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Do You Really Want To Go?

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This chapter gives me the chills. All priase Andy with his heart of gold. And praise Evie, for having such strength.

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"Sweet cheeks," I gave a small smile at my dad and linked arms with him as we walked the rows of graves. "I know you don't like this," I looked up at him and shook my head.

"She's my mom," I whispered. "Raised me to be the woman I am today," My dad brushed a few strands of my hair away.

"And a very beautiful woman you are," he spoke. I looked back to where we were heading, the clear sky leaking through the trees that stood tall above the stones.

"What do you think will happen with Pete?" I asked him next. Dad slowed his steps and turned me to him.

"I think you know the answer to that," he smiled. I gulped and took a deep breath.

"I..." My dad picked my head up and kissed my forehead.

"Don't fret baby," he mumbled. I smacked him playfully and sighed, leaning back against him as we continued our walk up the hill.

"I love him daddy," He squeezed me closer.

"Just promise me you'll get married in my lifetime," I chewed on my lip for a moment before nodding.

We stopped and I slowly lowered my body next to the mausoleum. The grass stood profoundly, illuminated and green as the eyes of my dad himself. I took a deep breath as my fingertips ran through it and crawled up the side of the granite stone, the engraved letters shining in gold.

"What do you think it'd be like if I never made that silly wish," My dad's hand fell on my shoulder.

"I don't think you'd be asking me about Peter," I looked up at him to find him gone. My eyes lowered back to the grave and it shown with different letters.

David Wenz?


"Evie, wake up!"

I sat up quickly, my chest heaving in fear of what my dreams were trying to tell me. Pete sat wide eyed next to me, leaned over slightly, an arm circled around my back, rubbing small ovals. My breathing stayed rushed and I blinked hard.

"Baby," I held my eyes tighter, starting to see red. Pete attempted at bringing me closer, but I wouldn't budge. "Ev," I gulped and let out a disgruntled cry.

"They won't stop," I paused to take another series of breaths. "They won't leave me alone," I whispered.

Pete forcefully turned my head towards him and held my face in-between his hands. His eyes started to shift from one of my eyes to the other before his lips parted and he sighed softly.

"Please don't scare me like this," He whispered.

My face fell to his fear heated chest, expanding with his own exasperated breaths. I gulped and latched my arms around him for a moment before hearing a knock at the bedroom door.



The newlyweds had been back for about a week, but Pete refused to leave, wanting to play uncle. And for me, well, this is where I was staying for now. The door opened and I hid my face more, Patrick sighing.

"Hi," Pete whispered. The bed indented and Patrick cleared his throat.

"I'm not...interrupting anything, am I?" I pulled my head up to look at his tired figure. "I heard a scream and freaked out," He reached an arm out to me and I let my hand graze his wrist.

"I'm fine, Patrick," my throat was dry. Pete's arms loosened and I sat up properly.

Adjusting my shirt first, I looked up at him.

"I'm sorry," He shook his head before yawning. Patrick smiled at the two of us and yawned himself.

"We still need to be up in," he paused to glance at the clock on the nightstand. "Like 3 hours so we can head up to Milwaukee," Pete nodded and Patrick leaned over to give me a hug before leaving us in peace.

I stared down at my hands, the pale sheet around my hips. Pete stared at my profile for the longest time before I got sick of it and stared back.

"What?" I croaked. A very small smile came to his lips and he shook his head.

"Nothing," he whispered. I lied back down and snuggled on my side, just waiting.

"I..." I paused and closed my eyes, just wanting to sleep.


Izzy, Jenn and Ashley were all laughing as Joe and Patrick attempted to portray the letter 'h' in a game of charades. I wasn't really paying attention, trying to listen to Andy's advice.

"I think you should just wait it out," he paused to place a hand over mine. "You can't control your dreams,"

I tore my eyes away from Pete's nervous glances from the game to where we sat on the couch further to the side.

"I'm more concerned about..." I moved my eyes over to where Pete was. Andy looked over my shoulder before flashing a smile.

"He's trying to find the perfect way to tell you he loves you again," I gulped and sighed.

"I feared that it was something like that," Andy's thumb brushed over the back of my hand.

"Why do you say that?" he asked. I pursed my lips together.

"I mean," I lowered my voice into a whisper. "I think I'm ready to tell him but...I promised myself we would try to rebuild what was lost after..." Andy's expression softened with realization.

"After 'me and you' happened," I nodded and there was a short pause before he spoke again.

"Sex always works," I widened my eyes and smacked him, causing Pete to look over again as Andy began to laugh at my bewildered expression.

"Bastard," I hissed. Andy smiled softly.

"Evie," he started. "All of us are worried about both of you guys," he paused for a moment to clear his throat. "I know things have been..." I cut him off.

"Fucked up? Twisted? Weird? Um," I paused. "Exhausting?" Andy smirked at this.

"Yeah, I guess," he took a breath. "You guys pretty much complete each other," He brushed a hand against my cheek. "Tell me you weren't happy when Pete showed up in your bed in Arizona," I felt my cheeks flare with embarrassment.

I was beyond happy then.

You'd have to kill me before I stopped loving that emotionally fucked up petard of a dork.

"You're right," Andy brought me into a hug.

"And that's why you love me," I rolled my eyes and pecked his cheek once.

"Whatever you say, Hurley Burly,"


I missed the scene.

There was loud music pounding under your feet and your heart racing with adrenaline. But this time, I was on the side of the stage, Pete's arms wrapped around my shoulders in the simplest of comforting embraces. Gym Class Heroes were rocking the stage, and I couldn't help but admire them. Patrick was to my right, bouncing baby Alex on one hip.

"I told Izzy I wanted to take her on stage," I whipped my head at him, wide eyed. "And that's the look she gave me," Pete laughed and Patrick handed her over to me.

"Is it time for..." Patrick wiggled his eyebrows.

"Take a look at my girlfriend," he sang, moving further back stage to get ready. I looked down at baby Alex, Pete moving his arms to around my waist.

"Not even a year old and she's going to be deaf by the age of five," Pete smirked in my ear.

"Have to start them young," I tilted my head up and smiled lovingly.

"My dad used to put headphones on my mom when she was pregnant," Pete laughed softly.

"What band?" I took a breath.

"The only thing me and Beverly had in common," I felt my cheeks flare. "Jay-Z," Pete's eyes widened.

"Seriously?" he asked. Alex squirmed slightly and I looked back down at her to adjust her higher.

"I've got 99 problems," Pete laughed again and rolled his eyes before tightening his arms around me again.

During a break, Travi had paused on stage to throw a laugh over at us, some of the crowd cranking their necks to try and take a sneak backstage. There was an unknown presence next to me and I turned my head to find Izzy with a serious expression.

"Here," she held my cell phone out and we switched, Alex snuggling into her shoulder.

"Mammy," Izzy laughed and I gave her a questionable look.

"What's going on?" I asked. She sighed.

"It's Ryan, he says he's been trying to get a hold of you since he landed back in Arizona an hour ago,"

Pete's eyebrows twitched up and I slowly nodded before sneaking away, looking down at my call log. 10 missed calls within the last two hours. I bumped shoulders with Joe on accident and he held me at arms length.

"Woah," his eyes widened. "What's the matter?" I shot him a confused glace.

"What are you talking about?" I raised an eyebrow. "Is it like the Jewish sixth sense that you know I'm worried?" I asked.

Joe began to laugh before he shook his head and wiped at the corner of my eye.

"You were crying," I gulped and rushed past him and out the back doors. I quickly dialed Ryan back.

"Ryan!" I shouted as the phone picked up.

"Um, no, but he right next to me," I felt confusion fill my mind.

"Who is this?" I whispered.

The male throat was cleared.

"This is Special Agent Mark Harris," I closed my eyes and leaned my back against the cold brick wall.

I already could feel what was going to be said.

"Yes?" I squeaked.

He cleared his throat again.

"I worked closely with your father on an ongoing case," My eyes slowly opened as the back door opened and I felt the breeze.

I kept my gaze down.

"And I have to tell you, he's one of the finest men I've ever seen on the force,"

Damn FBI agents.

They are all cold blooded bastards, trying to kiss up so it's not so hard.

The material around the legs that appeared in my vision was tight, and the red checkered slip on vans that clad the small feet clicked in my mind. I closed my eyes again.

He waited.

"There is really no easy way to say this, Miss Wenz," That stung. Particularly for the fact it sounded just like... I looked up, finding his face holding a very curious and worried expression.

"Your father has...passed,"

I felt my pupils grow, the phone falling from my hand after I pressed 'end' and crashing against the concrete. Pete was about to ask when I launched my whole body forward, breaking down in his arms, his body willingly falling down with mine as my legs gave out.

"Pete," I cried out. My hands clung to his shirt and he tore me away, staring me down.

"You need to calm down and tell me what happened right now, because I hate seeing you like this," he whispered.

I gulped and tried to control myself. With my eyes closing tight, and my lungs contracting in painful, panic stricken breaths, I built up my defenses and felt the tears seize. I opened my eyes slowly and chewed on my bottom lip for the longest time before Pete's eyes started to water up.

"My dad," I couldn't hear myself.

It frightened me that Pete was able to take those two simple words and understand what had happened.

"I'm going to be there with you," his knuckles brushed against my cheek and I turned my head to lightly kiss the back of his hand.

"Thank you,"


My eyes shot open and I whipped my head to the side to find the grey granite still there. The grass tickled my calves and I felt my knee length gypsy skirt rise up slightly.

"Dad?" I called. I pushed my self up and looked around to see the field of flowers even more alive.

"You're not alone," I looked up to find him sitting there, on top of a tombstone. "Never have been," I was standing by now and watched as my dad softly smiled. "Never will be," I reached out just as he began to disappear.

"Wait," I called.

I sighed and fell to my knees, letting the grass engulf me again. The roses began to fill my nostrils with a sweet smell of dreamscape.

There was warmth on near my ear, but I couldn't move, nor open my eyes to see who it was. A gentle hand was pressed softly to my stomach and I felt my heart rate pick up slightly.

More warmth.

"I love you Evie,"

A pause.

"And I'll keep saying it until the end of time..."
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