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Obito's death had changed everything. it changed kakashi as well. kakashixrin

Category: Naruto - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst, Romance - Characters: Kakashi, Rin - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2007/01/31 - Updated: 2007/01/31 - 1085 words

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto, duh.... Or I would be drawing them right now.

Obito's death had changed everything. It changed Kakashi as well.

As Time Flies By

Chapter 1 - Regrets and Changes

A single ray of sunlight managed to penetrate through the overcrowded clouds. It made its way past those disturbing clouds and landed on the ground of Konohagakure, giving some light for the grey-haired boy that had been standing still at that specific spot for the past hours.

At the looks of it, the situation resembles a drama performance, with that particular ray of sunlight act as the stage light; where it shone directly towards the leading actor, as he was filled with emotions, all of them trapped inside his child heart. The empty field had become the stage along with the strokes of wind beating the leaves as music.

On that dark deserted stage where it was only occupied by that one character, the boy stood still, head slightly bend down. He wore a mask, which covered halfway up his nose. One of his eyes was covered with his head protector, while the other was fixed at the only thing in front of him;

The Memorial Tombstone.

More specifically, one name in between other names crafted on the tombstone; Uchiha Obito.

Sounds of birds chirping were added to the music as morning arises.


Without knowing, not far away from where he stood, there was a presence of another character at that peaceful stage. Her silky hair flew with a rhythm, following the beating of the wind. She struggled to prevent her hair from covering her fair face. Her lavender eyes were hollow as she stared at the boy whom she had known for years now.

There were lots of regrets, and there were lots of changes because of that.

The boy in front of her suddenly lifted her head up, realizing the presence of the girl approaching him. He turned slightly, and his only uncovered part of his face curled upwards, indicating a warm smile beneath the dark mask.

At the sight of that, her eyes lighten up, and she smiled back.

He then turned his face back towards the lonely stone in the middle of the field. Rin could see his eyes narrowed as he sank back in the sea of memories.

The two of them then exchanged no words; a smile had said it all. He stared at that one name, and she stared at him. Her eyes were now shone brightly and her lips curled into a smile at the fact that Hatake Kakashi just smiled at her. She took a small glance at the name that belonged to the person that made the jounin started to smile in the first place.

It had been more than 3 years since Obito died. After his death, Kakashi began a life with a routine of standing and staring blankly at the tombstone. He would stand there for hours and God knows how long he could stand there. Rin once saw him there one night and he was still there in the next morning, wearing the same clothes as last night.

He changed after Obito's death. He smiles, he laughs, and he even made jokes now and then. It was as if he took Obito's habits along with him when he received the sharingan. Like Obito intended, Obito was living through Kakashi.

It was when two boys became one man.

When she thought they had had enough, another tragedy fall upon them. Just about a year ago, both Rin and Kakashi were devastated again with their Sensei's brave sacrifice for Konohagakure. Rin cried for weeks but Kakashi remained his composure. As each time he tried to calm her down, she would look up at him when he hugged her, and she knew deep inside, he was crying more than her. After that, she realized the visits to the tombstone were more frequent as before.

She knew, despite the smiling and laughing, he was blaming himself for everything.


She just stood there a couple of steps behind his figure, lost in thoughts while giving him the space and time he needed.

After a while, he turned to her, smiled again, signalling her that it's time to go when he suddenly flinched.

He fell to his knees. His hand automatically landed on his covered eye and she automatically reached for him.

"Kakashi, are you okay?" her worried tone of voice asked.

Kakashi, a little bit trembling, gave her another smile. "I'm fine."

She didn't buy that, and quickly removed the hand that covered the left side of his face and pull up his head protector, revealing the bright red sharingan eye. The pupil was dilated, with three tomoe around the pupil, forming a circle.

It was a gift... and a curse.

"Your body is exhausted from yesterday's usage of sharingan. You're not supposed to move much in the first place!" she explained.

She continued to examine the eye. The 3rd tomoe had recently appeared in Kakashi's sharingan, meaning more chakura usage. And since he's not an Uchiha, that's gonna be a big problem. Even a little while of sharingan usage can cause his whole 15 year-old body to be exhausted.

She knew all of these as a result of countless researches on the Uchiha's bloodline.

She was now wearing her worried face and he doesn't like the sight of that. He quickly pulled back down his head protector, shielding the sharingan away. She was searching in her medical bag for some painkillers when he grabbed her hand to stop her. He shook his head slightly; he then stared at her with a soft face and repeated what he had said earlier.

"I'm fine, Rin, really."

She looked at him with worried eyes and he replied with another smile. She couldn't do anything but to give up on her useless attempt. She helped him pull himself up, and they walked away from the tombstone with her holding hard on his arm.

"I don't care, no missions for you until tomorrow." She announced after a couple of steps. She tried hard to make her face as angry as possible.

He sighed and smiled, as he looked at the only person he has left in his world.


Author's note;

Chap 1 done! Pls, pls read n review. I need to know whether I should continue this.

This is my first Naruto fanfic, be a little nice. TQ!

and the continuation of this story can be found at
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