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An ending or a new start?

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What will happen when one of the Bandmates become Seriously ill and finally finds love?

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'What the' said Gerard placing a hand on his head.
He slowly sat up and looked around. He knew straight away where is was just by looking at the bland walls and tile's on the floor. He didn't need to see the machines without knowing what had happened. He looked across the room towards the frosted windows where he could see two blurry figures stood. He knew that one of the would be Mikey and the other he could tell by the blue colour of the figure was a nurse. He slowly slid back down the bed and under the duvet. He couldn't face Mikey let alone any one else for that matter.
Gerard could hear the door being opened and prayed that it was just a nurse to check up on him and not his brother. But to his dismay it was his brother followed by a nurse.
'Gerard, Gee' Mikey softly shook the figure laying under the cover.
'Are you awake' He asked
'Go away' Gerard said not wanting his brother to see the mess he was in.
'It's okay I'm her for you' Mikey pulled the cover away slightly so that he could see Gerard's face. He bent down and hugged his brother the best he could.
'I'm sorry but I need to talk to you both' Said the nurse looking down at the two.
'Oh yeah sure' said Mikey letting go of his brother and pulling a chair up to the bed.
'Know I know how this is going to be hard but I am going to need you both to under stand' She looked first at Mikey who was already starting to cry and then to Gerard who just nodded and looked away.
'While we were running test's on Mr.' She looked down at her clip board
'Way we came across a rather important problem that we will need to deal with very soon.
'Just get on with it' Said Gerard. He was loosing his cool. He just anted to get out and go home. He didn't care about any thing else.
The nurse look startled. She looked at Gerard and replied 'I'm sorry but you have cancer, Lung Cancer'
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