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By your side....always....

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Just read it........someone that's close to Simone gets shot!! Enjoy!!

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A/N: A little word to the wise. My dad recently passed-away and so that's why I may go into detail about hospitals and what not. Also, the emotions that Frank has in the hospital, is taken from what my dad would do when he was in the hospital. Enjoy!!

"You listen and you listen good," said Ryan, whom was enraged with revenge.
He was pointing a gun at Gerard and Frank.
"Ryan, look, no one wants any trouble," explained Gerard, as he tryed to calm down Ryan.
"RYAN!! STOP!!" screamed Simone out of fear.
"Shut up bitch!" yelled Ryan back at Simone.
He threatened her with his gun and she began to sob.
Frank and Gerard froze, they didn't know what was going to happen. Someone was going to get hurt and possibly killed.
"Simone is my girl, and she always will be," exclaimed Ryan as he was walking towards Gerard and Frank.
"No she's not. She's with me now, and she's having, my child," replied Frank.
Ryan clicked his gun's safety off and tightened his grip. Frank's eyes widened and he was for sure that there was no way out of this situation.
"Aricia, take Simone, she doesn't need to watch this," said Ryan.
"But," said Aricia.
"NOW!!" yelled Ryan.
Aricia ran inside to get help, but more importantly, get Spencer. As soon as she and Spencer returned, she saw that Gerard and Frank hadn't moved an inch. This was serious and no one was going to make ANY sudden movements.
"It's between you and me. Who's it going to be?" asked Ryan, with the same devilish smirk.
"Ryan, we don't have to be like this. Let's just talk things over," said Frank.
Frank took a step towards Ryan. And within a split second a gun shot was heard. Frank laid on the ground, bleeding.
"FRANKIE!!" screamed Simone.
She ran over to her boyfriend, but before she could do so, Ryan's gun met her eyes. She seemed to be full of confidence.
"You wouldn't shoot me. You don't have the balls to," Simone said.
This manipulated Ryan and made him more angry. They walked closer to each other. Now they were eye and eye.
"You shot my boyfriend and now you're going to pay," Simone said.
Before Ryan could think, he was to his knees. Gerard had jumped on Ryan which knocked the gun out of his hands and Simone kicked him in the balls. Ryan was rolling on the ground in pain. Simone held Frank in her arms and Aricia went for help.
Quickly, the EMS squad picked-up Frank and put him on a streatcher. One EMS guy tried to help Ryan and Simone told him to let him suffer the pain alone. The EMS guy was too busy staring at Simone's....
"SIMONE!! Darling!! Are you alright?" screamed Mrs. Way.
Simone ran over to her mom and they hugged each other and they both began to cry. Everything then remained a blurr. Simone was under too much stress to go home. The hospital encouraged her to stay the night, just to make sure she didn't have a miscarriage.
Simone's P.O.V.
Wh-Where am I? Ohh, right, here. Wait, where's Frankie? Is he ok?
"Aricia!! Spencer!! Tell me he's ok. Please?" I said trying to hold back the tears that were forming in my eyes.
"Aricia, tell me, DAMNIT!!" I yelled at her.
"He's fine, he's in the ICU, but the doctors said he'll be ok," she assured me.
How could this've happened? One minute, I'm thinking the baby's coming early, and the next minute my boyfriend's lying in intensive care! Why the hell did this have to happen to me!? Ohh, how I CAN'T WAIT to get my hands on Ryan. You don't mess with a pregnant woman!!
I sure do have a lot of flowers; like a floral shop threw-up or something. Pete? Brendon? Jon? Oh no, I didn't want this to be a big fiasco, ohh dear, I hate this. Screw Ryan and his ego.
Spencer called the police on Ryan and Ryan stayed in the police station for the night. Being a celebrity and all, he had to go through all of the glitter and glam of trials.
Frank had only suffered a blow to the ribs, he was going to be ok, but the doctors were still keeping a close-eye on him. Simone was allowed to go and see him. She was helped by Aricia and Spencer. She was in a wheel-chair.
The reached the ICU and Simone was taken aback by the sight of her boyfriend with tubes down his throat. She started to sob and Frank heard her crying. He turned his head and saw Simone. He gave her a confused look. She then looked up at him and rubbed his head.
"It's ok, Frankie pooh. You're going to make it and our daughter is still inside me. She's excited to see you pull through," said Simone with a smile.
Frank extended his hand to Simone. Simone placed her hand in his and he embraced her hand. The warmth of each other's hands sent a sense of relief through each other's bodies. They were in this together.
Simone kissed Frank's head and continued rubbing it. Though, Simone was scared, she was going to stay strong for him and he would be back to good 'ol Frankie in no time.
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