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Life Swap

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Vinnie's using the double standard to allow his only son Todd to stay out past his curfew while making his only daughter,Charlotte return home before midnight. The powers of the Guardians allow Vin...

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The night was cool and crisp with the smells of spring but not everyone was enjoying the arrival of spring. For one teenaged girl, her mind was not on the beautiful cherry blossom tree that had just burst to life three nights ago, but rather on the argument she had had with her only parent over her being five minutes late getting in for curfew. Charlotte VanWham thought that her 11:55 P.M. curfew was unfair and a double standard for her twin brother Todd. Todd was the same age as Charlotte who was 13 but Todd got to stay out until well past two in the morning scraping in just before his two fifteen curfew without so much as a 'where have you been?' from their father. Vincent 'Vinnie' VanWham didn't think the double standard was even relevant as far as he seen Todd and Charlotte both had the same curfew of 2:15 A.M. but in the heat of the argument,things were said that never should have been said and feelings were hurt. As Charlotte leaned back against her head board furiously scribbling in her journal the tv in her room flickered with a show about a parent and child swapping lives for a week and merciliessly thought to herself "Boy if dad could walk a mile in my shoes for a change and seee through my eyes how he treats me compared to Todd,he'd never again say my life isn't anything to complain about! GOD,I wish we could easily swap lives not physically where people would notice the physical difference but literally swap places on the inside maybe then he'd stop treating me like a little kid!' Not knowing that Kristin's Wish Crystal was sitting on her nightstand, Charlotte went about putting her journal in her school bag for the next day then flipped off her flat screened tv and settled in for the night to get a decent nights sleep. While Chicago and the large blended family all slept,the wish crystal granted Charlotte's wish and separated her inner being and Vinnie's inner being from their bodies placing Charlotte's inner being inside Vinnie's body and Vinnie's inner being inside Charlotte's body. The next day at a quarter to six the door to Charlotte's room banged open and Vinnie walked in and over to her window flinging open the curtains saying 'Charlotte! Up and at 'em! Half hour to breakfast! Get up,get showered,get dressed and ensure you have everything for school t'day! I'm not letting you miss the bus again t'day! Once was enough now up and at 'em!' Once those words were out of his mouth, Charlotte; with Vinnie's inner being inside her;sat up groaning and looked at the clock muttering 'A quarter to six? Why does it feel like a quarter to three in the morning? Bus? Since when did the school start caring if I walked or caught the blasted Academy Bus?' Once Charlotte pushed her covers back and swung her body out of bed,she walked over to her closet and opened it, pulling out her school uniform and flopped it on the bed then went into the bathroom, flipping on the lights to get ready for a shower. While the water ran for a shower,Charlotte pulled off her night clothes causing the inner Vinnie to silently screech "Whoa-oh! Wha? What's goin on?! What the---? If I'm in Charlotte's body then where's Charlotte?! She can't be! No way! I'm dreamin! Okay Vinnie,wakie wakie!' But no matter how hard he tried to convince himself he was dreaming,Charlotte's body just continued going through the motions of a regular school day while running down a million and one things that needed to get done. After giving up trying to convince himself that it was all a dream, Vinnie began to wonder what he'd done to deserve to swap bodies with his thirteen year old daughter and not his thirteen year old son. After thoroughly washing every inch of her body while not watching,Charlotte's body shut off the water,threw back the curtain and grabbed her blue towel and dried off.
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