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How we met

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Frank has a girlfriend named Sam they have been dateing for over 2 year there in love. But sam has a shocking secrets how will frank and the rest of his bandmates/Friends react to sams horrifying s...

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This first Chapters is about how Frank and Sam met so hang in there for this first chapter. There's a lot of violence in this chapter just a warning.


*****Flash back to about 2 years ago: A week before Christmas****

'I like to sit in my room while my mom and dad fight. I hate when they fight. Why can't they just get a divorce, then I won't have to sit here and listen to them fight. I think there's someone coming upstairs. Shit it's my dad. I run fast as I can to my closet and hide from him, hoping to avoid being hit again.'

"Come on, I know you're in here" My dad yells.

I can feel him moving closer to the closet. 'Please don't find me please' I think to myself. The door flies open, "There you are you little piece of shit!" my dad yells as he pulls me out of the closet by my hair.

"Please don't hurt me please", I beg, tears rolling down my face. SMACK!! My dad hits me and I fall to the floor crying.

My dad finally leaves the room, leaving me in pain, crying on the floor. I crawl to the bathroom, find the closest razor, pull down my pants so I'm in my underwear. Still crying I place the razor on my inner thigh and pull slowly leaving a semi-big cut on my leg. I've just started cutting in this spot so there are not thet many scars, plus i use this lotion to make them go away faster.

A couple of minutes and a few more cuts later, I pull myself together, clean up the bathroom and crawl into bed, crying myself to sleep.

The next morning I wake to a knock on the door.

"Ugh.....what", I sleepily said to the door.

"Can I come in", my mom says softly.


"Um........", my mom starts as she sits on the bed next to me.

"Mom...what is it".

"Your Dad and I are sending you to a new school. You start today", my mom says as she tries her hardest not to start crying. This is not the first time. My Dad is the one who likes to send me to new schools.

"What school is it this time?" I ask quietly.

"It's a public school this time, it's called Belleville high", my mom answers.

"Oh....... Ok am I going there now?".

"When you get up and get ready"

"Ok mom I will be downstairs in like 20 minutes."

"Ok", my mom says as she leaves the room.

"Fuck, another God damm school. I hope I make friends fast", I say quietly getting out of bed. I walk over to the bathroom and look in the mirror. There is a small yellowish bruise under my left eye.


I take a shower and find some clothes to put on. I grab my black Misfits t-shirt and favorite tight jean that have a hole on the right knee. I put on my white studded belt and go back to the bathroom. I try my best to cover the bruise, it really doesn't work very well so I stop to put on black eyeliner and neon green eye shadow. I grab my black chucks out of the bottom of my closet put them on my feet and go down stairs.

My dad is sitting on the couch with a beer in his hand, watching TV. I walk in the kitchen and make myself breakfast. My mom says we have to go soon, so I don't eat much.

"We have to go now", my mom says as she walks out the door.

"OKAY", I yell, grab my bag and run out the door and get in the car.

The car ride there was quiet as my mom pulls up to the school. The first thing I notice is a group of guys and a girl the one guy has long black hair, one guy has a light brown afro. I laugh a little and my mom gives me this weird look. Then I notice there's a really hot guy. He's kinda short with semi-short black and red hair and some tattoos, I can see on his arms. There's a guy with glasses with is arm around some girl, then there's also a guy with blonde hair

'I hope I can be there friend', I think to my self.

"Were here", my mom says. "Will you be alright"?

"Yeah I'll be fine, love ya mom", I say to my mom as I get out of the car. I hear the bell ring but I really don't care because I have to go to the office so someone can show me around.

I walk in the office and I notice the girl that was with the guy outside with the glasses. She walks up to me. "Hi, I'm Lisa. Are you Sam Marcus?"

"Yes" I reply.

"Good. I'm going to show you around today and tomorrow".


'Lisa seems nice. Maybe I can be her friend and she can introduce me to the hot guy I saw outside.'

"Ok first you have english. all right? Cool, follow me".

Me and Lisa walk down the hallway "My boyfriends friend, Frank is in your english, math and art class", Lisa says looking at my schedule.

"Cool, I guess"

"Don't worry he's nice. Let's see, Mikey, that's my boyfriend, is in your history class. I'm in that class too".


"Gerard is in your science class and art class".

"Cool", I say once again as we stop walking.



"I don't have anyone to sit with at lunch. Can I sit with you"?

"Yeah. Actually I was hoping you would want to be my friend, since my best friend ever moved away".

I laugh nervously then think it would be awesome to be her friend.

"Hell yeah I'll be your friend".

"Cool. You should see if you can spend the night at my house"

"Yeah I will".

Lisa shows me all my classes but English. I have that now with Frank who ever that is, is in that class.

We walk in and I notice the really hot guy is in that class.

'That must be Frank. Cool.'

Lisa is talking to the teacher, then she comes over to me, "Well, this is where I leave you. You have history before lunch and then we eat after that class. Me and you have the same lunch so we can walk together, okay?"

"Okay cool"

"Listen up class we have a new student. Her name is Sam Marcus", Mr. Clamps said to the class as I stand next to him.

"Hi" the class said in unison.

"You can have a seat next to Frank, it's the only open desk I have".

"K" I said nervously.

I walk over and sit next to Frank. He's writing something on paper then folding it up. I start to get really tired, since I didn't get much sleep last night. Then a note plops down on my desk. It's from Frank.

I open the paper Frank put on my desk. It reads:

Hi. I'm Frank. You'r really cute. Do u want to eat lunch with me and be my friend? Love, Frankie

I giggle a little, and look at him. He is looking at me and blushing. I write back:

Your really hot yourself. Sure, Frank. I'll be your friend, but I was suppose to eat lunch with Lisa, the girl who showed me around. Love, Sam

I fold it back up and hand it to him. He smiles and writes something down, then hands it back. I open it and it reads:

Well thanks for saying I'm hot your hot too, I eat lunch with Lisa, Mikey, Gerard, Ray And Bob, so you'll be eating lunch with her anyway, but you can sit next to me. Cool I have a new girlfriend.... I mean friend that is a girl he he. Love, Frank

I giggle at the girlfriend comment and think it would be cool to date him and have sex. I start to write something down when the bell rings. Frank comes up to me and asks where I'm going next.

"Art, room 243", I say with a smile on my face.

"Cool, I'm in that class with Gerard. You can sit next to me and we can talk more. It's only me and Gerard at a table".

"Neato" I say and Frank laughs.

We get to art and the teacher does the same thing that Mr. Clamps did. It's starting to get annoying. He tells me to sit with Frank so I did.

"We are going to have a free drawing day, it's not graded, although you do have to turn in whatever you draw", Mr.Ziggs says to the class.

"So Frank, aren't you going to introduce me" I say.

"Huh.....oh yeah. Sorry. Gee this is Sam, she's my new best friend", he says with a stupid smile on his face.

"Hi. I'm Gerard. But people call me Gee. Nice to meet you."

"You too", I say then I feel something that feels like a hand touch my inner thigh. I wince. I think it was Frank because he was looking at me and when I winced, he pulled his hand away.

"What are you doing after school?" Gerard said breaking the weirdness.

"Um, I'm going to Lisa's after school to spend the night. Why?"

"I was going to see if you wanted to go to Lisa's to hang out, but you're going there anyway so we can hang out anyway"

"Oh", I said giggling a little.

"I'll be right back", Gerard said getting up and leaving the room.

"Sorry", I said to Frank apologizing for wincing what he touched me.

"What? Why are apologizing to me", Frank said confused.

"You touched my leg and I winced and then you pulled away"

"Oh its ok", Frank said with a weird smile.

"What took you so long Gee"

"I had to go find Lisa and ask her something"

"Oh what did you ask her?"

"If we all could come over and spend the night since her parents are out of town".

"What did she say?", Frank asked.

"Sure, why the hell not", Gee replied.

"Okay, cool".

Then the bell rang and it was time for history with Lisa and Mikey.

I went to history. The teacher did the same thing every one else did. Class went by fast and it was lunch time. Mikey, Lisa and I, found the "gang" as Mikey called them. I sat next to Frank and this time I put my hand on his inner thigh. He just looked at me and I smiled. I think I gave him a boner because he looked at me and blushed then got up and ran to the bathroom. I sit laughing to myself.

Lunch was over. Frank never came back and I had science with Gee. The teacher does the same thing, introducing me to the class. Now it's just annoying.

"Do you like Frank", Gee asked.

"That was random. Why?"

"I saw what you did at lunch and I was just wondering"

"Oh.....and yes I do like him" I said kinda weirdly.

"Do you want to date him?"

"Yes" I answered.

"Do you want me to talk to him and see what I can do?" Gee asked.

"Hell yes!! I would love that", I said excitedly as the bell rang.

I walked out of school to see everyone waiting for me and Gerard.

"I live here, just come over after you get all your stuff together, okay?"

"Okay, I'll be over soon"

We all split up and the whole walk home I'm thinking, 'How am going to get them to let me go? I don't think I'll tell them about Frank and them. I think I'll say "Can I go over to Lisa's house and spend the night. Her parents are home. Please? She's my new friend." Yep that's what I'll say to my mom.'

I walk in to find my dad passed out on the couch. I walk upstairs to find my mom in her room folding laundry.

"Mom", I ask.

"Yes sweetheart?"

"Can I go over to Lisa's house and spend the night? Her parents are home. Please? She's my new friend", I ask hoping she will say yes.

"Yeah, you can. Just give me a phone number so I can call if I need you and can't get you on your cell phone. Just tack it to the kitchen door down stairs".

I squeal and hug her, "Okay, thank you Mom. I love you".

I go to my room and pack every thing, and write the phone number down for my mom and walk down stairs and leave the phone number tacked to the door in the kitchen like my mom said and go out the front door.

I finally reach Lisa's front door. I knock and Frank answers.

"Hi", he says as I walk in and leave my stuff by the door.

"Where is everyone?", I asked.

"They went to get movies, drinks and pizza. They will be out for a while like an hour or two"

"Oh. Why so long?"

"Gerard is Mikey's brother and they fight about stuff so it always takes them a long time to pick stuff".

I giggle and say, "Oh".

Frank sits on the couch and turns on the TV. I sit next to him.

"Why did you do that at lunch? You gave me a boner?" Frank asked.

I laugh. "Cause I like you".

"Oh really", Frank says with suspicion in his voice.

"Yeah. Is that a problem?", I say.

"No. I like you to".

Before I have a chance to answer his lips crash into mine his tongue begging for a entrance. So I let him in. Frank brakes the kiss,

"Will you be my girlfriend?", he asked me, out of breath.

"Yeah I will"

"Cool". With that I had a new boyfriend. We kiss again. Frank puts his hand down my pants and fingers me. He stops and I roll him over on his back and play with his belt trying to undo his pants to give him a blow job. Im successful and Frank is loving it. He cums. I swallow and put his pants back on. He gets up and we fix our selves and sit back on the couch cuddling, watching TV.


Reviews please it's my first story.
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