAT long since we last seen you?! What happened to your summer visits?

Throttlerian: It's a two week long drive from here to home and another two weeks for her to get back here again and besides, all those days I was 'missing' I spent my summers here with Stacey,Matthew,Julie and Corrina. It was not every day I seen Stacey so I had to make the most of what time we had together before I had to return home to finish my education. Now come,let us get you in out of the cold before you get sick! Are you anywarmer now?

Stacey: Yes, I am much warmer then I had been. What season is this? The last season I remember seeing was summer when it was extremly hot and my dress was appropriate for the weather. Now it gets dark sooner and is getting colder each and every night.

Hunter: It is winter. You have been gone three years. This is January the thirtyfirst, 1324! The new year has come and gone. It has not been much of a Happy New Year with you out of the picture. Things just were not the same without you. Shortly after New Year's Julie became sick with a fever then Matthew injured his ankle when he slid on a patch of hidden ice. Your father and mother are searching every kingdom for you! As soon as we get back, I will send my messenger out with a message to give to your parents alerting them that we have finally found you safe and alive.

Stacey unable to believe she'd been gone three years hesitantly says: 13....24 already?! Oh, I had no idea it had been so long since I have been home. Now that this has happened,father will put more guards in charge of my safety to ensure this does not happen ever again.. (Suddenly realizes just how much she missed her brother and says to Hunter) Matthew? Where is Matthew? Is Matthew here with you?

Hunter: No, Matthew had to stay behind. He injured his foot when he slid on a patch of hidden ice and has to stay off of it for a while. But he is waiting back at the palace for our return. So let us get going before it starts to snow and you catch a nasty cold my dear.

Hunter,Stacey and their friends all start to head back towards Stacey's home where Throttlerian, Morcam and Vinceenzaro all parted with Hunter and Stacey.

Throttlerian gives Stacey one last tight relieved hug and says: As much as I would love to stay awhile longer, unfortunately I cannot. I need to get back home soon before the snow storm makes travel impossible, but I will see you in the spring and I will be at your wedding just as you were at mine.

Stacey returns Throttlerian's hug saying: I guess all good things must come to an end at one time. Though I will miss you when you are gone.

Throttlerian releases Stacey saying: And I you Stacey. (Kisses her cheek and heads out to the waiting carriage to head home)

Morcam gives Stacey one last hug saying: I too will be at your wedding with my family (Releases Stacey and follows Throttlerian to the carriage)

Vinceenzaro envlopes Stacey in a tight hug saying: I'll be there with my clan as well. (Releases Stacey and follows Throttlerian to the carriage and climbs in,sits down and shuts the door giving Andrew the go ahead signal)

Stacey watches as her elder cousin's carriage started rolling away until it was a mere speck on the horizon

Meanwhile an anxious Matthew stood looking out a sleeping Julie's bedroom window leaning on a pair of crutches that Nathan had brough in for him to use for walking.

A few minutes later as the snow began to thicken and obscure his field of vision, Matthew felt his heart settle into the pit of his stomach thinking that they were bringing back his sister's dead body,until at long last he heard Hunter's voice coming from down the hall until it stopped right outside Julie's door.

Hunter opens Julie's bedroom door and slips in saying: Oh my it is nasty outside!

Matthew carefully turns with his crutches and notices Stacey's absence and says: My sister? Where is she? Is she dead? Oh dear god please do not tell me she is dead!

Hunter: No Matthew,Stacey is not dead. She will be here in a moment, she went to see Nathan to ensure that she has not caught a nasty chill from being poorly dressed for this type of weather. (Hears Stacey's voice coming closer to the door then opens it and says) Here she is.

Matthew notices Stacey and says: Oh thank god you are alright after all this time! (Sets his crutches aside and sits on the high window sill then opens his massive muscular arms for Stacey to enter saying) I have been so worried about you! I went out searching the grounds for you day after day hoping to find you somewhere! Who took you away for so long and demanded money from us?! Did those fiends dare to hurt you?

Stacey flies into the warmth and safety of Matthew's massive muscular arms and begins to feel safe as his massive muscular arms closed around her small body then laid her head on his muscular chest saying: I am afraid that I do not know who they were. N-no, they have not hurt nor violated me in any way. (Suddenly remembers a name and says) Though one name in particular stands out in my memory.

Matthew pushes Stacey away from him,notices his sister was dressed in the same sleeveless lavendar dress that she was wearing at her birthday banquet three years ago and says: You are still wearing the same dress you were wearing at the banquet father threw for your sixteenth birthday! (notices her once pearl pink gloves were now black and says) You're gloves! They're filthy! Would they not even allow you to remove them so as not to soil them? They're your best gloves and a very expensive pair at that! Who is this monster Stacey?

Stacey: Josh,what his surename is I do not know. Though "Josh" did kiss me forcibly,he then threantened to deflower me and demand ten times more money for an impure princess. I still shudder speaking of it. It was horrible, he would not stop until he'd tasted what he called my innocence. No, they wouldn't let me take them off so they would not get dirty. They made me keep them on, I just hope the filth will come out of them and they can be mended to perfection.

Matthew stamps down his anger and says: Mended? (notices a missing pearl button and torn button hole then says) Take your gloves off and leave them with me and I'll ensure they get cleaned and mended, (removes Stacey's torn glove and sets it on his lap then unbuttons the small delicate pearl button on the other glove and removes it placing it over the other saying) Now I want you to go and have a warm bath then change into a warmer dress before you catch cold! This is the last thing I need! Julie is already sick in bed with a fever!! I do not need you coming down with a cold from the way you are dressed! (Picks up Julie's bell and rings it calling for Stacey's maid to take and help her undress in her own room. After a few moments Clara arrived and he said) Ah Clara,take my sister here back to her room and help her out of that dress before she catches cold! Run her a nice hot bath then help her pick out a warm winter dress to wear.

Clara: Your Highness! Oh thank heavens! You are safe! We have been worried sick about you! (Notices Stacey's dress and says) Come let us get you out of your summer wear and into a warm bath then into a warm winter gown!

Matthew gently shoves a hesitant Stacey towards her maid saying: Go on now and have Clara draw you a nice hot bath to warm you up, then change into your warmest dress to keep the chill away from you! Go on! I have to stay here with Julie incase she needs me. (Gently kisses Stacey's cheek saying) I will be here when you come back, I have no where to go until my foot heals. Don't worry, I'll ensure Todd gets your gloves to clean and mend. (Notices Todd behind Clara and says) Todd! My sister's gloves need cleaning and mending and a button replaced.

Todd enters the room and heads over to Matthew and takes the gloves and says: Her good gloves! Soiled! A nice hot soak in boiling hot water will have them good as new! Oh dear the button popped off again tearing the button hole. Well I'll take these and get them cleaned and send them to the Tailor in the BlackRuby Kingdom to be better mended. (Leaves the room with Stacey's gloves in his hands and goes back to his work shop to begin cleaning the gloves.)

Stacey follows her maid out the door and to her own bedroom where she said: It has been so long since I had a choice in what I wear! It will be best if I wore the new forest green winter gown that was made a few months before I vanished since it is the warmest dress of all my dresses. Now help me out of this dress before I catch a nasty cold.

Clara closes the door to Stacey's bed chamber and begins to help her undress then helped her into the tub where Stacey soaked for awhile then started to scrub her body clean with the help of Clara.

An hour later a freshly bathed Stacey stands up in the tub and takes her robe from Clara and slips it on before the chill from outside made her sick then stepped out of the tub and went around the privacy screen to her massive closet that she flung open to reveal row upon row of gowns for spring, summer,fall and winter.

Entering the closet Stacey notices a brand new dress that hadn't been there before she had vanished. Reaching out she felt how warm the dress was and decided that the dress was perfect for the day,then she removed the gown from the clothes rack and lifted it out to check it over.

After seeing it in the light,she realized it was her wedding gown and quickly put it back choosing instead the forest green dress that she removed from the rack and exited the closet shutting the doors behind her and laid the dress out on the bed and waited for Clara to return and help her dress slipping only her under garments and stockings on under her robe.

Clara returns from helping to empty the tub out and says: Oh good you have a warmer dress picked out. (Picks up the corset wraps it around Stacey's waist lacing it up and says) Grab ahold of the pole while I pull these strings tight. No self respecting lady goes without her corset under her dress! (Begins tugging the laces tighter and tighter until Stacey's natural curved body became more and more womanly then she finally tied the laces up then picked up the hoop for the dress then carefully picks up the dress from the bed removing the hangar and holds it by the front while the back and skirt pooled on the floor saying) Step in your highness and we are almost finished! (Pulls up the dress then zips it up and says) One last thing left to do and that is your hair! Now go and sit at your vanity table while I pick up your damp towel and bathrobe! (Starts picking up Stacey's wet towel and damp bathrobe placing them in the hamper then walks back over to Stacey who sat brushing out her hair and takes the brush from her hand and finishes the job then sets the hair brush down and picks up Stacey's crown that she wore at all times and tied the two ends of the ribbon into her hair finishing in a perfect bow without a single strand of hair out of place then sits down infront of Stacey and starts applying eye shadow to her eyelids ensuring that the color brought out the darkness in her eyes then applied a light coat of blush and lip gloss then said) You are finished your highness and you look magnificent! You are now ready to go back and be in the company of your brother. (Leaves the room to take all the dirty laundry down to be washed)

Stacey gets up off the stool,slips the hoop and extra skirts off from underneath her gown and hides them in the drawer, then uzips the back of her dress and removes the corset hiding it in the drawer along with the extra skirts then rezips the back of her dress, slips her feet into the matching shoes and heads out her bedroom door and down the hall to Julie's room where she opeMatthew the door catching Matthew's attention.

Matthew hears Julie's chamber door open and looks up to see Stacey and says: Much better! Now begin to pray that you will not catch a nasty cold from wearing a summer gown in the winter! Have you eaten anything? If you have not then I will have Nathan whip something up for you to eat.

Stacey hears her stomach growling and says: Unfortunately they never fed me much of anything.

Matthew: Then you shall get something to eat! As much as you can eat! I do not need you passing out from hunger when we have food to spare! (Rings the bell on the window sill for Nathan to come then says when he arrives) Nathan,bring Stacey plenty of food and drink and be certained that there is water present. You know what my father says about water.

Nathan nods and says: Plenty of water keeps the kidneys clean and the urine clear. There is food coming up behind me for her to eat. (Steps out of the way and allows his followers to bring in a table and chair for Stacey and Matthew to sit on and a stool for Matthew's ankle to rest on then spreads a white table cloth over the table and begins spreading out the food until it was all unloaded then says) Should I wake Julie?

Matthew: No. Let her sleep,she can eat later on. For now it is best that she conserves her energy and focuses on getting some sleep. Best place two more chairs across from Stacey one for Hunter to sit on and one for father when he arrives. I do believe Stacey's friends have all gone back to their own homes and families.

Nathan snaps his fingers and is answered quickly by a servant who set up two spare chairs one for Hunter to sit on and one for the king when he arrived to sit on then says: If you need me, I will be in the kitchen getting ready for supper. (Turns and leaves the room following the servants then closes the door only to reopen it to allow Hunter to slip in then closes it again and goes down to the kitchen to prepare for supper)

Hunter sits down across the table from Stacey and says: Well I have sent word to where ever your father may be, stating that you are alright and unharmed. Just do not be too surprised if in twenty minutes he comes barrelling in through that door. As for now lets eat, my stomach is running on empty and it will not be long before I pass out from hunger. I should have eaten before I left.

Matthew,Stacey and Hunter all load up their plates with food and begin eating their lunch,then about twenty minutes later, Matthew,Stacey and Julie's father,Mitchell,arrived at his home and headed up the stairs to his youngest daughter Julie's room where Hunter's note said they would be eating lunch,opened the door and felt three year's worth of pent up worry and frustration washed away by a crashing tidal wave of relief at the sight of Stacey bathed and out of the summer dress.

Mitchell almost collapses from relief at the sight of Stacey and says: Stacey! Oh thank the gods you are alright. Countless days spent searching for you are finally over!

Stacey hears her father's voice,quickly stands up and darts into her fathers waiting arms saying: Father!

Mitchell tightly wraps his arms around Stacey saying: Oh thank the gods you are safe! I had begun to fear the worse after searching nonstop with out success! Who took you from us three summers agos? I'll have them hanged for your kidnapping! Now that I have you back, there will be more security around to keep those monsters away from you and your sisters. From the feel of you, you had best go to bed and have a nice long restful nap and do not tell me that you are wearing a corset under this dress! You are not are you?

Stacey: No father,when Clara left the room I removed the extra skirts,the hoop and the corest and stashed them in my dresser drawer.

Mitchell: Good! You know how I feel about them! Clara knows I do not approve of corsets and she knows how Nathan feels about them. He's told her time and time again that they crush your internal organs. (Burries his face in his daughter's freshly washed hair saying) Oh I am so thankful that those monsters did not kill you! I would not have been able to go on if they had killed you! Did they harm you in anyway shape or form?

Stacey starts feeling even safer in her fathers arms and says: Do not worry they have not hurt nor violated me in any way. Though the tall skinny one did kiss me forcibly and proceeded to threaten to deflower me and demand ten times more gold for an impure princess. I still shudder speaking of it. It was horrible,he would not stop until he had tasted what he called my innocence.

Mitchell becomes angry saying: Who is this monster that kissed you forcibly and threatened to deflower you?! That is a punishable offense! You did wash out your mouth did not you my dear? It is best that you clean out your mouth to rid it of any possible germs! I am absolutley thankful he did not violate you further than kissing you!

Stacey: Yes father, I did brush my teeth to rid my mouth of his foul taste. Though I still cringe when ever I speak of it. (Takes her father by the hand and guides him over to the table saying) Now come and eat lunch! You must be starving after coming all this way without anything in your stomach other than breakfast!

Mitchell goes over to Julie's bedside and tucks her covers up around her throat and kisses her bangs then went and joined his two older children and his daughter's fiancè at the lunch table and began to eat until none of them could eat another bite then says: Oooh, I do not think I could eat another bite! Stacey dear,it is best that you go and lay down for awhile. Hunter,Matthew and I have business to take care of concerning your up coming wedding. Once you awaken, we will go into further details,as for now we need to get started on getting Hunter fitted for his dress clothes, your wedding gown is already in your closet so you are ready. When you wake from your nap, we will go into detail about the place,date,time,guest list, the cake and of course security! I could not live with myself if anything ever happened to you again! (Stands and gives Stacey a tight comforting hug saying) Now go on and get some well desereved rest my dear. You are exhausted from all this terror you were put through and rest assured my dear, I will find those monsters and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. Be thankful your mother is not home! Oh dear! That reminds me, I have yet to send word to your mother saying that you are alright and safely back home where you belong at long last!

Hunter: When I sent word to you stating that Stacey had been found and returned, I sent word to the Queen as well. (Looks up and sees his trusted guard coming over to him and listens to what he had to say before he left then says) My guard just told me that she is on her way up here with young Corrina in tow as we speak.

Alyssa sends little Corrina packing off to the Nursery then opens the door to Julie's room and sees Stacey in her father's arms and says: Oh dear Ares thank you!

Stacey leaves her father's arms and goes to her mother saying: Mother!

Alyssa: Oh Stacey! Thank heavens you are safe! I have been out searching the kingdom for you! (Holds her eldest daughter saying) Those cretiens who abducted you three summers ago are in custody! They were caught trying to spend a pouch full of play coins! Mitchell it is your job to prosecute them,as for now they are in prison where monsters like them belong! As for you! Are you alright? Did those monsters hurt you at all?

Stacey: N-no, they have not hurt nor violated me in any way. Though the tall skinny one did kiss me forcibly and threaten to deflower me and demand ten times more gold for an impure princess. I still shudder speaking of it. It was horrible,he would not stop until he had tasted what he called my innocence.

Mitchell joins his wife and daughter saying: Not to worry Alyssa, she throughly brushed her teeth and rinsed her mouth out to get rid of his saliva! The monster only kissed her,he went no further. If he had then he would be in much more trouble than he is in now! Please do not worry Alyssa, I am going to be making some serious overhauls in Stacey's security force! (Suddenly realizes who Stacey's three body guards were then says) I entrusted them to look after and keep her safe! Instead they kidnapped her from her own birthday party and held her prisoner for three years with no contact with anyone! I am thankful right now that she is safe and unharmed! I have yet to announce new body guards for Stacey but who to trust now that those four have violated the sacred vows?

Hunter: What about Andrew's brothers Vincent, Thomas, Michael, Mitchell,Curtis and Trent? The six out of work body guards?

Alyssa: They will do fine to serve and protect Stacey in public! I will have them sent for and they will begin their new jobs immediately! (Says to Krisitn) Go and get some rest my child and I do not want you wearing a corset unless it is built into the dress!

Hunter stands and embraces his fiance before she headed to her room for a rest saying: I will see you when you next awaken. (Leans in to kiss Stacey's mouth saying) Have a good rest my dear.

Stacey: I will. (Meets Hunter's mouth in the middle and returns his kiss breaking it off and heading out the door to her room allowing Hunter's arm to strain to it's limits before his hand left her's and she disappeared into the hall)

Alyssa picks up Julie's bell and rings it calling out: CLARA COME AT ONCE!

Clara enters Julie's room and says: Yes your Majesty?

Mitchell: You know we do not approve of corsets! Neither does Nathan and he has told you time and again never to put one on the girls since they are already curved enough as it is! Now go and take the corsets out of Stacey's dressers and burn them at once!

Clara protests saying: The school marm will not be happy if Stacey does not wear one! It is only proper that she wear it! It helps the posture to keep it straight!

Alyssa: Do as you are bidded and I will deal with Kathryn myself! Lord only knows that I have had it over my head with her strict rules! Stacey's posture is perfect the way it is! Corsets only crush the internal organs and make bearing children impossible! Send Kathryn in here at once! Mitchell, Nathan and I would like to have a few words with her.

Clara leaves the room and goes to and retrieves Kathryn who was preparing her lesson plans for the next day in the school room and says: Their majesties and Nathan would like to speak with you Kathryn. You are in for a lot of trouble in regards to the corsets you force Julie and Stacey to wear!

Kathryn rises and comes out from behind her desk and says: Their majesties and the doctor wish to speak with me? Alright as they wish. (Leaves the schooling room and heads down to Julie's room where she encountered Mitchell, Alyssa and Nathan who did not look too happy to see her and sweetly says) You wished to see me your majesties?

Alyssa: Yes we do wish to see you,but not here. It is best that we let Julie continue resting! We will see you in the throne room in an hour's time! As for now Nathan would like to speak with you before we do.

Kathryn: Nathan what is it you wanted to speak with me about?

Nathan pulls out the corset from behind his back and narrows his eyes behind his eye glasses saying: I thought we discussed this Kathryn! You know how their majesties feel about these things! They are nothing but trouble for young girls like Stacey and Julie! They're especially dangerous to a small child like Corrina whose body is growing at a rapid rate.

Kathryn: Oh stuff and nonsense! It is my duty to ensure that they sit like ladies and a corset is the ticket to keeping their postures straight and ridgid! Every female child wears one,it is how their bodies develope curves and full round firm breasts the kind men like on a young woman.

Nathan: Funny I do not hear Hunter complaining about Stacey's body and he is about to marry her! I am only going to say this one last time. If I EVER find out about Julie or Corrina wearing these things again, you will be out of a job! I am sick and tired of telling you Kathryn. I have been employed here a lot longer then you have and their Majesties are writing up your dismissal papers that are signed and ready to be handed to you, you are out of a job. May as well go pack your things and leave the palace, you are no longer empoyed here as School Marm.

Alyssa signs her name beside Mitchell's and places the royal seal in the melted wax then says: Kathryn, you are no longer employed here as our School Marm, you have disregarded our wishes once too often and I am afraid we have no choice but to let you go. Your employment is now terminated and we have two new teachers arriving in the morning,one to start educating our little Corrina and one to educate Stacey and as soon as she is medically sound Julie will be attending the lessons. The lesson plans are tailored to suit and accomodate each child's needs. Stacey should be finishing up her High School Education in the next few months and Julie will be starting the new cirriculum. Now go pack your belongings and be out of here before supper is ready! Your services are no longer needed in this family! (Hands Kathryn her dismissal papers and says) Best of luck finding employment else where in this kingdom.

Mean while Stacey had returned to her room where she removed her crown,earrings,make up,dress and slippers then slid a fresh pair of flannel pyjamas on then blew out her candles that she used for light and slid underneath her warm covers pulling up the extra warm flannel blanket for warmth, laid her head on the pillows and fell into a peaceful and most restful afternoon nap that lasted up until her mother opened her door,slid inside closing it behind her, walked over to her closet, opened it up and went inside to get the wedding dress then exited the closet,shut the doors,carefully laid out the wedding gown on the dressing table then went over to Stacey's bed and gently shook her awake to be ready for final preparations on her wedding gown.

Alyssa gently shakes Stacey awake saying: Stacey dear, it's time to wake up now honey. We need to see how high to hem the skirt of your wedding gown so it will be perfect. It'll only take a few minutes to pin up the hemline then you can try it on and if it's perfect you can go back to sleep. (Hears a knock at Stacey's door and says) It's alright you may enter, Stacey hasn't gotten out of bed yet.

James opens Stacey's bedroom door and steps in saying: 'Scues'ems Majesty

Alyssa: What is it James?

James: Edward and Thomas are here for news on their sister.

Alyssa: Stacey, Thomas,Edward and Anothony are home

Stacey sits up and says: Thomas,Edward and Anthony? I haven't seen Thomas since he was shipped off to live with Edward sometime after his thirteenth birthday,the year he lost his hearing in his other ear! I scarecly remember Thomas at all! All I have is one portrait of us as children. Why was Thomas sent away?

Alyssa: I'm not too certain as to why he was sent away either, his nurse came back saying Edward's wife said she was going to raise him. That's the last I ever heard of Thomas. (Thinks hard then says) Oh of course now I remember! I sent Thomas away to have his ears drained of the fluid build up then he developed a high fever and your father and Edward thought it be best for him to say a while longer to ensure a safe recovery in the country air. Now he's come home again probably worried about you his only mirror image. (Turns and says to James) Send the boys up James,they'll understand Stacey needs her sleep after what she's been through.

James: Yes ma'am. (Backs out of the room and allows Thomas,Edward and Anthony to enter then closes the door behind him)

As time went on for the Jewelstone family,Stacey settled into a more guarded peaceful life preparing for her rapidly approaching wedding when tragedy struck: Julie who had been struggling to get well,suddenly passed on in her sleep.

Word swiftly spread to her elder cousin's kingdom and he came quickly to pay his resepcts to Julie then returned home to mourn the loss of young Julie when tragedy struck yet again, this time taking the life of Corrina in the form of a raving mad lunatic escapee from the local mental insitution who lived undetected in the royal garden, murdered Corrina in the back corner of the royal garden.

Unable to leave his own daughter who was suffering through Chicken Pox,Throttlerian sent a condolence basket to Alyssa's family along with a beautifully carved marble upright tombstone to mark young Corrina's resting place.

As winter turned to spring tragedy struck the Jewelstone family once more, this time death came knocking for the eldest: Thomas in the form of Pneumonia.

As Thomas was laid to rest beneath the tree that had been planted on the day of his and Stacey's birth,third beautifully carved headstone arrived and was placed at the head of Thomas's grave, a third Jewelstone child was laid to rest in one year. As spring melded into summer and summer to fall and fall back to winter and winter back to spring, three years had passed and it was finally time for Stacey, who was now a beautiful 21 year old woman, to marry Hunter.
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