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Unexpected Lovers

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First attempt of a FOP fanfic, a little Chester-Tootie story

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Disclaimer: Fairly OddParents is created by Butch Hartman and owned by Nickelodeon (c)Nickelodeon.

It's a bieutiful day in Dimmsdale as usual and the same routine at Dimmsdale Elementairy school as usual. Timmy still attempt to talk to Trixie with no success and Crocker still have fun of humiliating him as usual. Meanwhile no one wondered what happen in the head of 2 others peoples, Tootie and....Chester.

The School break arrives. Timmy saw Trixie and wants to talk to her but he stopped suddenly, not because of her bodyguard but because of someone else: Tootie!

Tootie (with his Timmy doll): Timmy!!!! I love you!!!!

Timmy: Oh my gosh! I got to hide!!

Tootie rans after Timmy and without warning Tootie enter in collision with Chester.

Tootie: Oh my...? Chester?! Are you alright?

Chester: (groaning a bit), Oh what happened?

Tootie: I'm sorry Chester, I hitted you when I run after Timmy! (having a sad tone) Why he's don't love me?

Chester: (trying to cheer her up)Tootie, maybe he's love you but as a sister.

Tootie: (a bit intrigued and confused) What do you mean?

Chester: As a big brother who wants to take care of his little sister.

Tootie: I see.

Chester: He maybe not the perfect boyfriend but maybe a perfect older brother. He would had been a more perfect sibling then Vicky.

Tootie: Just like Sanjay's older stepbrother. But I love Timmy as a boyfriend, not as a older brother. I have some doubts then I could find a boyfriend who can have the heart and the charism of Timmy one day.

Chester: I'm sure you'll find a very nice boyfriend. Even if I wish to be that nice boyfriend...

Tootie: (begin to realize what Chester attempt to said to him) Chester?!?! Are you trying to said me??

Chester: (a bit shy) Yes,... even if I might be not as good as Timmy..... I'll do my best then... you can be happy in your life...and I won't disseapointing you Tootie.


Chester looks into Tootie's eyes and Tootie in Chester's eyes, Cupid just past there and decided to point an arrow on both Chester and Tootie and goes on.

A couple of seconds later, Francis arrived and grab's Tootie doll, Tootie cried.

Chester: Leave her alone, Francis!

Francis: What? You and which army?

Chester:(after a long hesitation)Errr.....I'll not.... letting you...stepping on me....and...Tootie either, so...leave Tootie alone!!

Francis: Ok, I'll leave her alone but not before a nice beating. (grab one of Chester arms), nobody will help you out.

Tootie: Leave him alone, please Francis!

Francis: (laught a lot not caring for what Tootie said) HAHAHAHAHAH! What this loser can do to me?

Chester after what he heard, fells some high pressure, anger and frustration on him, like a locomotive starting to roll or a volcano going to erupt, his other hand form a fist. Francis turns his head to see how Chester suffer but...

Francis: Huh?

Chester threw a punch on Francis face!!!! Then an other one right below his belt in the n....!! and a last one on his face, putting Francis K-O, falling on a pile of dung and manure then the janitor left, lots of kids and some teachers arrived at this moment including Crocker

Crocker: Chester putting Francis K-O, it can't be possible then he could have as well (spamming and spazzing) FAIRY GODPARENTS!!?!??

Tootie: Chester, are you ok?

Chester: I'm ok Tootie, I fell then I'm more better then before and are you all right?

Tootie: Yes, I'm fine, can we walk together?

Chester: Sure.

(Chester and Tootie retires, Principal Waxelplax arrives with Francis who regain consiousness)

Principal Waxelplax: Francis, what have you to said for your defense?

Francis: I hate dung and manure.

We see Chester and Tootie walking together, with BJ Thomas song "Raindrops Keep Fallin' on My Head" playing as a BGM.


AUTHOR'S NOTE: I let the speech to Cosmo and Wanda!

Wanda: Well, I hope you enjoy this fanfic. The author got this idea from the movie «Back to the Future» when Georges McFly putt Biff Tannen K-O.

Cosmo: Yeah, we got lots of Timmy-Trixie fanfictions, Timmy-Tootie fanfictions but there not enough Chester-Tootie fanfictions, same for Tootie-Veronica fanfictions...

Wanda: Cosmo! Let's talk about Chester-Tootie fanfics first.

Cosmo: Ok! (he play some elevator music)

Wanda: The author saw one day, on, a Chester-Tootie fanfic called «Crazy Little Thing Called Love» writen by Wliifanatic and he decided to write a Chester-Tootie fanfic because as Cosmo said we need more Chester-Tootie fanfics.

Cosmo: And more Timmy-Veronica fics!!

Wanda: (Looking angrily to Cosmo) Cosmo!!!! Although I'm agree with you on this point. However Butch once said about the end of «Channel Chasers» when we see Timmy's kids, the mother could be Trixie or Tootie. You can still put Veronica with Remy Buxenplenty.

Cosmo: But what about Todd and Chad?

Wanda: That's another story Cosmo and if you mention some questions like that, you'll be history!!
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