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After give it a way to leave the hotel to see Jessie, Pierre gets an "amazing" surprise: Adam had visited Jessie in that day too. Twice. Could he have said another thing about Pierre to Jessie? And...

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Once again, before getting in the hospital I stopped to buy her some flowers, even though I was feeling sorry about what she was probably going to do with the little ones. Luckily, I had no troubles to get in this time as long as I wasn't breaking the visitors' time. The only thing that got me worried was the fact that they said that Adam had been there earlier. He had been there twice! He couldn't have done good thing. Still, catching all of my strengths to hear the girl I love yelling at me, I got in her room trying to forget that Adam had been there. Twice.

To my major surprise, when I got there I could see she had the music box I had given her some years ago resting over her lap. She was listening to the song and letting a few tears roll down her face. If I wasn't that sure she was really mad at me, I would risk the chance to say that she seemed to be thinking about me.

"Hey." I greeted sitting down by her side in the bed
"Oh, hey." She greeted me with a warm smile and placing the little music box over the chest of drawers "I thought you wouldn't come."
"I said I would, didn't I?" I replied smirking "Here, these flowers are for you."
"Thanks. They are beautiful!" she thanked holding them and smelling them really tenderly
"Wow! That surprised me! Aren't you going to throw them over me?"
"Why should I?"
"You did it yesterday."
"But I don't want to do it today." She simply answered "Hey, they let you come in with a guitar? Why did you bring it? Do you have a show later?"
"No, I don't. It's just that I wrote a new song today. It's called "Everytime" and I wrote that a few hours ago to a really special girl. I don't know yet if I'm a special guy to her, but I needed to know that before I drive myself crazy."
"That's the same thing you said to me a few years ago when we started dating." She said laughing at my lack of originality
"Yeah, I know. But it worked, didn't it?" I said laughing too "Well, okay, Jessica, all I wanted was to tell you how much I'm sorry and how much I love you. You can't imagine how bad I've been feeling and how bad I've been torturing myself since you just left me. I desperately need you back in my life. I need you by my side or my life will make no sense at all. That's the reason why I wrote this song today and all I wanted was that you just listen to it. If still after that you don't want me back, I promise I'll leave you to never come back again, just like you want me to do."

Not waiting for any reply or saying any other word, I sat in the chair in front of her bed and took the guitar in my hands. I was nervous and I was afraid of her reaction, but I soon forced my hands to start moving and opened my mouth to start singing my newest song. I confess she looked confused in the beginning of the song. She couldn't believe how I've been able to remember about one of the craziest thing we've ever done when we started dating. I think we were 17 when we took my mom's car at 3 a.m. and started driving with no direction for no reason at all. Just to talk, to laugh and to spend sometime together. Then, the car broke down and we kept walking until we reached a town on which we spent all the money we had on things we didn't need. If Jessie hadn't an aunt who lived in that town, we would probably still be there today trying to figure out how to return to Montreal. My mom almost killed us when we returned, but we didn't feel regret about a thing. It was the funniest thing we had ever done.

In the song, I was mixing everything we did in that day with everything I was feeling in that moment. I tried my best to control what I was feeling during the song but, in the moment I reached the last chorus, I was so afraid to loose her as soon as the song was over that I started crying. I kept singing and playing even though a cascade of tears was washing my face, but I soon felt Jessie's warm hands touching my face and tenderly drying those tears. That made me look back at her and realize I wasn't the only one crying. That was when I felt that maybe...

She kept caressing her face until I was done on singing and placed my guitar next to her bed, sitting down by her side again and drying her tears.

"Guess we look like two babies now." I said laughing a bit
"Guess we do." She replied smiling tenderly "I can't believe you remember about that day."
"I remember about every single thing we did together. I also remember that your aunt who gave us a ride back to Montreal was named Sabrina and that she was your favorite aunt. I also remember that she died 2 months after that and that's probably why you wanted our baby to be named Sabrina if she was a girl."
"How sweet! You remember these kind of things?"
"Of course I do. I pay too much of attention on you and on what you say or do. If you want me to, I can tell you right now your favorite movie, your favorite perfume, your favorite color, your favorite band, your favorite song, the kind of clothes you like to wear, the kind of clothes you like to see me can ask me anything `cause I know almost every little thing about you and, what I still don't know, I intend to find out."
"Oh my God, I feel like a movie star now." She said impressed "You really care about me, don't you?"
"Of course I do. You're the most important girl in this world to me and I...I wonder if I will ever get the chance of having you back."
"Pierre, Adam had been here this morning and..."
"Adam again." I interrupted getting sick and tired of that name and trying to get ready to hear what he said about me this time
"Just listen, okay?" she said making me stop "He came here and I asked him to bring me the tapes of the 6 months you had been in the studio. Then, he got back for the second time with the tapes and I asked him to leave me alone. It took me long 6 hours to watch them all, even though I was skipping the less important part, but I hadn't been able to find Ashley in any other tape. Actually, when I started watching again a little more careful that tape on which she shows up, I realized an angry expression on your face and I also realized you made some movements pointing her the door. You didn't look happy or used with this kind of situation. And, the kiss, it was way too fast to seem to be something that both you guys wanted to do. The thing that broke my heart was to see that every night you kept hours staring at my bracelet before falling asleep and you felt asleep most of your nights holding it." She finished finally understanding what I've been trying to say all along "I am the one who has to be sorry. I know you do love me and I love you as well. Answering now your question, I do want to get back with you. And I wanna do this right now." She said smiling and sweetly caressing my face making me a lot more happy and relieved
"My God, Jessica, I..."
"Pierre, it's Jessie." She interrupted me smiling
"Okay, ma'am. Jessie, I love you."
"I love you too, Pierre. A lot."

Smiling, I leaned my body in her bed and started kissing her as soon as I could. To kiss her was something I desperately needed to do before going nuts. I just couldn't believe I had Jessie back in my arms. If only she knew how much better I felt when I kissed her, she would never let me go again.

"Now, I want my ring back." She said smirking at me
"The one I gave you some years ago?" I asked and she just nodded "No way. I gave you that because I wanted you to be my girlfriend, but that's the last thing I want right now."
"But, Pierre, you just asked me to get back with you."
"That doesn't mean I want you to be my girlfriend again. I'm sick and tired of you being my girlfriend and I don't want it anymore. That's what I wanted to tell you yesterday."
"You want to break up with me?" she asked visibly confused
"You're not getting my point." I said smirking
"No, I'm really not."
"Jessie, you had been with me for 5 entire years. The best years of my life. You are one of the best things I found in Canada and you've always been there for me. You loved me when I was nobody, you loved me when I was down and you loved me when no one else did. Asides all that, you not only supported me, but you supported Simple Plan, my biggest dream. If it wasn't for you, we would still be nothing today. If you hadn't been the one to pay for the last copy of our album and send it to Lava, we would probably be all apart and working on annoying jobs in Montreal. I have to thank you for who I am today and I have to thank you because you loved me. I can see now you're the only girl I will ever be able to love. I can see now you're the only girl I will ever want to see by my side when I wake up in the morning. I can see now that I want you to be the mother of my kids. And, above all, I can see now that I cannot live without you. That's why I don't want you to be my girlfriend anymore, I want you to be my wife. So, Jessica Gordon..." I said stopping for a few to take the ring out of my pocket and to show it to her "Will you marry me?"
"My God, Pierre!" she shouted crying and smiling at the same time "Of course I will marry you."

Hearing those precious words, I put the ring in her finger with my hands trembling and started kissing her not wanting to stop anymore. We just had to stop when a nurse came in the room to announce that...

"Visitors' time is over, Mr. Bouvier."
"Well, okay. Bye, Jessie, see you tomorrow."
"Tomorrow? Aren't you going to be in France tomorrow?"
"Yeah. In France during the day, back to Los Angeles after the show and straight to England after I leave here."
"When are you going to sleep?"
"While I'm on the airplane."
"Pierre, this won't do you good."
"Mind your own business." I said being a little bit too stubborn once again and leaving
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