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Kristin's Lonely Christmas

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If anyone out there has had to go through their birthday alone, then you'll understand and connect to Kristin. It's not easy having a birthday on Christmas Morning when your father's in a prison ca...

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Disclaimer: I absolutly DO NOT own the MIGHTY DUCKS nor do I make a profit off of them in any way shape or form. . Now on to the story.

Note: If anyone out there has had to go through their birthday alone, then you'll understand and connect to Kristin. It's not easy having a birthday on Christmas Morning when your father's in a prison camp somewhere and you're on your own with no one to celebrate Christmas with oh and please DO NOT attempt to call the two phone numbers in this story, I made them up! So don't go tryin to call the characters associated with the phone numbers!

Kristin's Lonely Christmas
Alexander and James Maverick
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And the Original Mighty Ducks are personal
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It was the night before Christmas at eight at night in Anaheim and while everyone was getting ready for the up coming holiday by travelling to see family for the holidays, Kristin Maverick's Christmas was going to be very lonely.

Modo Maverick; Kristin's father; was still missing and her family was still busy searching for him leaving her in Anaheim with no one to celebrate the Happy Holidays with. She'd already helped her friend Dakota L'Orange celebrate her birthday on December twenty second, before that back before Halloween she'd celebrated Toby and Raider's fourth birthday and first full year in the past and after that,she'd heard and seen very little of her friends, making the upcoming night one that she'd rather not face alone but knowing that her father was a prisoner of the Plutarkians, made it unbearable to be alone.

Normally if she had a problem or a dilema, her best friend Nosedive would've magicaly appeared on her door step to help her solve the problem,but with the holidays just twentyfour hours away, he was too busy shopping for christmas presents to give to his friends and brother leaving her to stew over the problem.

Christmas Eve, was supposed to be a special night but she thought that no one seemed to notice that it was rapidly approaching at an alarming rate preferring to focus on getting their presents bought,home,wrapped and hidden until the night approached to hide them under the tree.

Kristin just never bothered saving the presents she bought for her friends until Christmas Eve, instead she gave the boxes of unwrapped presents to Phil to wrap and hide for her knowing that her presence in the living area with presents would tip off the kids and create pandemonium, something she was trying to avoid at her house and knew Phil and the others would wrap the presents for her while she babysat all morning just to keep the kids in the dark until the one christmas eve present rule came into effect before their bedtime,that's when they'd each get one small gift before going to bed to unwrap.

Getting the bags of presents down to Drake 1 then up to the living area was a task all it's own with Toby,Raider, Cassandar, Jordan, Jordanna, Bridgette and Brianna hanging around wanting to know what was in the bags.

Thankfully though, Wildwing had put all the kids down for an early afternoon nap and set the alarm to go off at two o'clock instead of one o'clock to give them time to wrap every single child's presnt without them around to interfere or peek at what they got for christmas.

Kristin stares blankly out at the snow that was slowly starting to fall again and thinks: another birthday that isn't shared with family the way it should be. I'd call and talk with Nosedive,but he's coming over later on. I was told by Wildwing in the locker room that dad had been captured by the Plutarkians and hauled off to a prison camp somewhere and that my mom and siblings were trying to track him down and mom told him in no uncertained terms that it was for the best that I not return to Mars due to the tragic death of a close friend of mine. Said the memories would be too much for me to handle and for me to just stay here until I could handle being on Mars in all the places Ranger and I hung around in. Thank god she didn't tell Phil that Ranger and I were dating he would relentlessly badger me about not bringing Ranger here to earth to meet them. How could I when he was too sick to bring? Oh Ranger I miss you so much it hurts! But I know you don't want me to mourn over you too long,so I'll just go on with my life. I know that within a year, you'll be back on this side of the veil that divides the living from the dead, you just need time to recover and let your body do alot of healing, until then you'll be in my heart always and forever the way we promised we would be. (Begins to get an eerie feeling something wasn't right and thinks) I know it snows in Chicago, but I'm in Southern California where the people rarely ever see snow sticking to the ground or feel fridgid temperatures! Something's not right here! It can't be those two clowns Nosedive told me about or else I would've felt their presence! But what is it?! Arraugh! This is FRUSTRATING! I know this energy pattern,but WHO IS IT?
Meanwhile at the Pond,Phil was really beginning to worry about Kristin who had lost a very dear friend to cancer a few months prior to Christmas and wasn't feeling very festive prefering not to decorate the outside of her teams house.

Phi: I hope Kristin's alright, I mean her mother told me that her friend Ranger passed away from cancer but they were pretty tight growin up together. She might still be in shock. It'd be best if you went to Kristin's house and checked in on her. The holidays might be too much for her to bear alone without her family around.

Dakota leans down and scoops up Cassandar saying: We're goin on over to Kristin's house to see if she's alright. She just found out about Ranger's death two days ago and he was a close friend of hers so she might still be in shock. (Leaves the living area to get Cassandar ready to go out side then says) Lets go get ready to go see Kristin and the animals. One last hoorah before Santa comes t'night,so it's early to bed so he can do his job and get on with his trip around the world in twenty four hours.

Nosedive helps Toby with her jacket saying: Alrighty then Toby look up so I can do up your scarf! (Pulls Toby's scarf around her neck then tucks it inside her jacket then pulls the zipper right up then pulls her winter hat down saying) There that's done! Now let's get your winter boots on your feet! You sit and put them on and I'll teach ya how to tie the laces so you can do them up next time. (Waits while Toby pulled on her brand new winter snow boots then pulls the laces good and tight then says) Now watch carefully! Left over right and pull down tight, right over left heft it down tight and there we go all done. (Turns and says to Raider) How ya doin over there?

Raider holds up his left boot with his finger caught in a knot then says: Not so good dad. I still can't get it right. I'm always tying my finger into the knots.

Nosedive scoots over to Raider and quickly unties the knot in his son's shoe lace freeing his throbbing finger and says: Now watch how I do it and tell me what it is that you're doing wrong with your own boots. (Begins to slowly tie Raider's boot lace then says) What in there did you do wrong?

Raider: Didn't move my finger out of the way after I pulled the bow through?

Nosedive: Yep that's what you're doin wrong. Always move your finger out of the way BEFORE you tighten the bow. Now you try it and tell me if you need any help.

Raider picks up the boot laces on his right boot and correctly follows what his dad had done then is stopped

Duke: Whoa there! Now move your fingers out of the way or else you'll tie them into the boot lace.

Raider slips his finger out from ontop of the crossed shoe laces then pulls down tightly on the bow looking in awe at what he'd done by himself with just a bit of coaching

Nosedive: Before too long, you won't even need our help. You'll be doing this without thinking about it. (Picks up Raider's scarf and winds it around his neck to prevent another case of sore throat then tugs his hat over his head saying) Now see,was that so hard to do with a little help?

Raider: No, not after finding out what it was I was doing wrong. How does Santa manage to go around the world in a mere twenty four hours without a bathroom break? I mean if he were to use the bathrooms in the houses he stops at,then he'd wake someone up. So how does he do it after drinking so many different beverages and eating so much? Is his bladder huge or is he just good at holding on until he gets back home to the North Pole to use the bathroom? Or does he stop in at an all night truck stop and go there?

Nosedive takes Raider's winter coat down from his hook and holds it open for him saying: Now come and get your coat on. One it's magic much like the magic that allows Kristin and Borg's worlds to be one in the samething,two I have no idea how he can manage without a pitstop between houses and your right, if he were to use someone's bathroom to relieve himself,then he'd definitly wake someone up and blow his in and out in under twenty second rule! Like Kristin's uncle Vinnie says, he probably lets it rip over the side of the sleigh as he's flying by.

Raider stands up then pulls on his warm HotPaws gloves on his hands then held the ends of his sleeves to prevent them from bunching up and turned around slipping his arms through the sleeves until it was hanging down evenly then says: Is it really cold outside again today?

Nosedive fastens Raider's zipper up saying: It's December Raider, of course it's cold outside. You'd freeze your little tail feathers off back home at this time of the year. Not only that but you'd be wearing skates to get around. The streets freeze up during the winter time. (Grabs his own jacket down off the peg and slips it on and does it up then says) Are the kids ready?

Joey looks at all the kids then says: Ohh your twins are waiting to be dressed! Mine are already. Besides Raider, not everyone leaves him a tall glass of milk,some kids actually put it in a thermose and pack him an around the world snack to take with him incase y'know he gets hungry. The best two people to ask would be Borg and Kristin,they both know Santa very well and work closely with him giving up to the minute detailed reports on behaviour of little children in both worlds. They both know who's naughty and who's been very nice all year round and you and your sisters have been moved from the future list to the list for this time so Santa knows you're in this time not in the future, Kristin made certained to inform Santa to come here not the future with your presents and he'll be bringing them to the secret location while you guys are in dream land!

Duke grabs two small jackets one pink and blue and one purple and teal jacket down off the peg along with scarves one to mactch the pink and blue coat and one to matach the purple and teal jacket then hands one to Nosedive saying: I'll do Bridgette you do Brianna. That way it'll go faster! (Begins to get Bridgette dressed to go out then after a few minutes she sat in her stroller waiting for her sister as he said) Bridgette's done and waitin ta go.

Nosedive finishes dressing Brianna and plops her down beside her sister with their bears then says: Brianna's all bundled up. Shall we leave now?

Dakota nods then says: Yeah everyone's ready to face the frosty out doors so let's go! (Pulls down the protective all weather plastic to protect the twins from the cold air and snow then pushes the baby buggy into the elevator with Nosedive,Grin and Duke who took both strollers up to ice level then she,Tanya,Mallory and Joey all piled in to the elevator after getting the all clear then they all left the pond and headed towards the Wolves's Den to check up on Kristin)

After leaving the pond dressed for the weird weather,all thirteen ducks headed over to Kristin's house thinking that she'd probably still be sobbing over her father,not knowing that she was getting the presents for the little kids from her ready for them to open when they arrived along with four bottles of hot chocolate that were just the right temperature, then got down seven mugs and three animal mugs and filled them up with hot chocolate topping the kids cups off with chocolate flavoured whipped cream adding marshmallow in the shape of Santa Claus on top then heard the door bell ringing and left the kitchen to go and answer it.

Kristin jogs up the two stairs to the front door and opens it letting in fourteen half frozen ducks saying: Come on in out of this weird weather before you catch your deaths and leave the doorbell alone or I'll break your fingers! It's bad enough when my dad did it before he was captured, I don't need you ringing my door bell! One of these days
Nosedive you're gonna do that and Zzzap! You'll get the shock of yer life! There's hot drinks waiting in the kitchen along with freshly baked cookies,cup cakes and a cake that I got off the reduced table at the grocery store this morning! (turns then heads down to the kitchen while her guests unbundled themselves and headed into the warm and cozy den and sat down on the couch while the two sets of twins played with the blocks that had been set up in the penned area to keep them occupied then calls out) uhh,a little help in the kitchen?

Nosedive goes down to the kitchen and takes the tray with the hot drinks on it and carries it into the den while Kristin took the large tray saying: Isn't this just too strange? I mean California NEVER gets snow!

Kristin nods and says as they left the kitchen with the trays: I know that Southern California never sees snow! I know the energy pattern but I can't remember where I felt this before! It's frustrating to know that the person's familiar but the name eludes me! It's some really whacked out name that is oh wait a minute! I think I remember this weirdo!

Duke sits down in the oversized love seat and takes a mug of hot chocolate and a plate of cake saying: Who is this weirdo?

Kristin sets the goody tray down and says: His Super Hero name is Captain Snowman bringer of snow and ice! The dweeb's real name is Clever Calvinsston and unfortunately I was his Chemistry Lab partner in grade nine and he's been nothin but trouble since he transfered back into the Academy at the begining of last month fresh from Military Boarding School somewhere in England.

Mallory: What's this whacko done so far?

Kristin: First he sets the garbage bin in the boys room on fire,the he sets the Big Bin outside school on fire,then he trashes the cafeteria hours before it's due to open,then he trashes the gym and the auditorium and the library and the computer room and the drama room, (Pauses to catch her breath before continuing)

Tanya takes a mug and a plate of cake then leans back in the oversized lazy boy saying: We take it that there's more? You stopped to catch your breath!

Duke swallows his hot chocolate and cake saying: There's more? What else did this loonatic do?

Kristin takes a deep breath and continues saying: He vandalized the music room,the art studio,the photography room using the overhead lights to screw up other people's hard work then, he hit the video room,trashing all the end of the semester projects that we work hard on all year with no remorse of course. He's als trashed the S.A.C. meeting hall.

Nosedive leans back saying: Anything else we should know? I mean there has to be more right?

Kristin takes a bite of her own cake and a sip of her own hot chocolate then says: Of course there's more, he means business! I mean just before we left for the holidays, he trashed the cheerleading equipment,breaking all the batons,ripping up several hundred dollars worth of pompoms and cheerleading unifroms that are from the early fifties that can't be replaced, he's trashed the new cheerleading uniforms and now we have to re-order them. The History Club was getting ready to donate the relics to the Museum downtown but well what he couldn't destroy, he either ruined beyond repair or took and hid them somewhere.

Dakota shakes her head saying: What's eating him that he's done all this destruction?

Kristin casually says: Oh I turned his advances down. He's been after me since he enrolled at the Academy.

Joey snickers saying: He's tried to pick up on you?

Tanya: What's Rex gotta say about this?

Kristin: Oh Rex has made himself perfectly clear about this, keep your distance and you won't wind up in a traction. Now, because I've turned him down for several dates, he's trying to win me over and impress me by seizing control of the weather patterns, what he'll do next, I don't really wanna know. He's a dangerous weirdo out on the loose with free reign of the city so he thinks.

Brianna tired of waiting for her christams treats,crawls over to the edge of the pen and calls: Kitty? Baba? Cookie? Pwesent?

Kristin puts her plate and mug down then picks up Sivlerbolt and puts him in the pen saying: Here ya go, just be nice to him and he'll be nice to you. Just don't feed him cake, he doesn't like cake, but he does like plain donuts and a saucer of hot chocolate. (Picks up a saucer and dumps the remainder of her hot chocolate into it then sets it on the ground along with a plain donut then filps on the tv in the pen to the christmas specials to occupy them saying) Look, it's Frosty! You watch Frosty while we do other things and don't worry about interruptions, this is a commercial free channel. (Picks up Brianna's teddy bear bottle and hands it to her removing the cap saying) Here's baba and here's a cookie that's nice and soft for you to eat. (Removes the caps from the other three bottles and places a piece of cake,a cup cake and a cookie on a plate for each of the little ones then steps over the baby gate to give the kids their treats and hot chocolate saying) Jordan,come get your baba and treats.

Jordan crawls over and sits at Kristin's feet saying: Baba? Cookie? Pwesents?

Kristin hands Jordan his bottle and sets the plate infront of him saying: Eat to your hearts content. (Notices Jordanna and gives her her bottle and sets her plate infront of her saying) Follow the leader huh? Well here's your goodie plate enjoy. (Walks over to Brianna and gives her her bottle and treat plate then goes back over to the gate and says) Dive can you give me Cassandar's mug and her goodie plate? Oh and the box beside my chair as well! I'd better give them their one present before bedtime before it gets too late!

Nosedive loads an extra plate with a piece of cake,two cup cakes and two cookies then picks up the mug,takes it over to Kristin saying: Here we go, mug and goodie plate.
Kristin takes the plate and mug from Nosedive's hand and gives them over to Cassandar saying: We didn't forget you. I didn't have a spare hand to hold it with. Now chow down, consider this your christmas eve bedtime snack. (Climbs over the baby gate, goes over to her favourite chair,sits down and says) There everyone settled in now? Good.

Nosedive goes back over to Kristin's chair and picks up the box and carries it over to the pen and pulls out a present saying: Here ya go Jordan to you from Santa before bed,Jordanna here ya go honey, Brianna come and get your present same goes for you Bridgette come on and get your presents. (Watches as four babies crawled over to him,sat on their diapered behinds and reached up for their respective presents then says) Jordan here's yours, Jordanna,Brianna and Bridgette here you two go,Toby,Raider and Cassandar come get yours and that'll empty out the box. (Hands the last three presents to Toby,Raider and Cassandar then sees Jordan chewing the box and lifts him and Jordanna up saying) Let's go to mommy and she'll open the presents for you. (Carries Jordan and Jordanna over to Joey saying) We need help unwrapping our presents mommy!

Joey takes Jordan and Jordanna from Nosedive's arms and says: Alright lets unwrap your presents and see what Santa let you have early! (Unwraps Jordan's big box then removes the lid saying) Oh a Veemon blanket,doll,pillow and Jammies! Just what you asked Santa to bring you for Christmas! Alright Jordanna let's get your present unwraped and opened shall we? Yeah let's do that! (Unwraps Jordanna's big box then removes the lid saying) Oooh lookie here! A Gatomon doll,blanket,pillow and jammies! Just what you asked Santa to bring you for Christmas! Ooh these will keep you nice and cozy all night with feet on the ends!

Nosedive goes back over to the play pen and lifts out his two youngest future children and heads over to the chair where he sat saying: Lets unwrap our presents now shall we? Maybe you got what you asked Santa for! (Unwraps Bridgette's present and removes the lid saying) Oh yay! A Patamon doll,Pillow,Blanket and jammies! Just what you wanted! Now then let's open up Brianna's present! (Unwraps and opens Brianna's present and says) Ooh lookie lookie! Just what you asked for! A Gabumon doll,blanket,pillow and jammies! Yay everything in this package was what you asked for! A cuddle buddy,matching pillow, blanket and jammies to go with your cuddle buddy! I see Toby got her Gommamon doll,blanket,pillow and back pack and Raider got his Armadillomon doll,blanket,pillow and back pack and Cassandar looks like she got a Terriermon doll,back pack, pillow, blanket and jammies just what she wanted!

Kristin remembers an episode of the Rug Rats and says: Have you ever noticed how ridiculosly easy it is for the Rug Rats to get out of their play pen? I mean if it was that easy to get out of a gated area, I'd have been in Hawii by the time I was four! But the latch was always on the outside and padlocked so I couldn't get out even if I jimmied the lock! But what kid can jimmie a padlock with a plastic screw driver?

Nosedive: No kidding! They make it look like it's so easy to get out of a locked play pen.

Dakota swallows then says: Then again there's the Board of Concerned Parents Apposed To Child Neglect who view Rug Rats as Child Neglect and endangerment. Didn't you read that stupid artical in Today's Parent Magazine? The opening line of the article said that Rug Rats serve as a warning that too many children under a certain age are being left unattended which is a result of too many household related deaths in America.

Kristin rolls her eyes saying: Uhhuh,yeah right. I'm the oldest child in a very large family and not once have I lost a sibling because they got out of their play pen by popping open the old eye hook latch. That was easily fixed by my aunt Charley who replaced it with a key lock that has two keys one to open it and one to close it.

Meanwhile back at the pond, Wildwing went to work baking the birthday cake to take to Kristin's house and Phil had Canard putting the finishing touches on all the unwrapped birthday presents and signing birthday cards until at last the cake was complete and all the cards and envelopes had been signed and sealed,all the gifts were wrapped and put into a big clear bin and the cake had been put into an oversized cake box with sixteen candles on it waiting to be lit then blown out and all the dirty dishes had been hand washed and dried then put away out of sight as was the trash.

Phil: Are you still taking those presents over to the house?
Canard: Yes Phil.

Phil: Do you want me to call and find out when the kids will be in bed?

Canard: That's the general idea of Christmas. Not letting the kids find out about the presents. Besides I think Kristin's siblings will be joining us for the holidays just to take their minds off their father.

Phil: Great, while you get things straightened up,I'll give the house a call deal?

Canard: Sure

Phil: Good now get up and get ready to leave! Once you've got your jackets on, we're walking over to the Den and we'll be going in through the kitchen door,Kristin's left the gate unlocked for us.

Canard: Great this way I don't have to worry about having to reach over and unlock it myself,she's done the work for us. Then we're gonna find out who this wacko is and why he's tampering with the weather. The kitchen door is unlocked isn't it?

Phil watches Canard get up and follow Wildwing and Grin to get their jackets on then calls the den and is greeted by Kristin and says: At what time are the kids going to bed tonight?

Kristin: Uhh just a minute I don't know yet. Can I put you on hold a minute and I'll go check? Great! Just a sec! (Puts Phil on hold then goes to find out when the kids were going to bed then goes back to the phone and takes Phil off hold saying) In an hour Toby and Raider are gonna be goin upstairs to have their baths and get into bed that is if they're not too tired,if they're too tired then they'll have a bath in the morning. The two twins are already sleeping in the penned area. Cassandar's trying to fight off her sleepiness but is loosing the battle.

Phil: Great,Canard didn't want to raise suspicions with the kids by brining the presnents over now. It's as your father once said "Never let the little ones have their way or they'll stay up to see Santa." Oh and don't let on I told you this when we arrive,but Wildwing and Grin both made you a delicious chocolate birthday cake and decorated it together.

Kristin picks up the card with a teddy bear on the front and blank inside and reads it saying: Grin came over yesterday when I wasn't home and dropped off a card with a poem written inside that makes no sense but who says poems have to make sense? Grin's already given me an early birthday present: a new pair of hockey skates to replace my old ones that're too small to wear anymore.

Phil: So what's this I hear about your cat eating plain donuts dunked in hot chocolate?

Kristin: Oh he's been doing that since he was a kitten. He loves plain donuts with a saucer of hot chocolate with just cream to dunk them in. Bear loves cup cakes without the icing, too sugary for his liking, but he likes hot tea with cream and honey in it. It helps him sleep at night.

Phil: I've gotta see this to believe it! I have NEVER seen a cat dunk a donut in chocolate before. Oh wait! Is the kitchen door unlocked?

Kristin chuckles saying: Well then you're in for a real treat. It's adorable the way Silverbolt eats his donut. He just HAS to have that donut and hot chocolate before he goes to bed at night. Yeah I unlocked it earlier when I went out to check on my winter garden. So the door is unlocked and has been oiled by Grin so it won't wake the kids up from their well deserved sleep. Yeah well I'll let you get back to rounding up the presents to bring over and I won't let on that you told me about the cake. (Hangs up with Phil and goes back into the living room and curls back up in her favourite oversized chair saying) Sorry Phil called to see when the kids were going to bed and to find out if the kitchen door is unlocked and had been oiled so they can slip in quietly with the you know whats

Tanya: Well Canard doesn't have to worry about the door squeaking anymore it's been fixed,and the gate's unlocked so they'll have a quick and quiet entry so they won't disturb them when the kids go to bed.

Kristin: Considering that I know little kids veddy veddy well, I'd give them another few minutes before they start falling asleep where they are. Kids just can't wait to be old enough to stay up later than bedtime. (Hears someone opening the door that separated the Magical Anaheim from the normal Anaheim and says) Now who's that?

Borg steps through the door way into Kristin's kitchen and heads into the den saying: Oh hello my friends, I didn't know you were here! (spies the kids and says to Kristin) Am I seeing things? The little girl looks like Nosedive!

Kristin snickers saying: Borg meet Toby,Raider,Bridgette and Brianna , Dakota and Nosedive's FUTURE children here from the future where they're orphans. The little brown haired girl that just lost her battle to stay awake is Cassandar and the twins that are sleeping are Jordan and Jordanna, Joey and Canard's son and daughter. The Wolf and Cat you know already! Just keep it down, they're sleeping. They've lost their valliant battle to stay awake longer than they normally would.

Borg looks blankly at Kristin then says: Dakota? Joey? Canard? Names are not familiar to me.

Duke: I'm sorry Borg, you haven't met Dakota yet! Borg the girl sitting beisde Nosedive is my only blood child Dakota L'Orange the other girl with the blond hair and green eyes is Joey Thunderbeak and the father of Jordanna and Jordan will be here shortly. (Gets up out of his comfortable chair and picks up Cassandar saying) Alright Cassandar, you tried to keep awake. I guess you're just not old enough to fight your exhaustion the way you'd like to. (Carries a soundly sleeping Cassandar out of the living room,up the two stairs then up the flight of stairs to the Nursery where he changed her out of her clothes,put her pj's on then laid her out in the bed tucking the covers up around her saying) Night night sweetheart, I'll see you in the mornin. As for now,sweet dreams. (Leaves the Nursery and goes back down to the living room to rejoin the others)

Meanwhile down in the living room

Kristin looks over at Toby,Raider and the twins then says: I think it's curtains for these guys as well. They're already in la la land for the night.

Nosedive stands up and says: I'll carry Toby,while Dakota takes Raider. Can you handle carrying the twins? Oh man dumb question! Asking if you can handle carrying twins upstairs! I oughtta know better than that!

Kristin goes over to the penned area and gently lifts up a sleepy Bridgette and Brianna while Joey lifted out Jordan then says: Sleepy heads aren't you? Well let's get you up to the nursery shall we?

Borg: Might I be of help?

Kristin: Uhh yeah, Joey could use a helping hand. You can take her daughter Jordanna and follow us upstairs. Oh Joey show him which one's Jordanna he's not too sure which is which.

Joey picks up Jordan and says: See the little girl? Yeah that's Jordanna. Looks like her father and this one looks like a male verion of me. You're ready for bed aren't you Master Thunderbeak?

Jordan: No bed wan daddy.

Joey: I know honey, but daddy'll probably bring up your sister and get her ready to be put to bed so don't fret let's get ready for bed.

Borg hears the kitchen door open and says: I take it the other three have arrived.

Kristin pokes her head around the kitchen door and says: Yep they're here. (Spies Duke coming down the stairs and says) Here wanna take one while I take the other?

Duke takes a sleepy Brianna from Kristin's arms and says: Yeah sure,I'll take Brianna you take Bridgette! C'mon baby,let's go up and get ready for bed. (Turns and goes upstairs followed by Kristin,Nosedive,Dakota and Joey)

Once upstairs Joey,Duke,Dakota and Nosedive all set to work putting the kids in their night clothes,as each child slipped into their night clothes, they were put to bed where the insantly fell into a restful sleep that they all prayed would last the entire night.

While they were putting the kids that were already upstairs to bed,Canard came upstairs with Jordanna to get her ready for bed followed by Silverbolt and Bear guardians of the nursery.

Canard enteres the nursery saying to Jordanna: See here's mommy! Mommy didn't abandon you! There's only so much she can do and your brother's a one person job! Now let's get you ready for bed shall we? (Sits Jordanna on the changing table then unfastens the straps of her overalls then lays her down and unsnaps the fasteners that went up the legs of her pants and slipped them off,took off the diaper,tossed it out,cleaned her up then powdered her and put on a fresh diaper finishing with her Gatomon printed pyjammas that he slid on and she was done and he said) Look at that! All done! Clean diaper and in our new jammies ready for bed! (Carries her over to the crib and lays her down saying) Alright,here's your precious Gatomon doll and here's your Gatomon blanket. Heaven forbid I forget your blanket. As for you, here's your Veemon doll and your Veemon blanket and you're both ready to get some sleep to let Santa do his job downstairs. (Quietly slips out of the nursery followed by the others then says to Kristin) How're you holding up with Ranger being gone?

Kristin: I'll be fine, I promised him that I wouldn't let my grief interfere with my social and personal life and it won't. Ranger was more than a friend to me, our friendship evolved after being friends since we were in diapers, we became closer than friends. Knowing that he was once a loyal Warrior to my uncle Throttle's ancestor makes the loss easier because after being gone a year, he'll be back healthier and stronger than he was before he passed away. It takes a year for the ancient healing magic of the star crystal to kick in.

Dakota: Closer than friends huh? Oh let's say you had deep feelins for Ranger, feelings that were of the romantic nature?

Kristin heaves a sigh and says: Ranger and I had been going steady for almost four years when he passed on. He was the first guy that I ever found to be worth dating. The other guys were just pompus cretiens who only cared for themselves, wanted a girlfirend to do their homework,be on the sidelines cheering them on at every football game and be their trophy girl at the dances. Ranger wasn't like that,he was the eternal definition of a true gentleman before he became sick and his health turned for the worse and he passed away. But no one ever said battling cancer would be an easy job especially when it was in the advanced stages and was eating away at his insides while his parents fought the refuesal of medical treatment to save his life.

Nosedive: Wait a minute! There was treatment and he was refused? Why?

Kristin: The Doctors didn't think that his cancer was terminal enough to treat. Three weeks before he died, he got a letter in the mail stating that the funding that he applied for to help him pay for the treatment was denied because they said that his condition wasn't terminal enough. A few days later he was rushed to the Med Ward where he had to be fed by IV tubes because he couldn't swallow anything solid and when he finally did die, a letter came in the mail saying that he had been approved for more funding for his treatment and that it could start right away. When his parents wrote back and said that their son had passed away because of all the red tape surrounding his case, they came back with "Our most sincerest condolences go out to you in your time of need, if you ever need any funding for his memorial we will gladly help out."

Borg: How long had you and Ranger been going out?

Kristin: T'morrow would've been five years but he died in his sleep a couple of days ago. I promised him that if he ever did die the grievence period would be short and sweet a couple of weeks not forever and a day. I miss him,but not as much as I did a few days ago when I heard he passed on and the day I went to both his funeral and his burrial against the orders of the Psychatrist that my teachers enlisted the help of to quote talk sense into me and to get me to change my mind about going to the memorial service, the funeral and the burrial and the cermony at his place. Mom thought that I was still too emotionally unstable to be going anywhere but thought it for the best that I have closure and have a chance to say goodbye to Ranger. My teacher didn't think so so she had the school's registered doctor write and have a prescription filled for heavy duty anti-depressants and sent them to me by overnight courrier and they arrived this morning with a note stating to start taking them immediately to combat my deep unshakeable depression before I committed suicide.

Nosedive: You don't look or sound deeply depressed or suicidal right now! Nor did you when you came back from the funeral and burrial a couple days ago. What'd the doc on base say?

Kristin: Not to take the anti depressant pills or the ritilin because they'd interfere with my life. Just let the reality of Ranger's death sink in and if I need to cry then have a nice long hard cry until I'm all cried out and have nothing left to sob over. But the teachers don't see it that way, they told Terrence that I'm a danger to both me,the Wolves and you guys and that I SHOULD be taking Ritilin and the Anti-Depressants as soon as possible so that I won't hurt anybody. He just brushed it off saying that depression and the feelings that I'm going through are normality for someone who lost a person they loved deeply the way Ranger and I loved one another. My teachers can be VERY insistant and VERY pushy at times, what THEY want is what I oughtta be doing.

Nosedive: Don't we all know that your teachers can be pushy and insistant at times! Man when you first came to live with us at the Pond after Yurie's suicide, they were very insistant that you go for Psychiatric counselling that you didn't need since you never really grew close to Yurie. Doesn't Ritlin make guys steril and girls infertil?

Kristin: Those are the side effects of Ritilin. My sisters Bridgette and Brianna were on Ritlin since first grade and when it came time for them to have their periods,the medication screwed things up and now they don't get their periods they have no eggs to release. The Ritlin killed all the eggs and erased any fertility that they might have had so they can never bear any children later on in life. That's why I don't like taking Ritilin even when my mom mixes it into my food I know that it's in the whipped potatoes that she makes because she doesn't quite cover up the pill as well as she thinks she does and doesn't believe in the side effects of Ritilin up until Bridgette and Brianna hit puberty and their periods never showed up and their ovaries were found to be barren of any healthy eggs because they started Ritilin in January of the year that they were to start first grade and have been on it since that time. This time Terrence prescribed it for them to take until they graduate College but he wouldn't prescribe it for us older kids and Amber and Ashes nor would he prescribe it for the kids after Bridgette and Brianna.

Borg: Forgive my rudeness but there's more than six of you? I thought that there were only six Maverick children! I had no idea there were more! How many more of you are there in your family?

Kristin: Oh let's see there's the elder six followed by Amber who is a year older than Ashes, then come Bridgette and Brianna, followed by Todd and Charlotte,followed by Brandt and Emily,followed by Sakura and Madision and Mitchell and Curtis. That's it in a nutshell, so there's eighteen children in my family all in two's. Except for us older kids, me,Alex,Jamie,James,Sammy and Terrance were all born same day,same month,same year about twenty minutes apart in birth time. We're the same age though the boys look older than sixteen more like twenty six. But they're still teenagers.

Borg sinks into a nearby chair saying: Eighteen children?! Oh my, such a large family to look out for!

Kristin: Borg, there are eight kids that are off on their own so there's only twelve kids left to be raising. A few years ago Amber and Ashes went off solo in their lives, they're big kids now and don't need mommy and daddy's constant attention so they decided to try what me,Alex and the others did when we were thirteen and moved out with Military Assistance to keep their bodies above water on dry ground. So far Ashes is making it on his own as is Amber, they live around here somewhere. Ashes and Amber just want time away from our parents to learn about life on their own not by having life lessons simplified for them, we never learned things the easy way, we learned on our own how to get out of fights and that was to fight back not to walk away 'cause you'll only be labeled a coward who can't fight their own battles without parental consent. I've been in many a fight since I moved here to get away from strict discipline and the over protective rules and regulations back home to be able to do what I want to do without fear of reprimend. (Looks at the huge sacks that stood waiting to be opened and emptied then heaves a sigh saying) Well we've got work to do while they're upstairs sleeping, so let's get to work! (Hears the kitchen phone ringing and says) Oh shoot! Uhh you guys can get started while I go answer the phone before it wakes one of the kids upstairs up! (Goes down the two steps into the kitchen and shuts the door behind her and picks up the cordless phone and turns it on saying) Yello?

Alex finally hears his sister and says: Hey to you too! I've good news from this end!

Kristin: What?

Alex: Oooh we found a certain person who is up in bed sleeping like a log right now.

Kristin: WHAT? You found dad already?

Alex: No we found Santa Claus who got lost on his way to Anaheim! Of course we found dad! Who'd you think I was talking about? The Pope?

Kristin: Funny Alex,funny! So how's he doing since he was sprung from prison?

Alex: He's pretty tired right now, he had a big meal then a hot shower to wash the stink off of his body then he got into his night clothes and crawled into bed beside mom and bingo he's out for the count! We'll be comin over for Christmas in the mornin, we were plannin to come t'night but dad's too exhausted and needs some sleep. Besides that,mom fixed up his arm with that rust remover that you gave him last christmas,then she oiled his arm joints and applied the rust and water repellant and his arm looks like it was just attached to his joint socket. So uhh how ya holdin up after Ranger's death? Yer not too deeply disturbed like the school said you were are you?

Kristin: Never was and never will be. Ranger made me promise to keep the grievance period short and I'm over it now. I'm movin on with my life, who knows maybe somethin'll happen with me and Rex we've been goin steady for a few months now.

Alex: Great! You're back in the ball park after a brief absence! At least if somethin does happen, it's with a guy that really gives a care! Well look, it's after midnight here in Chi-town so I'm gonna go have a nice hot shower and get cleaned up then I'm gonna hit the sack for the night, I've an early wake up time t'morrow and it's gotta be what one a.m. there in Anaheim?

Kristin glances up at the clock and says: Actually it's only past eleven we're an hour behind you in Chicago. But yeah, I had to go out and shovel the bloody sidewalk four times t'day and I'm pretty wore out. Each time I nicely got the sidewalk cleared of snow, then that blasted riding snow blower would come by and burry the side walk again. The fourth time he went by I whacked him with a huge snowball right in the head and told him to take his ridin snow blower and go home and stop burrying my sidewalk with snow. I think he got the picture after I hit him again and nearly knocked him off his blower and threatened to flattened all eight tires to make myself clear.

Alex: You are one mean girl ya know that? What a jerk you break your back shovellin and he burries your sidewalk three times! So you go whip a coulple of dad sized snowballs at him then flatten all eight of his tires! You're mean! I'm pretty sure he won't do it again since he now knows you have a heckuva temper that you got from dad! He won't be comin back around your place any more. Yeah well you must've been in the middle of helping Santa put the presents under the tree so I'll let you get back to work so you can get to bed for the night.

Kristin: Yeah I was in the middle of puttin presents under the tree and by now the others should be half way through the first three garbage bags of presents so I'd best be goin back into the livin room and helpin out with the rest of the presents. So I'll talk to ya t'morrow Alex,bye

Alex: Bye Kris. (Hangs up the phone and heads upstairs to his room to get ready for bed)

Kristin hangs up the phone,waks up the two steps to the living room and opens the door and re-enters the living room.

Nosedive sees Kristin coming back into the living room and says: Who called?

Kristin: That was Alex callin to say that they'll be arrivin first thing in the morning with the entire brood in tow. It's too late to be packing all the kids into the transporter now,so they were put to bed after a long pleasant day of hurlin snow balls at eachother, makin snow angels,attempting to burry poor old Banjo who retreated into the warm sanctity of the house seeking protection from my mom who sheltered him in her room letting him sleep on the bed away from little hands,making snowmice in the backyard and building a big fort and igloo before mom called them in for the night. So they were pretty exhausted by the time it was time to head up and get into bed for the night, right as soon as their heads hit their pillows, they were out like a light sound asleep in lala land for the night,leaving poor mom and Alex to clean up dried puddles of slushy snow and rock salt that was thrown out onto the ice to make it safe enough to walk down the path to the mail box.

Nosedive: Oh we were wondering when they were gonna show up. Weren't they supposed to have been here this morning?

Kristin: Yeah they were but mom called this morning saying that there were still somethings she needed to pick up at the mall and that they'd be here first thing on Christmas day and dragged everyone out to the mall all morning long, then while she was inside with Rimfire wrapping presents, the kids were outside playing in the snow wearing themselves out, then after a nice hot supper, they each went and had their hot baths and climbed into their jammies and watched tv until they couldn't keep their eyes open and retreated up to bed two hours earlier than normal and were out like a light when my mom checked on them. The younger ones fell asleep as soon as their heads hit their soft firm support pillows and their bodies hit the mattresses. At least she called and told me that she was taking the kids to the mall to finish up their shopping for the others, Emmy seen a bear that she wanted to get for Starfire so she went and bought quite a few teddy bears for each of Rimfire's kids. (Finishes helping put the last of the presents under the tree then says) I'm so tired from shovelling that wretched sidewalk four times t'day that I'm goin up to bed for the night.

Borg: Aye it is for the best that I get back to my realm before chaos sets in! (Gets up out of the chair,quickly pulls out six presents from a small sack on his belt and slides them under the tree then heads down through the kitchen where the door separating the Magical Anaheim from the normal Anaheim opened up and Borg stepped through into his own world.)

After Borg returned to his own world, Kristin and the others went about unplugging the decorative lights until they were all off then one by one they all went upstairs while Kristin set the burglar alarm and motion detectors ensuring to punch in the code that would prevent the alarm going off for Santa to finish the job they had started then headed up the stairs to her room where the party for her birthday got underway until well after three a.m. when they all finally fell asleep exhausted sleeping soundly until Kristin was awakened by her front door bell being rang at seven a.m.

Kristin hears the doorbell being rang and sits up saying: Hey wakie wakie! It's Christmas mornin! Time to get up! (Picks up the soft ball that had been beside her on the bed and bounces it off the heads of the others until they all woke up and she said) Rise and shine, I have to go and answer the door and turn the alarm off! (Gets up out of bed and goes downstairs shutting off the burglar alarm and sensitive motion detectors and opens the front door to reveal Alex and the others and says) Sorry, didn't mean to keep you waiting out here in the freezing cold! I just woke up, we were up partying until three a.m.

Alex: Sounds like a riot, didn't wake the kiddies did ya?

Kristin: No the kids were sound asleep dreamin of what
Santa was bringing them for Christmas. This is Toby,Raider, Bridgette and Brianna's first Christmas here in the past and Jordan and Jordanna's first christmas. When I walked by the nursery, they were standing up in their cribs waiting to be taken out and have their diapers changed so they can have breakfast then open presents. Now get in here, I'm heating the inside not the outside! So where's dad?

Alex steps into the house and sheds his over boots and his winter gear saying: Still lagging behind the rest of us with the sacks of presents. He's been worried about you sis, dad knew Ranger had passed on in his sleep and worried all night about how you were handling it and his capture. You are his angel, the one who was destined to die after birth because you were so small! But dad had other plans and kept you alive all this time and when he came home from being checked by Terrence, the first thing out of his mouth was "How is Kristin? Is she alright?"

Kristin: Oh by the way, have you heard from you other darling brother and sister?

Alex: Can't say that I have. Jamie usually called at least once a week to check in with me to let me know she's alright, but when I call back to see if she's alright, I get "The number you have dialed cannot be reached from your calling area, please check the number and try again. If you need assistance dial your operator, this is a recording." What do you get when you call Jamie and Terrance's phone numbers back?

Kristin: I get the message that the customer I am trying to reach is unavailable and to check back later, when I call Terry's number it's the number you have reached is not in service,please check the number and dial again.

Terrance comes in behind Alex and takes his winter gear off saying: I didn't change my phone number, it's still the same as it was before. (Hangs his jacket up on a hook then unzips his over boots setting them under his jacket then heads into the living room to sit down allowing his aching legs to finally have a rest saying) Why would you be told that my phone number is not in service? What were the last four digits that you punched in? Were they 9874 or 4789?

Kristin: I punch in 989-9874 to call you and 989-9939 to call Jamie. Immediately after I punch in the last digit of Jamie's number the operator tells me that the number you have dialed cannot be reached from your calling area, please check the number and dial again.

Jamie: And I never changed my number either, so it's a mystery as to why you're being told that you can't reach me after six. We're all on the same phone plan with the same phone company when we got the cell phones. I get the samething when I go to call Sammy and James but when I hang up and dial again I'm put through to James using Sammy's number and Sammy when using James's number. I think you should honestly call the phone company after the holidays are over and find out what the heck is going on with our phone numbers! I can't call you after midnight,when I try to call you after midnight I'm told that your phone line is not active and that I have to wait until morning to call you again. Oh and by the way, sometime around midnight last wednesday, did you hear the disaster siren going off or was it just my imagination? I was out sick last week and couldn't go into battle with an upset stomach.

Kristin: No it wasn't your imagination Jamie, after we finished battle the disaster siren sounded and was wailing all through the night and all day thursday, they never shut it off until three o'clock friday morning. It was one of the most aggrivating things to have happen! It interrupts the tv and the radio so you can't watch or listen to anything not even your own music! I tried to play my CD player to drown it out but it wouldn't let me play my CD player!

Jamie steps into the house and sheds her over boots and winter gear saying: I know, I was surfing the net when my computer froze for half an hour! Talk about irratation! I couldn't do anything not even use my phone! The disaster siren was jamming everything including the power! It was a good thing that I frequently bookmark the web pages that I go to then save them to disk just incase something happens! I couldn't even turn my computer off so I just turned off the monitor and when I checked it again about nine thirty Friday morning, it was working again and that blasted siren had finally been shut off! My tv came on at the same time my radio came on then my microwave,vcr,dvd player,cd player and kareoke equipment came on and man was I steamed! I had just fallen asleep when everything in my apartment suddenly came on full blast!

Kristin: Yeah well the burglar alarm over here was going off and Klegghorn came by and deactivated then reactivated it so that no one can get in if they don't have a swipe card. Hey while I was busy last night, did you catch you know who before he really screwed things up?

Jamie: That we did oh fearless leader of ours! We knew you were gonna be busy so we nailed him and now he's gone back to Military School until he smartens up. He was really smitten with you Kris too bad Rex told him to keep his distance or he'd wind up in permanent traction! So how're the kiddies from the future doin?

Kristin: They're doin fine, slept like logs last night even through my rowdy attic bedroom birthday party that went on well through the night.

Jamie: You're a real party animal aren't cha? Ya could've waited for us to show up so we couldda really partied!

Kristin: Yeah you couldda really woke the kids up Jamie! You're too rowdy to know when to pipe down and let the kids sleep! Go on into the kitchen and you can help me get breakfast on the go. I was gonna make pancakes from scratch and it's a good thing that I made batter last night before I went to bed exhausted, it's in the fridge waiting to be used! (Heads into the kitchen followed by her five siblings and starts getting Christmas Morning Breakfast on the go until a few minutes later a large deep bowl was filled with pancakes and everyone sat at the larger table in the kitchen since the dining room table was still filled with wrapping paper rolls and plastic left over for the kids to use in their many creative crafts and calls up the back stairs) Hey ho! If there's any scragglers up there, hurry up! Breakfast is on the table and it's gettin pretty cold! (Hears an answer then calls up) Well then hurry it up! The others are gettin crabby and will eat with out you if you don't hurry up! (Leaves the stairs and heads to the table hearing the last two scragglers come thundering down and says) 'Bout time you guys came down for breakfast! They were about to eat without your presence at the breakfast table then you'd be without breakfast!

Tanya followed by Mallory hurries over to the table saying: You wouldn't have dared to have started eating with out us would you?

Jamie: Hey when our brothers are hungry they'll eat regardless if you're here or not! It doesn't matter to them if you're at the table or still getting dressed.

Mallory: How do you three put up with their impaitence? If it were me I'd make them wait until everyone was at the table before they even thought of eating. (Slides into her spot and says) Why can't you three be more like your sisters when it comes to eating?

Jamie: You get used to if after sixteen years of living with them, you just tell them that dad said to heel and wait for the rest of the family to arrive at the table. It makes them grumpy but it works and is efficient in getting them to wait awhile! They hate waiting but mom usually smacks their hands with the spatula to get them to wait until EVERYONE is at the table and ready to start breakfast. (Puts the last pancake onto the platter and takes it over to the table saying) Now don't fight over this platter,there's more on the way so don't panic if you run out just be paitent, we've only got two hands to cook with! (Goes back to the stove and helps Kristin take the last four platters of pancakes over to the table where they sat down and began eating until she heard the door bell ringing and says) Oh that must be your christmas present sis, don't wanna keep it out in the cold to long!

Tanya sits down next to Terrance saying: Where've you been hiding yourself lately? We never see you anymore!

Terrance: Oh I've been around. Mainly trying to keep from being laid off at work which is why you haven't seen me around.

Kristin gets up out of her seat,jogs up the two stairs closing the door behind her and heads to the front door where she opened it saying: DAD?

Modo: You were expecting Santa Claus himself? (Steps inside and unzips his over boots and steps out of them then sets the sack down and sheds his winter coat then pulls Kristin into a hug saying) How're you holding up with Ranger being gone?

Kristin: I'm fine done grieving moving on in life. So did ya hear what slime ball did last night?

Modo: He didn't? He did all that just to get your attention? Well at least he's gone back to Military School. (Sniffs the air and says) Do I smell freshly made pancakes? Now I know you've moved on! If you were still blue about Ranger's death,I wouldn't be smellin pancakes in the air! Lemme at 'em! Lemme at 'em! I'm starved!

Kristin: Go on into the kitchen while I help mom bring in the little kids and get them unbundled. (Holds the door open for her mother who was pulling a sled with four warmly dressed mouslings inside and says) Hey come on inside where it's warm and where there's pancakes at the table!

Sanri steps into the hall way and says: Thanks for opening the door for us! Okay now lets get you guys unbundled! (With Kristin's help she gets the quads out of the sleigh,unbundled and lets them roam freely while she unbundled saying) How're you doin? I heard you were sick a while back before your father was captured! What happened?

Kristin: I had pink eye and was going to Terrence so he could put antibiotic drops into my eye to clear up the infection. It's almost gone just one more treatment and then I go see the eye doctor for a complete analysis.

Sanri: Pink Eye? Oh that's not a good thing to have, but at least Terrence is taking care of your eye with the antibiotic eye drops.(Notices the quads roaming and says) Go find daddy he's in the kitchen eating. Oh what am I saying this is their first Christmas in the house! They have no idea where the kitchen is!

Kristin scoops up two of the quads,opens the kitchen door and easily carries the two twins into the kitchen where the Ducks and Phil stopped and looked up as she says: These are two out of four the other two will be here shortly with my mom.

Mallory: Oh they're so adorable! How old are they?

Kristin: This is officially their very first Christmas Morning. They're a whole year old! (Waits while her dad gets up,goes over to the little nook and pulls out two high chairs then brings them to the table and sets them up then she sits each twin in their respective high chair then goes over to the cabinet and grabs their dishes off the shelf and puts a pancake on each plate and cuts it into small squares and pours pancake syrup over them then takes the plates over to her siblings saying) Here we go, nice warm pancakes with lots of syrup! Just the way you like it! (Goes back over to the little nook and pulls out two more high chairs that she takes over to the table and sets up then picks up the last two twins one at a time and puts them in their high chairs and puts cut up pancakes in pancake syrup infront of them with a tumbler of chocolate milk to drink then says) Chow down guys,just don't get your christmas jumpers dirty!

Once everyone was seated around the table eating the nice hot pancakes until they were all gone and nothing remained, Kristin's brothers got up and to her shock loaded her dish washer with the dirty dishes then took clean wet dish cloths and wiped some sticky hands off then tossed them back into the sink then everyone got up and went into the den along with the kids and sat down waiting for Kristin and Alex to hand out their presents.

Kristin spies a present and picks it up calling: Silverbolt,come get your present and open it!
Silverbolt squeezes through James and Sammy then sits infront Sammy and gets his present then opens it saying: Ooh a nice new bag of balls to play with!

Alex picks up a gift closest to his foot and reads the tag saying: Danna, come get your present from santa so you can open it!

Jordanna crawls over to Alex and tries to pick up the box only to fall on her butt

Alex: Why don't you let your mother pick it up, it's three times the size of you ya silly!

Joey leans over and picks up Jordanna's gift saying: C'mere you goof! Let's get this opened! (Lets Jordanna tear the wrapping then says) Look, a box! What's in the box? (Opens the box and pulls out a Digimon Pal Pillow and says) A big pillow!

Jordanna knocks the box over and crawls into it squealing with delight at the empty box

Alex: Who cares about the gift inside? I want the box!

Modo: There goes Sammy at that age! Never mind what the gift was, let her have the box and she'll be eternally happy for a few short hours then she'll get sick of the box and start playin with her toys.

Kristin spies a present and picks it up calling: Jordan you're up next come and get it!

Jordan crawls over to Kristin and takes the small box and shakes it squealing at the sound until Canard picked him up and sat him on his lap

Canard picks up Jordan and sits him on his lap saying: How about we stop shaking the box and unwrap it to see what's under the wrapping paper huh? (Helps Jordan unwrap the present sparing the wrapping paper then says) Books! New books to read for story bedtime! Yay! The very books you took out from the library a few weeks ago and just recently took back! Oh you're happy

Jordan picks up the box and puts it on his head squeals in delight while clapping his hands

Canard: What was it that is so magical about a box that got us excited at this age?

Modo: The fact that some boxes are easy to crawl into and hide from mom and dad at nap and bed time or just to make yourself a christmas present all over again. Kristin did it at their age, crawled into the box we were going to use to house the wrapping paper and hid there until my mother came then popped out of the box squealin her little brains out in sheer happiness that granma was there for Christmas.

Canard glances over at the fireplace mantel and sees a picture of a little girl with a blanket on her head and says: Hey who's the cutie with the blanket on her head in the picture?

Modo gets up and goes over to the fire place to pick up the picture and says: This little girl?

Canard: Yeah, I seen her once but I never got the chance to learn her name or who she belongs to. We found her here when we were cleaning the sub basement sitting on the floor squeezing the stuffing out of a Stan Ham-Ham doll crying into his soft fur.

Modo: Her name is Pennelope not Pe-nel-o-pe Pen-ne-lo-pe. Pennelope is Throttle's youngest daughter, she got lost some how and he never found her. Where is she?

Canard: I took her back to the base and returned her to her father. The only word she said was ookyoo!

Sanri: It's the only thing she really knows how to say properly. Pennelope's still very young but advanced for her age. (Heaves a sigh of relief saying) Oh thank heavens she's been returned! Throttle's been searching for her for ages worried out of his mind about her! She's still a baby and gets spooked very easily, but if she went back willingly with you, then she must've known you know Kristin or she seen your two kids and knew you wouldn't hurt her and would get her back to daddy as soon as possible.

Canard: My kids can't climb downstairs yet, she must've seen Bear and recognized him and trusted him to let me take her home to her dad. Though a guy similar to her grandfather took her from me saying he'd make sure that she got back to her dad when he got back home.

Sanri: Did he have an accent sortta scottish english?

Canard: Yeah he did, Pennelope seemed thrilled to see him she kept crying ookyoo ookyoo!

Sanri: Ahh that's Mac, Throttle's uncle, Brandon's great uncle and Pennelope's Great Great Uncle that's why she was thrilled to see him. Then again she might have thought it was dad's way of letting her know someone was waiting for her to return home. (Hears the door bell and says) Someone's playing with your doorbell again Kristin.

Kristin listens carefully to the ringing and says: Oh
that'd be Uncle Vinnie ringing the doorbell. I warned him not to do that or he'd get a nasty surprise. (Gets up and goes over to where the cover for the door bell was located,removed the cover and turned the switch from ring to shock and heard someone yelp in pain then another voice chiding the person for playing with the doorbell then pushed the switch back to ring and placed the covering back on and went to open the door saying) Warned you if you kept it up you'd get a nasty surprise didn't I?

Stoker: Vinnie just has to learn things himself other wise he ignores it. Now you know what will happen if you keep ringing the doorbell! She'll turn the shocker on and you'll get zapped! Now get up and go on inside,she's heating the inside not the outside!

Throttle looks at a disgusted Pennelope and says: Yeah I know honey,uncle Vinnie got a shock 'cause he didn't listen to Kristin when she warned him about the results the next time he continously rang the doorbell.

Todd looks at his dad and says: Serves you right. You tell us three twice is enough but you play with the doorbell until someone shocks you!

Vinnie slowly stands up and says: I know I know twice is enough. Ouch I deserved that shock more than anyone. (Steps inside and sheds his over boots and winter jacket then takes Hailley from Harley who was visiting and unbundles Hailley while Harley unbundled then says) Alright now let's head into the living room.
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